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Chapter 169
The City of Yun Xiao was located in the northernmost point of Zhou Dynasty. It was considered a mid-sized city similar to Sunset City, home to a select few foundational cultivators.
The Trade Convention has a regional office here. And these days, this office was preparing to host a large-scale auction.
For this reason, the residents of Yun Xiao would often see foundational level visitors descend into the city from the air, arriving from all corners of the land.
At this moment, the sun was rising, and streets were bustling with people.
A man and a woman paid 20 spiritual stones each and entered the city.
The man wore a black robe, his face hidden under a dome-shaped hat, exuding confidence.
The woman wore a long green dress, her face hidden behind a silk veil except for a pair of dark, almond shaped eyes. Her light steps accentuated her figure, hopelessly drawing glances from every man who walked past.
The visitors were indeed Ling Xian and Lin Qing Yi.
Ever since the battle with the little Deputy ended, Ling Xian and Lin Qing Yi had been hurrying through forests and valleys towards Yun Xiao. They finally arrived at the city a month later.
A month was an incredible amount of time to be spent on

traveling. Traveling portals were everywhere inside the Zhou Dynasty. But they were criminals on the run. Orders for their capture had been spread far and wide. They had no choice but to travel physically.
During this time, the dual had encountered no fewer than a dozen battles.
But fortunately, all of the bounty hunters they encountered were of mere foundational levels who posted no threat to Ling Xian’s authority. Victories were usually secured in under a dozen rounds.
This had Lin Qing Yi amazed and bewildered each and every time.
The era 200,000 years ago when original level cultivators roamed the world was over. Today, they were a rare breed.
Of course, foundational level cultivators were, feared fighters. But on this journey alone, Ling Xian had managed to single-handedly slaughter no less than 20 of them. This number had shocked Lin Qing Yi to the core, just like it would anyone else.
Twenty foundational level cultivators!
Although not Heaven’s Favorites, these had been amongst the best of the best, capable of yielding dominance in any mid-sized city in the Zhou Dynasty. But how easily they were slaughtered? Not one was of any real threat to Ling Xian.
One could imagine how powerful Ling Xian had become.
Of course, the Third Prince was furious upon hearing this news.

news. Twenty foundational level warriors! The pain of loss was indescribable.
They had been the pillars of the empire he was building. He had selected and nurtured every one of them. He trained them to become his trusted advisors who would ensure his ascend to the throne.
But Ling Xian was quickly ending that dream. He wanted to challenge Ling Xian personally but was occupied by other affairs. He didn’t yet wish to send completion level cultivators from his army. Hence, for the moment, he decided to lay low.
Therefore, Ling Xian and Lin Qing Yi had enjoyed a few days of peace and quiet. They could lower their guard and enjoy the sceneries along their journey.
But they understood too well this momentary quietness would not last. The storm was coming. It was coming very soon.
For this reason, Ling Xian had decided that after he acquires the water from the Lake of the Healing Soul, he would risk exposure to travel back to the Capital via the spatial portal.
"Ling Xian, tomorrow is the eighth day of the month, the first day of the auction. Should we find a place to rest for the night?" Lin Qing Yi batted her eyelashes and asked. If her face hadn’t been covered by the veil,

the veil, perhaps they would have encountered many more unexpected roadblocks.
"Yes, we’ll find a place first. Tomorrow, the moment we get the water, we leave for the Capital via the portal." Ling Xian nodded. In his peripherals, he spotted a three-story building with a hotel sign. He smiled. "Oh good, no need to inquire."
"Right, that’s convenient." Lin Qing Yi smiled in agreement.
A young man walked up to welcome them the moment they stepped inside. He bowed and asked politely, "Welcome, would you like to eat or stay overnight?"
"Stay," Ling Xian responded.
The young man looked at them hesitantly for a moment and finally said, "Well..."
"Well what, just say it," Ling Xian demanded impatiently.
"Ah, this, well we only have one room left," The man said.
"One room?"
Lin Qing Yi paused, blushing, unsure of how to proceed. Fortunately, no one detected it as her face was safely hidden behind the veil.
Ling Xian hesitated too. Then asked, "How can that be? You don’t have anywhere else?"
"I think you are aware the auction hosted by the Trade Convention is scheduled to start tomorrow. There are many visitors to the city. There is not much left. There really is only one room," The young man explained patiently.
"Oh, I see." Ling Xian suddenly remembered. He had remembered. He had felt the presence of more and more foundational level powers as he inched closer to the city. Of course, this was the reason.
"Well, then you two will share?" The young man inquired.
"Well..." Ling Xian hesitated again and shifted his gaze toward Lin Qing Yi.
It did not matter to him. He was a man. He would welcome an opportunity to share a room with a gorgeous girl any day. But perhaps Lin Qing Yi wouldn’t be so enthusiastic.
But he was about to be shocked.
Lin Qing Yi quietly blushed again. She was a not a loose woman. Under normal circumstances, this was not something she would ever agree to. But Ling Xian was different. She wasn’t sure how, but she was definitely smitten and welcomed this opportunity equally.
Therefore, she didn’t protest. Rather, she let her silence speak for her.
"You agree?" Ling Xian got the shock of his life. Then, with a smile, he turned his attention back to the young man and continued, "Alright, we’ll take the last room."
"Ah, OK!"
The young man hollered in excitement and turned to lead them towards the cashier’s counter.
But in the very moment, an unfriendly voice interrupted the scene.
"Slow it down. I’m taking this room. You two, get the f*ck out of here!"

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