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A+ A- Chapter 321: Paving a Blood Path
In the sky, Zi Dong Lai fought with the certainty that he will die. He also fought with determination and a strong sense of belief.


The gold spear swiped across, generating a gush of Qi. Zi Dong Lai did not give it a second thought and continued to attack with the belief that he will trade his own life for the others!

What he wanted was not to survive this. He merely wanted to slow down these two powerhouses and give Ling Xian a chance to breathe. Or in other words, he was fighting for the Zi Yang House to leave behind a legacy.

One has to admit that he was a great leader.

At such a critical time, what he was thinking about was not his own safety, but the future of the Zi Yang House.

Below him, those Elders and those descendants who were fighting until they forgot their own names were warriors as well. They all put aside the fear of losing their lives and swore to fight for the House and even died with the House!

"Aye, he has been a great Supreme Headmaster. Even during times like this, he is still not concerned about his own survival but is thinking on behalf of the House."

Ling Xian exhaled deeply as he stared at the storage pouch tucked around his waist. He knew very well that this pouch stored all the knowledge, all the techniques, all the histories the House has accumulated over the years.

He felt his shoulder slump as if a mountain has fallen on him.

It was the weight of responsibility.

To ensure the House of Zi Yang will not end here.

In all honestly, Ling Xian and Zi Dong Lai have no deep relationships, and he doesn't owe the House anything. On the contrary, the House owed him many favors, such as him fixing the Array of the Purple Clouds. That alone was enough to acquire admiration from everyone in the House.

Thus, he could easily leave now and doesn't give a damn about the life of the people of the Zi Yang House. He definitely did not need to accept the heavy weight of this responsibility.

To know that the current situation is very violent. To pave out a bloody path will for sure be difficult. No matter how capable Ling Xian was, running away will not be easy.

After all, he had to bring Zi Dong Lai's descendants as well, which exponentially increased the difficulty. One could say that nine has to die for one to survive.

However, Ling Xian accepted.

Whether it was to comply with Zi Dong Lai's request or for his own peace of mind, he agreed without hesitation.

Only him would do so. If it were anybody else, they would think for themselves first. Who would carry such a heavy mission on their shoulders?

"Headmaster, do not worry. Since I agreed, I will achieve it." Ling Xian's expression was stern. As he watched the man in purple bathing in blood, he spoke a sentence that was full of killer's intent.

"Even if I lose my own life."

As soon as he finished speaking, Ling Xian looked to Zi Dong Lai. His silhouette flashed as he headed to the battlefield below.

"Ling Xian, if there is a next life, I will pay you back even if I have to be your slave."

As if he heard Ling Xian's promise, Zi Dong Lai's lips curled up as he smiled relaxingly.

The, he wiped the smile off his face. The spear in his hand exploded with heavenly light as he marched on to kill the two powerhouses.

His movement was increasingly aggressive, but his physical body was getting more and more weak. However, he did not care and simply fought. He swore to block the completion-leveled powerhouses to fight for more time.

Below, a delicate-looking young woman in a purple dress had a serious expression on her face. Holding onto the long sword, she was fi

ghting to death against the cultivator before her.

She was Zi Dong Lai's daughter, Zi Hua Shang.

Behind her curled a 12 or 13-year-old boy. His eyes were without emotions and his face was pale white. Even his body was heavily quivering.

His name was Zi Ying Xiong, Zi Dong Lai's son.

Currently, Zi Hua Shang was summoning a sword technique and was using her all to defend against the opponent.

However, her cultivation level was only of the early stages and was finding it difficult to match against the intermediate foundational man. After a few exchanges, her sword was snapped in two by the man.

"Hehe, young beauty, die!" The man snickered as he manipulated his Qi and slammed towards Zi Hua Shang's head!

This hit was impactful and aggressive. If it landed, this woman's brain would've definitely exploded out of her skull, and she would've lost her life.

"Am I going to die soon…" Zi Hua Shang's mouth revealed a sad smile. She knows very well that she cannot block this hit.

Therefore, she simply gave up the idea of defending and awaited the embrace of death.

Just as her heart flooded with despair, a shadow sliced across the sky and instantly appeared before Zi Hua Shang. In that instant, the woman widened her beautiful eyes and saw an image that she would find difficult to forget her entire life.

The silhouette in white slowly extended his right hand. Spinning around, he blocked the seemingly unstoppable man in purple. Like cutting the string to a kite, the man was flung backward.

"You are the daughter of the Headmaster, Zi Hua Shang?"

Ling Xian turned around slowly. His expression as calm as water, as if the person he just smacked away was not a foundational powerhouse but simply a fly.

Zi Hua Shang was stunned. Staring at the handsome young man who appeared suddenly, she almost didn't hear anything he said.

"I don't have time to waste, are you or not?" Ling Xian frowned.


Zi Hua Shang returned to reality and said quickly, "Ah, yes, yes I am."

"Good. And the young child behind you is his son?"

Ling Xian's expression relaxed as he glanced at the thin and weak youth behind the woman. He then said in a low voice, "The situation is urgent. I don't have time to explain. You just have to know one thing, and that is to follow me. Remember, you must follow me closely."

When he finished talking, he growled loudly into the sky. The noise it made was explosive like thunder and erupted throughout the entire battlefield.

"Every elder and every descendant of the Zi Yang House, listen to me. Everyone come to me at once. I am going to pave out a bloody path for you!"

The battlefield silenced. Everyone stopped their movements and stared in Ling Xian's direction.

Then, all the cultivators of the Zi Yang House became energized and happy.

"Look! It's Master Ling, he is here to save us!"

"Haha, I knew Master Ling would show up. Now that he is here, we'll definitely survive!"

"Yeah. Master Ling is finally here, we are saved!"

Everyone from the House of Zi Yang jumping out of joy. Many people even shed tears. Whether it was out of happiness or out of sadness remained unknown.

"Stop wasting time. Quickly form a queue behind me." Ling Xian shouted again and ordered everyone.

All the cultivators immediately stopped their battles with their opponents and ran towards Ling Xian.

Very quickly, there were hundreds of cultivators behind Ling Xian. Each one of them was staring at his back intently with anticipation and trust.

Ling Xian felt even more stressed now.

Over hundreds of people's trust were placed on him. This meant hundreds of people's lives were now on his shoulders. How could he feel the pressure?

However, this responsibility was something he accepted willingly. Therefore, he blamed nobody. Even if he gives his life, he will lead these people and live on.

"Let us go. I will lead."

Ling Xian's expression was calm. He stepped forward one step slowly but with certainty. A statement of determination and confidence slowly filled the air.

"Let's pave out a bloody path."

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