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Chapter 156: A Dan That Redefines the World
Chaos reigned over the VIP room.
Aside from the table next to Ling Xian, every piece of item and furniture in room shattered under the pressure of the attack. Ling Xian’s power was indisputable.
"How terribly strong!"
Looking back at Ling Xian, who was seated next to the table, unfazed, Zhao Zong Hua shuddered in fear.
"I appreciate it, manager Zhao." Ling Xian responded as he took another sip of the tea.
Zhao Zong Hua grew increasingly irate as he watched Ling Xian act with such disregard. But he had no choice but to confront his anger on his own, fearing the consequences of angering Ling Xian. Thus he asked cautiously, "What’s the meaning of this, to show off your prowess?"
"Somewhat. I had just completed my meditative practice of the body. I wish to see how well it works." Ling Xian curled his lips and began comforting him, "Do not fright, I naturally have my reasons. Now, feel how much power you have left."
Zhao Zong Hua frowned. Despite not knowing Ling Xian’s intentions, he did as he was asked. He examined his insides. His Qi halved, his pelvis shattered… his face turned pale.
Power… nose-dived!
He regressed from foundational to the ninth-level of the meditational level!
Zhao Zong Hua was infuriated. The pain and adversity he had to overcome to reach the foundational level replayed in his mind like a film. He couldn’t accept the reality that all was gone with the strike from a child. Ignoring his injuries, he got back on his feet and charged at Ling Xian.
"I’ll kill you!"
Zhao Zong Hua was out of control. His messy hair danced in the strong gust of wind born out of his rage. Like an untamed lion, he wanted to devour the youth in front of him.
He had momentarily forgotten how powerful Ling Xian was. He had even forgotten he was now only a cultivator of the ninth-level. He only wanted to kill.
"Manager Zhao, make no haste. I have my reasons."
Ling Xian shook his head slowly and took another sip of his tea. Such a display of comfort and ease nearly drove Zhao Zong Hua mad. He shouted, "F*ck reasons, you attack me out of the blue. You think I’m easily bullied?"
"Manager Zhao, please sit and enjoy some tea first."
Ling Xian smiled lightly, pointed a finger at him and released an invisible rope which swirled around Zhao Zong Hua’s charging torso and contained it.
"Goddammit! You just wait. Even if I’m no match for you, the Trade Convention will never let you off the hook for this!" Zhao Zong Hua struggled against the tightening rope, in vain.
"I disagree. You will thank me in just a few moments. Your Trade Convention will also make me a lifetime VIP." Ling Xian smiled and once again pointed his finger at Zhao Zong Hua. A flash of light shot out from the tip of his finger and went straight into Zhao Zong Hua’s babbling mouth.
"Mother of God, what did you just feed me?"
The struggling Zhao Zong Hua was now paralyzed by fear.
"Manager Zhao, please calm down. If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead. There’d be no need for this." Ling Xian shook his head impatiently and continued, "I’m giving you fate. Don’t worry, half an hour later, you’ll see."
Give me fate?
Zhao Zong Hua froze. Thinking about what Ling Xian had just said, he agreed that if he had wanted him dead, he’d be dead. But devouring his power and relegating him to the meditational level, this he could neither understand nor accept.
Could it be...
Zhao Zong Hua was beginning to understand the meaning of all this.
Instantly, he felt Qi of immense potency explode inside his body then rushed out via his pores. This Qi penetrated every inch of his body and encircled his organs. Finally, the Qi reached his shattered pelvis. Within a few seconds, Zhao Zong Hua felt that his pelvis was beginning to heal.
Moments passed. What he lost slowed re

covered. The Qi touched his wounds like drops of rain healing the earth. He could feel his energy return to him.
Another few moments passed. Another streak of energy dashed out of his pores. He had returned to the foundational level. More surprisingly, he was no longer hovering in the early stages but rather mid-range.
"What... such sorcery exists?"
Zhao Zong Hua was nearly speechless. He examined himself, inside and out, completely flabbergasted.
He finally understood Ling Xian’s well-intended attack and his calm during this ordeal.
He had the utmost confidence in the power of the Healing Dan.
"This...this is impossible!"
Zhao Zong Hua was so shocked he was no longer aware of himself. He continued muttering, to no one in particular, "This Dan can not only help one recover but boost their power from what it was!"
"Now do you get what my intentions were?" Ling Xian interrupted him, still smiling.
"You knew I was one step away from reaching foundational mid-range. That’s why you destroyed my essence and resurrected it with this magical Dan. You knew this Dan would help me break the bottleneck." Zhao Zong Hua blushed furiously. He lowered his head in embarrassment, but couldn’t hide his delight.
He had been stagnant for over five years below the bottleneck he couldn’t break. For this, he would give up much more than just a bit of temporary pain.
In other words, he would have given a lifetime of pain in exchange for what he had just received.
"Correct, this is the fate I was trying to give you. You get to experience the power of the Dan and break the bottleneck. Isn’t that incredible?" Ling Xian mocked him, curious to see how the old man would react to his tease.
"Good, very good, please pardon my offense." Zhao Zong Hua smiled back but secretly cursed. He couldn’t figure out why Ling Xian chose to do that without warning him. That would have spared him loads of pain and anger.
But of course, he wouldn’t dare speak a word of disrespect. One, because the youth was too powerful for him, and two, the youth had just helped him break the unbreakable bottleneck.
"Now that’s settled, let’s talk price. Same as the Luxury Dans, I have 50 here, each seventh-ranked. However, these Dans are only of the eighth-realm, useful only for those of the later foundational stages and below." Ling Xian added, satisfied with the elder’s response.
"No trouble, that’s more than enough." Zhao Zong Hua could barely contain his excitement.
Having personally experienced the powers of the Healing Dan, Zhao Zong Hua didn’t hesitate one more moment. This Dan practically defied the laws of nature.
Such loss of power was not uncommon amongst cultivators of any level. When one encounters such an event, the cultivator was normally rendered useless and unable to continue the journey of cultivation. Even though many items existed in this world which had similar effects as the Healing Dan, they were usually too expensive or too difficult to find. For the ordinary cultivator, they were often left without any options.
But this Dan can be brewed to serve just this purpose. If words of its existence got out, the cultivator landscape would be altered forever.
They would kill each other for it!
When this Dan hits the market, how many will benefit? If every fallen cultivator could return to their journey of cultivation, the entire community will flourish until the end of time.
It was therefore not an exaggeration at all to say that this Dan would redefine the world as we know it today.

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