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Magnificent Cross Through

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

A rainy night.

The hazy layers of clouds seemed very heavy. The violent wind brought along a torrential rain that appeared like countless silver whips, ruthlessly whipping the earth.

Qian DuoDuo's hair was already drenched to the point that it looked like a wet bird's nest when she dashed into a tall apartment building.

"Hu (exhale)…… finally, finally I'm home," she sighed, before rummaging through a wet bag for her key.

She had just passed the training and examination to be a female police officer in the special units. Originally, some of her friends were clamoring, wanting to hold a celebration for her. However, who would have known that a typhoon would suddenly appear?  Yellow warning had been broadcasted in every newscast.  Everyone was worried about the weather, hoping that nothing would happen. Therefore, with extreme regret, they took to the road and departed, each of them going back to their own house.

Qian DuoDuo shook her clothes. The rain water dripping from her clothes could be used to scrub the dust in this entire corridor.

This place was her boyfriend's apartment. This apartment building was located at the busiest business area in T City.

One year ago, without any hesitation, that handsome-and-has-a-lot-of-gold boyfriend of hers had thrown his money to buy this apartment. He did it only to be a bit closer to her workplace, so he could relentlessly chase after her.

They had been dating for almost a year. The key to this apartment had already been given to her from the moment they began dating. He had always been looking forward to her arrival; however, she had never walked into this place, not even one step.

Today, even though it was close to her workplace, if it weren't because of the thunderstorm and the violent wind, she would never have come to this apartment this late.

She nervously tidied her long disheveled hair up, took out the key, and opened the door.

"OMG! Is this a place where people live?" Her feet had just stepped into the room, but Qian DuoDuo had already exclaimed in astonishment. Her beautiful forehead was furrowed. She grumbled and started to pick up the scattered mess of clothes on the ground.

She tidied the things on the ground. The mud covered shoes? Check. The coat thrown on the ground? Also check. The wrinkled pants? Check!

There's still something? Huh?

Silver crystal high heels —-?

A Woman's bag?

Qian DuoDuo bit her lips. Suddenly, those bright glossy black pupils were burning with anger!

A thread of ominous premonition suddenly rose in her heart.

Qian DuoDuo walked slowly to the side of a room. The door wasn't completely closed, so Qian DuoDuo narrowed her eyes to peek at the room's interior through that small gap.

What did she see!?

Her heart… fell and hit rock bottom.

A pair of man and woman was embracing each other.

That woman was lying on her side while her thick wavy hair hid a part of her face. Qian DuoDuo couldn't clearly see her face. She could only be certain that, from that woman's tender and childish voice, that woman was one gentle, charming woman.

"Yu…… I really, really like you……"

Inside that room, Zhu SiSi used her sweet childish voice to speak. Two slim arms were tightly hugging Long YuTian's arm.

That man actually didn't refuse this intimate act. Even from Qian DuoDuo's point of view, the corners of his lips were actually hooked upward, forming a shadow of a smile.

This person was Qian DuoDuo's boyfriend…… The son, as well as the only heir, of Long Group's boss.

He had a handsome appearance that was guaranteed to make countless women crazy for him. He was tall like a model. He had a high position and a distinguished identity. He squandered money like it was dirt.

Cool, charming, resolute, wealthy.

Even if all the words were added together, they still couldn't completely describe this heavenly blessed man.

He was simply God's favorite man!

However, right now he had turned his back on her. He was together with her step-meimei[1]!

Zhu SiSi snuggled her body close to Long YuTian's, staring at him with a silky, coquettish gaze. She showed an overly sweet smile, just like a helpless little bird.

Although the corners of Long YuTian's mouth rose, there was actually a thread of impatience in his cold eyes.

This night, if it wasn't because he was trapped by people, he would have never given any woman the opportunity to get close to him.


[1]Mèimei (妹妹): Younger sister. Zhu SiSi was Qian DuoDuo's (同父异母的妹妹 tóng fù yì mǔ de mèimei). She was Qian DuoDuo's younger step sister. They had the same father but different mother. Yellow warning: China has 4 types of typhoons warning; blue alert, yellow, orange and red. Blue is the alert for 'mildest' typhoon and red is for the most severe one. 

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