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Inside the stone room, everyone was as bitter as ever. Staring at the God like silhouette in the sky, their faces were full of complexity.

There was shock, helplessness, shame, and bitterness.

They finally realized just how strong Ling Xian was, and how stupid they were.

How was the victor of the foundational level someone they could defeat?!

Even if they had double the amount of people they had, they could not defend against Ling Xian’s power!

Therefore, everyone here has lost their motivation to fight and all their confidence diminished. They didn’t dare to threaten to kill Ling Xian like they did in the beginning.

Because everyone was now aware of the fact that repressing Ling Xian with the strength they have is a joke!

"Good, seems like you all have thought it through."

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up as he glanced around the entire room. Every single cultivator who caught a glimpse of him lowered their head or shifted their gaze. They were too scared to look directly at him.

It was as if they were looking into a real immortal’s eyes. The powerfulness of it was not normal.

"Aye… we have thought it through. Someone as powerful as you is not someone we can defend against."

"Yes, we admit our defeat. You can take the Array Lifting Stone."

"Sigh… If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have even tried. Luckily my capabilities are decent. I was able to remain alive."

Everyone opened their lips to talk, their words were full of bitterness.

It was obvious that they have lost against Ling Xian.

What could they do? They had to admit defeat. The moment they looked at the ground, they knew.

Roughly 500 cultivators were on the ground. Though not dead, they were all wounded somewhat. Their faces were white, and sweat was dripping down their faces.

After this, who dares to keep on challenging him?

Who dares to keep on attacking.

At least nobody at the scene dared. Every single cultivator was stunned by Ling Xian.

Since the start of the battle until now, merely half an hour has passed. Yet almost half of the cultivators here have collapsed onto the ground. They were also all defeated by one person. How overbearing was this?

And how unbelievable?!

Therefore, nobody croaked a word, and nobody dared to make a move and fight against Ling Xian for the Array Lifting Stone.

"If that’s the case, then I will take this Array Lifting Stone." Ling Xian grinned and walked before the strange golden rock. His right hand slowly extended forward to grab it.

However, he was manipulating his Qi as well as a way to carefully defend himself. The hand that inched towards the Array Lifting Stone was very slow as well.

He was waiting.

Waiting for Di Tian to make a move.

Long before he began his fight against everyone, Ling Xian sensed Di Tian. However, there were far too many cultivators, so he didn’t pick that person out.

This was why he didn’t dare to let his guard down now. All his movements were baits to lure Di Tian out.

As expected, the moment Ling Xian’s finger touched the golden rock, Di Tian, who was hidden amongst the people, couldn’t take it anymore.

His expression was dark as he formed a hand seal. A demon’s silhouette emerged in the stone room, and its hand slapped towards Ling Xian.


One palm that sliced across the room was unmatchable in strength. It was strong enough to push forward three thousand miles and destroy all mountains!

"Di Tian, you have finally jumped out."

The corner of Ling Xian’s mouth lifted. He too slammed with a palm that carried the strength of thousands of thunders!


The two palms clashed together, creating an explosion of horrifying waves that forced everyone here to retreat three steps.

Then, that devil’s silhouette slowly dispersed.

In an instant, Di Tian’s lips began to drip blood. He stumbled back seven steps, his eyes full of belief.

Without a doubt, he lost.

Lost after one move!

This result made his heart shake from shock. His expression was full of astonishment as well.

To know that just three days ago, he was able to carry on more than 300 rebuttals against Ling Xian and ended up in a tie. But now, he was defeated after one move. How could he not feel shocked?

Even though he knew Ling Xian had broken through to the undefeatable realm, he really never expected himself to be defeated after one move!

This made him feel greatly humiliated as much as he was surprised.

Don’t forget, he was nicknamed to be the undefeatable of his generation!

He has always been riding above others and peered down at the younger generation. But now, he was so easily defeated in the hands of Ling Xian. How could someone as arrogant as him accept this?

"Ling Xian, I want you to die!"

Di Tian gritted his teeth as he stared at Ling Xian with a grotesque face that was full of the desire to kill.

"Kill me?" Ling Xian glanced at Di Tian and spoke a sentence that was insanely contemptuous.

"Three days ago, you had no right. Now, you have less of a right."

As he finished speaking, Di Tian’s hair stood on their ends. His now delirious hair made him appear like an infuriated lion.


The horrifying Qi that poured out of him was like giant tidal waves, flooding the stone room within seconds.

But very quickly, he retracted this energy and chose not to make a move.

Because he knew very well that Ling Xian was speaking the truth. That punch just now was the best proof."

Three days ago, he lost. But he had the right and the qualifications to fight to the death with Ling Xian. But now, he has lost the right and the qualifications.

Yes, since this moment on, the gap in strength between him and Ling Xian was as far as the moon in the sky and the mud on the ground. They cannot be compared.

This was all because Ling Xian became the victor of the foundational level. Other than other victors of the same level, he could kill any foundational cultivator in an instant!

"Di Tian, I will now give you two options. One is to be killed by me. Two is to leave the Palace of Fortune. You choose." Ling Xian’s expression was calm as he stared at Di Tian like he was an immortal.

"Dammit, it has always been me forcing others to choose. Why are you giving me options to choose from?" Di Tian’s face was dark as the flame in his chest flared.


Three bands of heavenly light flashed by. The three Heaven’s Favorites who fought against Ling Xian before were now suddenly standing beside Di Tian. Their expression was complexed.

There was hatred, unwillingness to give up, but more than those was bitterness.

Just three days ago, they fought against Ling Xian for more than 300 rebuttals. But now, they suddenly lost the right. How could they not feel bitter?

"You all stood out. It seems like you plan to resist?" Ling Xian gently frowned and said simply, "I say this one last time. If you don’t leave now, then only death awaits you."

"Hmmph, less bullsh*t. You cannot make our decisions for us." Di Tian coldly snickered as terrifying Qi poured out of him again. He planned on fighting Ling Xian.

"Whether you stay or go is not up to me." Ling Xian’s lips curled. Then, he said something full of murderous intent.

"But, I can decide your life or death."

As soon as he finished speaking, Di Tian could no longer control the flame in his chest. Shouting, he shook the ground under him!

"Ling Xian, die!"

He jumped and reappeared above Ling Xian. The silhouette of three thousand demons emerged again with the intent of ripping the person before them into pieces!

At the same time, the other three Heaven’s Favorites made their moves as well.

Even though they were terrified of Ling Xian, because Di Tian placed inhibition spells on them, they had no choice but to stick by him.


A sword pierced through the sky, as sharp as ever, it revealed its killer’s instinct!

An endless amount of flame appeared, with an intense high temperature, it planned on charring all the objects it touched!

Five tall mountains appeared, suppressing down, it was heavy with horrifying power!

All three of them knew, the Ling Xian they were about to face has broken through to the undefeatable realm, which meant they only had one chance.

Therefore, these people all summoned the strongest technique they knew and aimed it at Ling Xian!

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