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The hotel was dead silent.

Everyone’s face was painted with shock as they stared at the youth in black, who was not at all tainted with blood. Their hearts grew cold.

It was after a long moment did everyone breathe again.

"This person is insane, that was the son of Deputy Xiao Yao!"

"I’ve heard of that dead youth’s name. Though his training was weak and never did anything of greatness, he was Deputy Xiao Yao’s favorite son. The killer here sure has gotten himself in trouble."

"That’s right. Deputy Xiao Yao is a hero in the Zhou Dynasty! Even amongst important figures like the Princes, he is considered to be a valuable asset. This person killed his favorite son, he will definitely be killed!"

"You never know. This person is ruthless and acted cleanly without any hesitation. His actions can only mean that he has some basis for his confidence. Perhaps his background is even more powerful than Deputy Xiao Yao."

Amongst the debates, the majority betted that Ling Xian was destined to die. Some of them, however, believed that Ling Xian had the skills to act so viciously. The one thing in common was that everyone was stunned. Despite the large amount of time that has passed since the final attack, surprise still lingered on their faces.

Lin Qing Yi was the same. When the Elder breathed out the name 'Deputy Xiao Yao', she wanted to stop Ling Xian. She didn’t expect Ling Xian to slaughter the servant and master so decisively without any hint of hesitation.

Other than shock, worry grew in her heart uncontrollably.

After all, the dead youth was the son of a deputy!

A deputy that has monstrous power and influence in this dynasty!

On top of that, there was also Ling Xian’s previous track record of killing a part of the Third Prince’s soul and the other Deputy’s son. If this news gets spread around, then the entire Zhou Dynasty would quake with outrage.

Ling Xian, having destroyed the Third Prince’s soul and killed two opponents who struggled until their last breath, understood the severity of the situation. Despite this, his expression was as calm as water with no happiness nor sadness shown. If he dared to wield his sword before the Third Prince, why would he care about the sons of the deputies?

After all, that youth in that expensive gown deserved to die. If not killed, Ling Xian’s conscience would’ve felt ashamed!

"Let’s go. We can’t live at this hotel anymore."

Ling Xian glanced around. Those who met his eyes subconsciously lowered their heads in fear of being remembered by him.

"Yeah, the city guards will arrive any minute now," Lin Qing Yi agreed. She then followed Ling Xian out of the hotel and they ran toward the border of the city.

Originally, the two planned to stay in the city for a night to rest. However, after what happened, they were forced to temporarily avoid the crowd and go into hiding. After all, their identities should not be exposed.

Sometime after the two fled the scene, a man with a pointy mouth and red cheeks left the hotel as well. He did not follow Ling Xian. Instead, he headed straight towards Deputy Xiao Yao’s manor.


Inside a broken temple outside the city.

Ling Xian casually waved his hand and set off a small storm that swept away all the dust on the ground. He then sat on the ground and smiled at Lin Qing Yi. "You must think I am very crude and that I shouldn’t have killed those two."

"You’re right. At first, I did think that way. But I understand now. Rich playboys like him would never show you appreciation even if you spared his life. He would’ve definitely used all his resources to figure out a plan for revenge." Lin Qing Yi stroke the bangs around her forehead and sat down on the ground as well.

"Exactly. Sparring people like that only causes more trouble," Ling Xian grinned faintly, his face void of dismay.

"What are you planning to do next? After all, that was a deputy's son you killed. I have heard of Deputy Xiao Yao before, his cultivation capabilities are not weak, not to mention how influential and powerful he is here." Lin Qing Yi appeared a little worried.

"We proceed according to the original plan," Ling Xian thought about it and added, "However, if anything changes in the middle of the execution of our plan, you need to stop staying by me."

"What do you mean by changes to our plan? And why must we separate?" Lin Qing Yi frowned.

The corners of Ling Xian’s mouth lifted as he chuckled. "Simple. I killed a person. Deputy Xiao Yao definitely will not forgive me. There were many people at the hotel just now and before long, the news will get to him that his son was killed. So, it’s too dangerous to be with me. If we separate, the guards and soldiers will direct their attention at me. When that happens, you can smoothly arrive at Emperor’s Millennium Capital without harm."

"But… it would be very dangerous for you to be alone if we proceed that way." Lin Qing Yi’s black eyebrows tightly knitted together. She understood Ling Xian’s intentions, but she did not want to accept it. One, she would worry for his safety and two, she did not want to separate from him.

"There are no 'buts'. Not only would I worry a lot if you were with me, it is also the only way for you to get to the Capital. I am responsible for the killing after all, all the pursuers sent for me will only look for me," Ling Xian’s expression was sincere. He was not someone who behaved radically without considering the consequences. The moment he decided to end that youth’s life, he had already planned the next steps.

With his current capabilities, as long as the person who pursued him was not one from the completion level, then they will pose no threat to him. Even if the pursuer was a completion level cultivator, Ling Xian still had the confidence to be able to run away.

The unmatchable speed of the Winged Blitz was known to be able to outrace anything. This was commonly known and accepted and was without the slightest exaggeration.

It was for this reason did Ling Xian killed the youth without any hesitation.

"What if Deputy Xiao Yao comes for you himself? Can you get away?" Lin Qing Yi could not let it go. Her beautiful face was heavy with worry.

"You can be rest assured." Ling Xian grinned faintly, full of confidence, "After all, even if we continue our journey together, we cannot avoid that possibility. Rather, both of us would fall into a dangerous situation. If you and I separate, then I can march on with ease. You can also arrive at the Capital safely."

"But…" Lin Qing Yi’s face flashed with unwillingness. She knew Ling Xian was right, but she couldn’t let Ling Xian go.

Seeing her indecisiveness, Ling Xian’s heart felt warm and he consoled, "Alright, stop worrying. I never joke around with my own life. Since I made the decision to kill him, then I have the confidence to deal with what happens next. As long as we leave separately, a person like Deputy Xiao Yao cannot take my life."

Lin Qing Yi exhaled for a long while. She was fully aware that everything Ling Xian said was logical and correct and that if she stuck with him, it would be useless and she would only drag him down. Because of that, she sighed deeply and asked, "Then you… must be careful."

"Stop worrying. You know very well of my capabilities, nothing bad will happen." Ling Xian showed a trace of smile. His voice and his tone was weaved with an abundance of confidence. "There is also no need to be pessimistic. I said this would only be our strategy if anything changes to our original plan. If Deputy Xiao Yao doesn’t end up coming for me himself, then we can get to the Xapital together like planned. It all depends on if he comes or not."

"I hope he doesn’t come in time."

Lin Qing Yi sighed again. Though she knew the possibility of her wish coming true was very small, she couldn’t stop her heart from desiring that possibility.

"It all boils down to capability. If I have successfully entered the competition level, then there would be no need for me to avoid him," Ling Xian’s expression was composed, yet his eyes shone with ambition.

Just as he had stated, if he were not a foundational cultivator but instead a completion cultivator, then there would be nothing past the killing of a deputy's son. Even if Deputy Xiao Yao confronts Ling Xian himself, there would be no need for him to step back. Ling Xian could simply just kill him.

This was the poise of a completion level cultivator!

To put it bluntly, Ling Xian wasn’t capable enough.

However, Ling Xian firmly believed that one day, he would achieve the completion level and that the "one day" was not too far away.

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