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Chapter 736: The Mystic Crystal Is Close~

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Boom! Boom!

The godly lights in five colors rushed toward the sky.

For a moment, the nature essence intensity around Ethereal Summit had already surpassed that of Seventh Heaven!

The cultivators of the three sects near Ethereal Summit hurried to cultivate because they didn’t want to let go of this once-in-lifetime opportunity!

The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators were surrounding the spiritual field. They each waved and moved both hands, and sweat started to appear on their foreheads.

To maintain this nature essence concentration array formation, they would need to keep a delicate balance of the nature essence within the array formation. Since every one of them gave it all they had since they wanted to impress Hao Ren, they had to push themselves very hard even though they were Soul Formation Realm cultivator.

These cultivators were the best cultivators on Seventh Heaven, and they had not been collaborating with other cultivators for many years. However, they had to focus all their energy on a highly collaborative task this time.

Such strong energy fluctuation startled the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators on Sixth Heaven. However, those cultivators were all shocked and unsure of what to do when they realized that five Soul Formation Realm cultivators were maintaining an array formation in Ethereal Summit.

It was already huge news when a few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators made the array formation for Ethereal Summit. This time, it was Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were operating the array formation!

Bam! Zhao Yanzi who was in her blue school uniform flew out of her cave abode on the Purple Green Treasure Sword.

She was in a critical moment and didn’t know if she could break through. Suddenly, she felt that the nature essence in the valley was increasing exponentially, so she immediately focused harder on cultivation. In the end, she was able to reach top-tier Core Formation Realm successfully!

The Purple Green Treasure Sword underneath her feet let out a bright blue light, and she also looked more energetic than before.

The weather in the city was getting cold as winter approached, so Zhao Yanzi had already switched into her winter uniform which was more athletic compared to her dress uniform. However, the new uniform did not diminish how energetic she looked. She was like a blue flower that sprouted through rocks, showing off her youth and energy.

When she saw the five cultivators in the valley, she was a bit shocked.

“Congratulations to Small Zhumu for successfully reaching a breakthrough!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili walked up with a smile.

“Yeah! I made a breakthrough!” Zhao Yanzi said happily.

After reaching top-tier Core Formation Realm, she was able to shoot out five stars from her Big Dipper Constellation Scroll. Now, she had just two chapters left to study before she could use the last two technique, Kaiyang and Yaoguang.

The sky was darkening, and Zhao Yanzi was starving since she had cultivated for most of the day. She ran inside her cave abode to find something to eat; there was nothing that she could do to help.

These five Soul Formation Realm cultivators were screaming in agony inside. They had thought that it would be an easy task to complete this array formation. Unlike what they expected, this array formation was one that required a long time and a lot of effort, and they couldn’t stop once it was started.

They were Soul Formation Realm cultivators, so they were able to use the nature essence around them to reap the best outcomes. However, by using the nature essence from the surroundings, they still had to use their own nature essence. Although it took a toll on their bodies, their lifespans wouldn’t diminish.

However, since they were trying their best, they were using a lot of nature essence, and they would still need to go into seclusion cultivation for a few years when they return.

Whoosh! Zhao Yanzi flew out from her cave abode while holding a bunch of snacks.

“Sister Linlin, Sister Lili, Sister Yujia, come over and eat a bit!” Zhao Yanzi said as she put the food on the grass.

When Xie Yujia heard Zhao Yanzi calling her by her name, she smiled sweetly.

Hao Ren saw that they had resolved their differences, so he smiled happily.

“Uncle, you should come over too!” When he heard Zhao Yanzi calling him, Hao Ren’s smile froze.

Little White was resting in a spot further from them, but it immediately ran over.

Its belly was hurt by the Mystic Sound Faction’s Soul Formation Realm cultivator’s treasure, and the fur on its belly was somewhat burned. However, it was not really wounded.

It had been eating all sorts of spiritual herbs and elixir pills every day, and those resources gave it a lot of benefits. Although it was only a level 5 snow lion, its physique was similar to that of a level 6 snow lion!

Zhao Yanzi sat on the grass and pulled Hao Ren over to her side.

She had stored quite a lot of food in the cave. There were all sorts of chips, crackers, dried fruit, canned food.

Hao Ren couldn’t tell whether she was vacationing or cultivating on Fifth Heaven.

The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators watched them as they sat on the grass and had a picnic, and they didn’t feel that great about it. However, Hao Ren was someone of a higher status than them so that they couldn’t utter a word of complaint!

“Hey, Uncles and Aunt! Do you want to eat with us!” Zhao Yanzi waved a bag of chips in the air and asked the five Soul Formation Realm cultivators.

This almost made them spat out blood. They were like kings on Seventh Heaven but were nothing here at Ethereal Summit on Fifth Heaven.

The sky darkened, but the five-colored godly light lit it up. It was like a colorful pillar of light, piercing onto Sixth Heaven and Seventh Heaven.

Regardless of what realms they were at, the cultivators on Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Heaven were able to see the light pillar.

Bam! The Soul Formation Realm cultivators had finally dissolved the black ashes of the spiritual herbs, and they had finally stopped at the same time with sweat dripping down their foreheads.

After half a day of hard work, three small sprouts peaked from the black soil.

“Master…” The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators put their hands together and bowed; they did that before they even wiped the sweat off their foreheads.

Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi had returned to their respective cave abodes to cultivate so that they could take advantage of the high nature essence intensity on Ethereal Summit. Hao Ren, on the other hand, was sitting cross-legged on a rock in the valley with Lu Linlin and Lu Lili by his side.

Hao Ren was probably the only cultivators between Fifth Heaven and Seventh Heaven who could make Soul Formation Realm cultivators work so hard

Under the power of the Soul Formation Realm cultivators, the black ashes had all melted into the soil, transforming the ten level 6 spiritual herbs around the Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus Seeds into 100,000-year-old spiritual herbs!

Since these spiritual herbs went from 10,000-year-old to the equivalent of 100,000-year-old, the effect of the Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus was improved by many times.

If it weren’t for the golden shield that spat out a lot of black ashes, this process would be somewhat quicker. According to the original setting of the array formation, it would take only four hours for Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

Now seeing these Soul Formation Realm cultivators looking at him with anticipation, Hao Ren didn’t know what to do.

He originally wanted the five Soul Formation Realm cultivators to work for free since they attacked him on Seventh Heaven.

Now that he saw these Soul Formation Realm cultivators looking at him like little kids looking at adults, he realized that he was only taking advantage of his relatively senior status, If he didn’t give them anything in return, it would look bad on him.

These five Soul Formation Realm cultivators were feeling wronged since they didn’t know that it would take so much of their powers to set up this array formation. The golden shield had taken its revenge on them by spitting out a bunch of black ashes of spiritual herbs that were 100,000-year-old, and they had to use one or two years of their cultivation strength to melt the ashes.

“Take these two level 10 demonic cores.”

Hao Ren put his hand into his necklace to try and find something valuable, but he realized that there wasn’t anything that was previous. Therefore, he pretended to stay calm and gave them two demonic cores.

Whatever they did to split the two demonic cores amongst five cultivators was their problem, not Hao Ren’s.

“Thank you, Master!” The two Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were standing in front reached out for the demonic cores in excitement.

“He is definitely the brother of Zhen Yuan Immortal. He wouldn’t just have one demonic core! He just casually gave us two level 10 demonic cores!” they thought.

“I don’t want anyone to come and bother Ethereal Summit,” Hao Ren said while showing a solemn face.

The five Soul Formation Realm cultivators all nodded with respect and stepped on their respective treasures, flying away from Ethereal Summit.

Hao Ren had taken six level 10 demonic cores from the Demon Sea. He gave Little White one and had now given two to the Soul Formation Realm cultivators. There were three left, and that was enough.

Since they did help Hao Ren, Hao Ren repaying them with two demonic cores solved potential conflicts. Hao Ren really didn’t care about the demonic cores, but the demonic cores were precious to these Soul Formation Realm cultivators.

Two demonic cores would for sure create huge waves on Seventh Heaven, and maybe the power structure on Seventh Heaven would even change because of this!

The golden shield had spun back to Hao Ren, and it was now full of nature essence.

Since the Soul Formation Realm cultivators didn’t take it, it could only depend on Hao Ren.


Hao Ren shot out a sword energy which hit it on the surface and pushed it back a few meters.

The golden shield flew into the sky. When it saw Little White who was with the snow lion cubs, it flew toward it.

However, Little White ignored it as well. When the golden shield flew over to the front of Little White, Little White would turn around in response.

Finally, the golden shield flew up into the sky and let out golden lights. All it ever wanted was to be with a strong cultivator, but now it was ignored! Even Little White despised it!

The golden shield let out golden lights and was throwing a tantrum in the sky. Its intelligence was similar to that of a little child.


The golden shield suddenly spat out black blood onto Little White.

Little White was unable to dodge, and it was covered in black blood.

Whoosh! The golden shield was very angry, so it charged out of the array formation of Ethereal Summit.

When Hao Ren saw how the golden shield dashed away suddenly, he was a bit shocked. After some more thought, he realized that he couldn’t control or protect the golden shield with his current strength.

Little White looked up in confusion as well; it didn’t expect the golden shield to leave.

The array formation had locked in the nature essence, and the powers of the Soul Formation Realm cultivators were still lingering around.

Hao Ren sighed a bit and grabbed Little White before flying toward his cave.

It was already night on Fifth Heaven.

They would solidify their realms now and return to land in the morning.

The Lu sisters looked at each other, and they seemed to have a lot on their minds. They held hands and entered their cave together under the bright stars in the sky.

The Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus Seed was growing slowly. Meanwhile, the other spiritual herbs grew rapidly under the nourishment of the black ashes.

Hao Ren released a layer of sword energies at the gate so that he could quietly cultivate in his cave.

The night had passed, and the sky was lit up by the Sun.

Hao Ren exhaled deeply and looked down at Little White which was by his feet.

“Huh… Damn!”

Hao Ren suddenly jumped up.

Little White was no longer curled up by his leg; it was a loli!

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