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Hua Qiyue knew the Second Madame's idea. She thought Qiyue would pick someone up to marry for her bad reputation. Since she was together with Ji Feng. In the outsiders' eyes, Ji Jing liked her more.

"My Second Concubine, you're really joking. I am just a notorious legitimate daughter, so how can I match with your nephew who has such good fame? Grandma, it's about my marriage, so let me make the decision!"

Hua Qiyue smiled faintly. Though she said humbly, her smile was really confident.

The Old Madame was not a confused person. When she saw her confident smile, she knew that she had her own plans. Besides, her granddaughter suddenly turned into so intelligent and immediately grabbed the limelight in the mansion.

She must have an expert to help her... Therefore, as for her marriage, how could it be settled so sloppy? Her granddaughter might have a better way? Just like that she worried Hua Qiyue would suffer losses on the competition. However, in fact, she did not suffer at all, but earned back 20,000 yuan.

For a normal person, 20,000 yuan was enough for his entire life.

"This depends on Qiyue's idea. If you have a better plan, you'd better tell me." The Old Madame nodded her head pleasantly. Hua Qiyue had given her quite lots of surprises.

If Hua Qiyue could give her more surprises, she would be happy to accept.

Since the Old Madame came out the yard, Hua Qiyue hanged out with Tianci for a while. Tianci's clean eyes were filled with infinite joy and his little face was pink. Hua Qiyue felt pleasant. She promised to be a perfect mother in this life.

At this night.

In the Cuihua Court, Hua Qiyue and Tianci were having dinner. Lv Xin, Youshui, and Qiuyun were serving them. Qiuyun had a day to rest, so she looked good. She lowered her eyes, which looked docile and well-behaved.

Tianci took a sip of Long Red Soup and his big eyes showed out happiness. He held the bowl of soup to Hua Qiyue's lips and his eyes became a curved moon.

Hua Qiyue was stunned. Tianci became closer and closer to her, while her desire for revenge was getting stronger and stronger.

Hua Qiyue gently opened her cherry lips and took a sip. She gently stroked Tianci's head. "Tianci, you are so cute. I like it!" "But you also have to drink more and become stronger, so that you can protect your mom in the future!"

Tianci smiled and lowered his head, finishing his soup immediately.

Hua Qiyue finished her last meal. After her rebirth, she felt fulfilling every day. Cultivating or accompanying with Tianci. Compared with the previous life that she was left out by her husband and tortured to death even though she paid a lot, she felt more fortunate in this life.

Her maids cleaned up the remainings. Hua Qiyue took Tianci out of the hall. Qiuyun followed them, hoping to say something for a little time, but saying nothing in the end.

"Youshui and Lv Xin, you two go to the library to move out the Eight Horses Racing Paint to the hall."

Hua Qiyue ordered them faintly. The two maids retreated. When their steps were completely gone, Qiuyun kneeled suddenly in front of Hua Qiyue.

"First Miss... I... I have something to report!"

Qiuyun's expression was a little bit embarrassing. She dared not look at Hua Qiyue's eyes.

"Go on."

Qiuyun told her she had poisoned in the soup. When Tianci heard this, he looked at her coldly. His mother was such a good lady, so the little boy did not know why those people always tried to poison her?

"First Miss... I was tempted at that moment and was convinced by Second Miss's words! I am an orphan, and I will not be cheated and threatened by her... I only hope to serve you, Your Grace! Please, forgive my stupid decision!"

Qiuyun's eyes turned red with tears inside. Her head knocked at the ground heavily.

Hua Qiyue took a teacup beside her and glanced at the peach blossom inside. The expression in her eyes was quiet. "Qiuyun, have you decided to follow me? If you have decided, I will not allow you to betray me again... or else..."

Hua Qiyue squinted her moon-like waterful eyes, staring at Qiuyun who was kneeling in front of her.

"First Miss, I have decided. I will not betray you anymore until I die!"

Seeing Qiuyun was so firm, Hua Qiyue asked her to stand up. "If there is something wrong or the Second Miss asks you to do something, you have to report to me."

Qiuyun was overjoyed and responded quickly. Hua Qiyue's words meant that she had forgiven her.

At this moment, Lv Xin and Youshui lifted out the red box with the Eight Horses Racing Paint inside. This box was not heavy, but looked gorgeous and rich.

Hua Qiyue asked Lv Xin to open it and have a check. When finding nothing different, she asked them to carry into her room.

"Miss, why are you asking them to get it into your room?"

Lv Xin and Youshui were both unclear.

Hua Qiyue's expression was light. "Such a precious treasure, how could I put it in the library?"

This thing, might be one of the points that the Second Madame would use to oppose her. She had to be well-prepared to avoid everything. Besides, she had reached the top level of Soaring Cloud, so she could feel in her sleep when an assassin entered in.

Therefore, she had to preserve this treasure painting that sent by the emperor. If something went wrong and she knew that the rich emperor loved painting as his life, she might lose her life.

Hua Qiyue only knew that there were one or two Qi Artists who were better than her. Though it was unlikely that the emperor would hope her to die, she could not take the adventure just like the encounter in her previous life.

At this moment, there was a small family feast holding in the Qingchun Court of the Imperial Palace.

The queen sat beside the high couch with two beloved princesses on both sides, namely Princess Huiling and Princess Huizhen. The Prince was not invited, which was the queen's intention. The two princesses were very clear.

In the main hall of the court, a band was playing light and warm music, called Yangchun March. The melodious sound of the Guzheng accompanied with the cheerful flute, making the atmosphere relaxed.

The queen and the two princesses laughed and talked, which seemed to be harmonious; Princess Huiling was blinking her eyes, glancing at Cuilian beside Princess Huizhen.

Cuilian entered the palace at 11 years old. Now, she had reached 15 and became delicate and attractive.

However, she was just a maidservant of a princess. Her dreamy adolescence could only be buried in the imperial palace. Women like her had to stay at the palace until 30 years old, and then left the palace and got married.

However, such a maid in the palace could only marry someone as a second concubine and could not become the legal wife. One reason was that she was a maid in the palace, the other was she had become old.

Of course, a normal maid could not satisfy with a normal family.

"Cuilian, your plum blossom hairpin is so beautiful, which sets you brighter." Princess Huiling wore a sweet smile and said.

Hearing this, Cuilian was overwhelmed by her unexpected favor. She lowered her eyebrows and made a bow. "Thank you for your praise, my princess." When she was saying this, her face turned pink. Princess Huizhen glanced at Princess Huiling without any trace, but the latter one had no response.

The queen's expression turned cold and she looked at Princess Huiling coldly. She blamed her seriously, "Ling Er, you and your sister are both my kids, so I don't want to see you two inharmonious."

Princess Huiling wore a naturally sweet smile. Compared with Princess Huizhen, she knew more to please people and always liked to speak some sweet words.

While Princess Huizhen was more like a queen with a bad temper. She did not know how to speak sweet words and always talked in an arrogant way. She showed no affinity to the others.

"Yes, mother. I will get along with my sister."

Feeling the queen's eyes falling on her body, Huizhen also smiled and looked at the queen gently. "Mother, we were too impulsive last time! After all, we have been in the palace for so many years. We have finished Confucian classics and commandments for women. Our education is times better than normal people. We will not allow things like that happen again."

Though hearing her words, the queen still shouted at a low voice, "Times better? Since your education is times better than normal people, how could you quarrel with each other when many people were over there? I did not see that your education was times better than normal people! Do you know your matter has known by all the city? If it continues going like this, do you still have faces to live in this world?"

Huiling and Huizhen were shocked. They thought that going out to play acting when they were injured had regained the trust of normal people and rebuilt their reputation. They thought the queen would be deflated, but they had not expected that she was not mollified at all. Instead, she taught them a lesson again at the night feast.

The two quickly kneeled. "Mother, we knew we were wrong. Please, ease from your anger. It would do harm to your body!"

Seeing the two were shocked, the queen eased her anger. That matter had known by the entire city, which totally destroyed their reputations. No matter how many good things they would do and gained some people's reputation, their mutual annihilation in the Wangyue Restaurant could not be hidden.

The queen felt deeply regretful. If she knew it would happen, she would not be so spoiled at them. Their savage tempers were the reasons to let this matter happen, which was difficult for her to accept.

"Get up. If you two commit this kind of matter again, I will depreciate you two as sugarcanes directly!"

The queen's voice was cold, which made the two princesses shocked. They could not do something as they liked. In their impression, the queen had never loosened her temper so badly. All the time, no matter what kinds of mistakes they made, the queen would try her best to protect them.

This time was different. After all, they lost their face in front of all the civilians. Princess Huiling suddenly felt incredible. Although the relationship between her sister and she had always been not good, why did such a terrible thing happen yesterday?

She obviously did not hope to hurt her sister. But at that moment, all the hatred came to her mind, like a smug. She could no longer control herself— it might be that anger made her lose her mind.

The two princesses sat down in trepidation, and the queen looked at Princess Huizhen gently and lovingly. This daughter was similar to her most. She had pride in her bone, but had to be bound by the palace rules.

"Zhen Er, how's your injury now?"

"Thank you for your care, mother. I'm fine. My maids just exaggerated my wounds." Princess Huizhen smiled faintly. Her hands were wrapped, which seemed that she got hurt badly.

A piece of pain passed by the queen's eyes, but she only lowered her head faintly. "I'm only doing good for you. As a princess of a country, it was really insulting to quarrel with each other in the public. I will forgive you two this time. If you do it again, you have to know the result clearly."

Princess Huizhen and Princess Huiling responded carefully. They were both relieved with a sigh of relief. The relaxed music was still lingering by their ears. After a while, the atmosphere was active again.

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