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Help You Digest

Get…on the horse?

When she attended training, she was kicked by the horse for touching its butt. From then, she had a puzzled enmity with horses. As long as they were horses, they all want to kick her when they saw her…

Qian DuoDuo pinched her ears and lowered her head, innocently looking at Long YuTian. Her voice was soft: “Um that…Long YuTian, can we negotiate…You see I just finished eating so let’s walk for a while and enjoy the wind. Amidst the flowers under the moonlight, how romantic is that…”

Could this little girl be afraid of horses?

Long YuTian evilly tilted the corners of his lips up: “Amidst the flowers under the moonlight? This Wang’s WangFei seems to only know how to spend money, don’t know amidst the flowers…”

As he said this, he didn’t wait for Qian DuoDuo to slip away when he directly pulled her onto a horse. Qian DuoDuo lied on the horse’s back in a position where her feet were pointing towards the ground. It looked as though she was kidnapped by the bandits to be held hostage.

“WangFei, this Wang thinks that you probably ate too much and you have too much strength so this Wang will help you digest, okay?”

When he finished, he raised the whips and the horse, being provoked, had fleed out and moved its hooves quickly.

It was unsure whether it was because Qian DuoDuo was on its back that the horse seemed to have eaten hormones, taking off at a rapid speed. It couldn’t help but wish to shake its head and tails, playing rock music.

When it first began, Qian DuoDuo made no noise. In the end, she felt her stomach which rolled and her five viscera and six bowels were all shook. She clenched her teeth hard and held onto Long YuTian’s pants as tight as she could. She was terrified to the point her head started shaking as well.

“Are you scared? If you’re scared then beg for mercy. Tell me that you will not go out in the future to seduce men. Then, this Wang will forgive you…”

When he thought back to the scene where she and the fourteenth uncle were together, anger rose within Long YuTian. He thought of ways to torture her.

“I…I seduce your sister ah…What I am doing is called respecting the old and loving the young. I go home often in order to fill your duty to your royal uncle for you. You know nothing!” Qian DuoDuo retorted, not admitting defeat.

“Not bad ah…You still have the energy to take a different position than this Wang. Looks like I need to increase the strength!” Long YuTian sarcastically exclaimed whilst waving the whip.

Qian DuoDuo raised her eyes to see that this was completely not even the road back to the third WangFu but a trail towards the muddy and bumpy forest. Long YuTian, this man who should’ve died, definitely wanted to torture her on purpose. He wants to torture her to death!

Qian DuoDuo clenched her teeth: “Long YuTian, quickly place me down…I’m going to vomit…”

Long YuTian watched as her head was drooped and coldly humphed: “Vomit then…Don’t mention it…”

He held the firm opinion that this woman was playing tricks on him.

Who knew that he just finished his words when the Qian DuoDuo in front of him suddenly wailed out loud.

Then it was sparse and fragmentary along with a pungent smell coming from the bottom.

Long YuTian lowered his head to look and almost fell down from the horse, out of fright. On the surface of his shoes, there was filth all over which all came from the nasty things coming out from Qian DuoDuo’s stomach. There was also fish and meat that weren’t digested yet!

Qian DuoDuo who lied on her stomach on the horse’s back wasn’t able to see Long YuTian’s face which was completely black at this point. She only felt as though the horse’s speed was decreasing and then she slowly sighed.

Long YuTian got off from the side of the horse and conveniently carried Qian DuoDuo down as well. Because Qian DuoDuo was moved up and down, having been tortured, her stomach couldn’t help to roll again. She opened her mouth and barfed, vomiting once again.

Long YuTian subconsciously wanted to push Qian DuoDuo away but it was helpless as Qian DuoDuo had no conscious at all. On the other hand, she grabbed onto Long YuTian’s clothes even tighter. She buried her head within his chest and not even in a polite way, she violently threw up on him.

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