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Published at 14th of July 2020 10:59:27 AM
Chapter 252
Chapter 252 - I Won't Bully You in the Future
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“This Prince is worse than you . Not only did that happen to me, the valuable good wine that I had been keeping for a decade or so had been taken by this girl to bribe you . ”


This girl is so greedy . . . However, the entire Prince Chen’s residence was going to be hers sooner or later . She was just obtaining this in advance and this would satiate her desires .


Qian Duoduo watched as Long Yintian was able to smile even though he knew she dug him a pit . She found the man in front of her to be very cute . He was so nice to her, so how could she bear to scheme him?


“Four, you’re so nice to me . . . I swear that I won’t bully you in the future, ok?” Qian Duoduo looked down and tug at the emerald embedded on Long Yintian’s belt .


“Ok, you said this . If you lie to me to meet any other young misses in the future, I won’t clean up your mess…”


He recalled how Xiao Rou came a while ago to say that Qian Duoduo invited him to lunch and how happy he was that he couldn’t fall asleep in the next few days .

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In the end, after he dressed himself up in the morning and brought a carefully chosen gift to meet her, he noticed that the person waiting there was actually Lin Qingqing instead .


He decided to turn a blind eye to this because he didn’t want to bring pressure to her . He could only hide his bitterness .


Who knew that this girl would realize her mistake one day and admit her fault to him like this .


He didn’t feel bad for always considering her right now .


Qian Duoduo was shocked momentarily . As it turned out, Four already knew about Lin Qingqing, but he was still so nice to her . . .


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She was really moved in her heart and patted his shoulders .


“Ok! I, Qian Duoduo, swear to Heaven that I’ll treat you sincerely and help you in time of need . If I dare to bully you in the future, then you . . . you can go bully Fourteen!”


Look at how grand and mighty her oath was!


Poor Long Muchen . He ended up taking the bullet for her .


Speaking of Fourteenth Uncle, Long Yintian just noticed Qian Duoduo’s slightly swollen lips .


Although he didn’t want to have countless mistresses like Third Brother, he was knowledgeable in this aspect . From one look, he could tell what this girl and Fourteenth Uncle was just doing .


Normally, she teased him . He finally got an opportunity this time . Long Yintian was going to pull at her tail .


“Duo’er, what’s with your lips? It’s red and swollen like something bit you?”


Qian Duoduo subconsciously covered her mouth and her face immediately flushed like boiled shrimp .


She secretly gazed at the culprit by her side .


This dude!


He was so shameless, watching her getting teased and acting like he was watching a good show instead of helping her . He was admiring her bashful expression and gazing at her intensely .


Qian Duoduo bit her lips . She didn’t want to be teased by these two men that easily .


They wanted to dig a pit for her to jump down? She’s not that stupid!


She caressed her hair and arrogantly puffed up her chest . “This is my newest style . ‘Charming lips . ’ What do you think about it? It’s sexy right?”


Long Yintian shook his head . He didn’t comment on this strange style .


Qian Duoduo rolled her eyes . “Compared to old men like you guys, talking about fashion is like playing the lute to a cow . Don’t you guys know that the trend this year is having thick lips? Like Yao Chen and Shu Qi . . . This Lady is going to lead the fashion trend for Sheng Chen Country . You guys can’t understand this . ”

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