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Chapter 291: Two Heroes
"But, I, Ling Xian, will not remember the name of a person who’s about to die in my hands."

Ling Xian’s expression was calm. There was no disrespect in his voice; there was only confidence.

True confidence.

Because he has the undefeatable mentality, he firmly believed that he could repress all opponents. Why would he fear an opponent’s powerfulness?

Even though the terrifying man before him was like a demon, it will not make his undefeatable mentality waver!

"No wonder you could defeat the Demonic Fairy, you have the undefeatable mentality."

Di Tian’s eyes were flickering with the desire to battle. He sneered, "This is good. If my enemy is too weak, then it’s not very interesting."

"I think so too."

Ling Xian’s lips curled up. The terrifying energy continued to surround him as it burned like flames.

This was a reaction caused by his spiritual energy reaching its peak!

"Less bullsh*t, fight me!"

Ling Xian shouted and formed his offensive stance. He slammed forward with one slap and hence, commenced the battle!


An infinite amount of Heavenly light shot through the sky and quaked the ground, seemingly making the sky collapse!

Di Tian, a haughty name, a strong man.

His powerfulness was without a doubt, the best of his generation. Even against the first ranked Hidden Dragon, he may win!

However, at this second, when Ling Xian made his move, Di Tian’s hearted shivered a little. He now knew he has run into a powerful opponent!

However, against Ling Xian’s dominating attack, he did not panic. He too, slammed forward, using strength against strength!


The two forces met each other in midair, generating an aggressively blinding heavenly light!

After the explosion of energy dissipated, the spectators each stumbled back three steps. They stared at Ling Xian in shock.

"Such a powerful physique. He is on par with the boss!"

"No wonder he hurt the boss. This person’s physical body is just as commanding!"

"Unbelievable. Out of all the young generations on the 36 islands, only the three Hidden Dragons above me on the list have similar capabilities as our boss. This person here is not at all familiar to me. Where did he come from?"

The seven Heaven’s Favorites withheld the shocking they were feeling. They have been following Di Tian for a long while and was fully aware of his terror. They could only describe his strength as something that makes others desperate!

On top of that, the others who spoke in shock were not regular cultivators, but Heaven’s Favorites themselves!

Before them, however, Ling Xian was on the same level as their boss, how could they not feel shocked?

"Di Tian, die!"

Ling Xian’s desire to fight was high. The moment he raised his arm, the sky and the ground shook!

"I should be the one saying that!"

Di Tian’s desire for a good fight was boiling. Even though he was a little surprised at Ling Xian’s powerfulness, he was also someone with the undefeatable mentality. Why would he feel fear?

Bands and bands of murky gas wrapped around him tightly. The terror exuded out of them was getting more and more horrifying. Like a never seen before demon, it could defeat everything in the world!


Di Tian made his move. Swinging both arms, wind blew in all four directions!

Faced with Di Tian’s aggressive attack, Ling Xian did not fret. He chose not to defend or to win against the sturdy with the soft.

Instead, he too, made full body movements. His two palms, enough to bend godly iron, was unparalle

led and dominating!

Bang, bang, bang!

The space quivered uncontrollably and unstoppable. Exploding with blinding lights yet again, the two powerhouses continued their rebuttals. Like a mountain crashing into another mountain, they moved without mercy!

Every single attack they extended was full of energy and threatened the other person’s fatal weakness.

One was a nameless figure who found his way into this place and rattled the entire islands within a short period of time. The other was a leader who has been famous for a long time and was admired even by those who were heaven-defying themselves!

The battle that broke out of these two were naturally menacing and made the heaven weep!

The seven Heaven’s Favorites were beyond shocked by now. They originally thought that Ling Xian would be finished very quickly. However, his abilities were beyond their wildest imagination. How could he be tied with Di Tian!

The encounter of the two powerhouses, the fight between two heroes, this was destined to be a soul-shattering battle!


After another loud rumble, the two people’s palm met. Getting a taste of the power of each other’s physique, they each felt beyond shocked.

However, these two’s murderous intent was at an all-time high.


Di Tian’s eyes were shining with desire. Rising his right leg up high, he flung it forward like the swing of a dragon’s tail. He swore to himself that Ling Xian would be killed here!

However, he underestimated Ling Xian.

Di Tian’s fatal attack did not trigger anything out of Ling Xian. His hands, like snakes slithering up a hole, grasped onto the sturdy right leg and flung him!


An infinite amount of light exploded. The entire area was now blinded by this heavenly light, and nothing could be seen anymore.

"Dammit, his physique does not pale next to mine!"

Feeling the strength around his leg, Di Tian’s face changed colors. He blasted out an even more aggressive force that forced Ling Xian to retreat.

However, was Ling Xian someone who does what others wish?

"Accept your death!"

Ling Xian’s left hand held tightly onto Di Tian’s right leg. Forming a tight fist with his right hand, he slammed it into the person’s chest.

"Hmmph, you underestimate me," Di Tian coldly sneered. He was not someone who couldn't stand up to his title. Not only was he highly capable, but he was also diversely experienced.

His arms moved before him and protected his chest from the heavy blow!

However, was Ling Xian’s fist that easy to defend against?

Though he stopped this attack, the pressure from that move made his arms feel numb. He stumbled back three steps.

"Di Tian, die!"

Ling Xian was fearless and reckless, his palms were like iron and could split open mountains!

"Hmmph, let me show you a technique that I used to repress my other opponents."

Di Tian coldly snickered. He realized that he has no advantage against Ling Xian in terms of strength. Therefore, he decided to give up on close combat.

"Seven Destructive Mountains!"

Both of Di Tian’s hands formed a seal as a borderless amount of light appeared in the sky and concealed the mountains. The terrifying and imposing manner of it all was like the universe could be destroyed.

In this second, everything was locked in. Seven tall mountain valleys began to vertically drop from the nine heavens; all aimed to kill Ling Xian!

Seven Destructive Mountains, a legendary technique that was rumored to be able to suppress all nine heavens and ten hells!


Ling Xian frowned but was without fear.

Faced with seven mountain peaks that could destroy anything and everything, he didn’t choose to greet it with another technique, nor did he choose to hide. Instead, he slowly rose his right arm.

He threw a punch!

An infinite amount of heavenly light exploded and chased after the repressive mountain peaks!


After a loud crackling noise, the seven mountains cracked!

How strong!

Everyone’s heart was about to jump out of their chest. Even Di Tian himself, could not hide his shock. He did not expect Ling Xian to be as strong as he is now!

Towards the technique Seven Destructive Mountains, he did not counter-attack with another technique. Instead, he faced it with his own body. This was hard to believe.

To know that this was a technique known for its ability to destroy the universe. Especially since it was summoned by Di Tian, the powerfulness of it could shake up all in the world!

However, Ling Xian only used one fist.

One fist to crack down the technique!

How imperious was this?!

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