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When Chen Xiang saw that the god had become cautious, he smiled slightly and took out a Shangpin bone level Dan. He wanted to see what level the other party was at to be able to recognize what kind of divine pellet it was …

"The Bone level Dan is even of high quality!" God Lord said in shock. His expression also became much warmer! He could tell that Chen Xiang did not have any malicious intent and did not recognize him either.

"I came here because I, Chen Xiang, mistakenly entered this world, found this town, heard about Brother's matter, and came here. I just want to ask you, what kind of world is this, and how do we get out of it?" Chen Xiang asked very politely.

"Sigh... It's a long story, you should be Alchemist of the Divine Nations, right? I was originally a Alchemist of the Heaven's Might Divine Nations, my name was Lu Shaoying! At that time, I entered the Core of the Earth with my master to explore, but who would have known that I would come to this place?

"My master died at a young age of twenty thousand. Although he was very strong, he still could not escape death …" Lu Shaoying said with a long sigh. To be able to meet someone from the outside made him extremely happy.

He had been here for many years and always felt lonely because the people here were only mortals! Even if he taught them some cultivation knowledge, it would be very difficult for him to grow up …

"Of the Heaven's Might Divine Nations, I wonder who your master is?" Chen Xiang asked. If he was really famous, then Xiao Yulan definitely knew about it.

"Lu Tianwei." Lu Shaoying's expression revealed a tinge of sorrow. It could be seen that their relationship with each other was very good.

Chen Xiang hurriedly asked Xiao Yulan about Lu Tianwei using the power produced by the Mind Alchemy Pill. From the name alone, Chen Xiang knew that Xiao Yulan was a very important person to the Profound Sky Continent.

"You actually met Lu Tianwei's disciple, Lu Shaoying, back then, he had the same status as Xiao Ping. Lu Tianwei was the creator of the Profound Sky Divine Nations, but he had only given the position of Divine Lord to his own brother.

"I don't know much about the Divine Nations. I just thought he had gone to the Star Law Divine Realm and died in this strange place." Xiao Yulan was very surprised to know that Chen Xiang had met Lu Shaoying.

"Could it be that the core of the Nine Gods Nation can lead to this mysterious world? If that's the case, then the people from the other Divine Nations might already be here."

A trap set up after nine Divine Lords left

"It's very likely that you'll have to wait for me to go over first," Xiao Yulan said. She had the same thoughts as Chen Xiang.

Lu Shaoying saw that Chen Xiang did not say a word and asked, "Has Sir heard about my master?"

It was possible that he even felt that the Profound Sky Divine Nations did not exist anymore. After all, his master was the Great National Master of the Profound Sky Continent.

"Everyone thought that your master had gone with you to the Star Law Divine Realm. I never thought that you would be trapped in such a place." Chen Xiang sighed.

"How's the situation outside?" Lu Shaoying asked excitedly.

"It's not good. There was a civil war in the Nine Gods Nation … "This is mainly because the Divine Lord s of the Divine Nations have left." Chen Xiang simply told Lu Shaoying what happened outside.

"Where did all these treasures come from? It's a trap! My master only brought me here because he listened to such nonsense! I heard that there are a lot of people like me who mistakenly entered this place!"

"It's just that normally we don't have any connections …" Lu Shaoying was also deeply moved when he heard about the matters regarding the Nine Gods Nation.

It was because he had already left the Profound Sky Continent for a long time and he had feelings for the Divine Nations. However, because his master was dead now, even if the Divine Nations wiped him out, he did not think much of it.

"Oh right, Brother Lu, what are the uses of these Spirit seed? I heard that there are also Spirit seed like you in other towns … …" Chen Xiang took out a handful of Spirit seed and asked curiously.

"I don't know about that either. I mainly used these Spirit seed to exchange for divine medicines. Master and I haven't been able to find any divine medicines for many years. Our divine medicines ran out very quickly, and Master knows that he can't hold on for much longer …"

"So I used all the pills I had with me … Later, when the old man left, I continued to search for the divine medicines by myself …"

Lu Shaoying took out a black stone and continued, "Later on, I met someone who was called Black Stone Divine Venerable. He gave me this kind of black stone and he said that as long as enough Spirit seed were collected, I would be able to use this black stone to summon him.

"Exchange with him for divine medicine!"

Lu Shaoying did not know the use of Spirit seed either. After all these years, he must have done some research on it, but he did not manage to get any results.

"Black Stone Divine Venerable sounds very strong." Chen Xiang frowned. Right now, he also wanted to meet this Black Stone Divine Venerable.

"Very powerful. I feel that he's as strong as my master," Lu Shaoying said, "I need at least a hundred million Spirit seed in order to exchange with him for some divine medicines. This guy has many different kinds of divine medicines, and he even sells pill formulas.

'This guy has the Bone level Dan's pill formula! '

Lu Shaoying laughed: "I also have the Bone level Dan's pill formulas … but I haven't refined one in a long time because I don't have any divine medicines …"

Back then, Chen Xiang had heard that Bone level Dan were only controlled by a few powerful Pill Gods, but later on, only Xiang Hongdao, the Pill God, only possessed them … …

"Then can you summon him now? I want to see him." Chen Xiang was only very curious about the use of the Spirit seed. He felt that it must be very useful.

"But my current Spirit seed is just enough for you? Do you also want to receive this blackstone?" Lu Shaoying asked.

"Of course it's not that I want to see if there's any way for him to reveal the use of the Spirit seed …" Although Chen Xiang did not have many divine medicines, he still did not need to use his Life-Killing Divine Deity to duplicate them temporarily …

Lu Shaoying used the black stone and shook it slightly before saying to Chen Xiang, "Alright, he will arrive very soon. You are also the Alchemist! When the time comes, you can try to join him."

I once wanted to join him, but I couldn't even beat his disciple, so he didn't want me … "

Seeing the self-deprecating smile on Lu Shaoying's face, Chen Xiang was a little surprised. Lu Shaoying was Lu Tianwei's disciple, but he had not won even once.

"He should be able to come to Chen Xiang in four more hours. Why not roam around for another four hours before coming back?" Lu Shaoying said, "I still need to go refine a few more batches of pills for those mortals …"

"That's right! Why are there so many familiar numbers of mortals here? And why are they so far behind?" Chen Xiang did not understand. If the humans here had existed for a long time, they would not be this weak …

"They existed for a long time … Those with good aptitude were all taken away by the Black Stone Divine Venerable for many years … It's very difficult for them to develop … Also, there are many natural disasters here that would die very soon …" Lu Shaoying opened the door and walked out with Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang walked out of the villa and went outside, he suddenly received a message that they had already gone to the sea of flowers.

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