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A Heaven's Favorite, Wang Zhi Feng, was bleeding from all his orifices. Every single bone in his body was crushed to dust. The only thing left recognizable was a pair of widely opened eyes staring into a pool of blood.

Not a single bit of life remained.


Wang Zhi Feng was born talented and was the most favored Heaven's Favorite in the Wang Clan. Equipped with the Dragon of Broken City, he was considered to be indestructible. Today, however, he was mercilessly destroyed by Ling Xian,

The cave was silent.

Everyone had a somber look on their face, and they stared at the corpse in disbelief. Everything felt surreal, and many believed they were simply having a nightmare.

The indestructible and normally arrogant Heaven's Favorite, Wang Zhi Feng, died just like that?

This… is unbelievable!


After what seemed like forever, everyone in the crowd gulped, displaying their internal fear and shock toward the killer. To witness the downfall of a Heaven's Favorite was a soul crushing experience.

It was a Heaven's Favorite! A name awarded to those who have the utmost potential and considered to be invincible!

Everyone turned to look at Ling Xian. Before long, the silent crowd turned vociferous.

"My god, who is this person? He is way too strong. That was the leader of our generation, Wang Zhi Feng!"

"God knows how many geniuses died under the wrath of the Dragon of Broken City. However today, Wang Zhi Feng was slaughtered by this person. How ruthless."

"This is getting interesting. There is no way the Wang Clan is going to let this go. They are a very powerful clan. This person really muddled himself with people he does not want to deal with."

The debates were endless. Some were shocked at Ling Xian's powerfulness; some were pitying the death of Wang Zhi Feng. Many were waiting for the drama that would follow after today and anticipating that the Wang Clan would send an assassin to end Ling Xian.

The only thing everyone agreed on was the horror. Subconsciously, they all stepped backward; no longer had the guts to offend Ling Xian.

The other two Heaven's Favorites exchanged glances and saw the awe in each other's eyes. Silently, they mutually agreed not to attack Ling Xian. After all, they were both Heaven's Favorites and had their reasons for being arrogant. Thus, they didn't join the collusion against Ling Xian earlier. After watching Ling Xian's godly movements and his savage rampage that resulted in the deaths of over 10 geniuses and a Heaven's Favorite, they became a little regretful.

They both felt like they should've joined forces with Wang Zhi Feng to defeat this nameless and faceless youth. Why did they have to be so proud?

"Such capabilities… Even amongst the Heaven's Favorites, he is one of the best," the handsome boy uttered out deeply. It was as if he tried to exhale all of the shock he felt.

"That's right. I wonder where this person comes from? Normally, this amount of capability would startle Yunzhou, and he would gain fame overnight. How come nobody's ever heard of this person?" The girl Heaven's Favorite questioned. Peering at the handsome and threatening Ling Xian, her eyes were filled with shock and a desire for battle.

It was rare to meet a Heaven's Favorite this strong. Her competitiveness was pulsing inside of her. However, all she could do was repress her desire instead of making a move right away.

The timing was just not right.

Ling Xian has just slaughtered Wang Zhi Feng, and his arrogance was at its peak. Who dares to provoke him at a time when he was boiling with confidence and high off of his recent victory?

At least right now, this youthful woman was not willing to take the risk. Though she never doubted her own capabilities, she was not willing to start a fight when an opponent who was obviously in an excellent state. It would be embarrassing to be killed right now.

"Now, does anyone else want to fight me?"

Ling Xian's white robe hung loosely, his black hair messy, gaze cold, and demeanor alarming. His entire body was beating with a desire to hunt. Everyone here was quivering from a lack of will and hope.

Hearing what he had said, everyone fell into silence. A Heaven's Favorite just died in his hands. How could these level nine cultivators try to attack him now?

Even if they were suicidal, they would not use this method to kill themselves.

Everyone was influenced by Ling Xian's power. Other than the two Heaven's Favorites, everyone else lowered their heads in fear of meeting his eyes.



These were the feeling everyone felt toward Ling Xian.

"How come nobody is yelling at me anymore?" Ling Xian's pupils were still dilated into the size of Suns. He glanced at everyone and stepped backward lightly. This one light step caused a gush of wind to sweep the space.

Instantly, everyone walked back three steps. They kept their distance from him, afraid he might make a move.

"Just as I thought, capability is what shuts people up."

The curve of Ling Xian's lips curved up as his gaze shifted toward the two Heaven's Favorites. He crisply grinned. "You two, are you planning to fight me?"

The scholarly youth blinked in surprise. Seeing that Ling Xian was not at all fazed by the last fight and was in a state of euphoria, a flash of reluctance flashed across his face. He made a fist with one hand and cupped it with another and said, "Please do not joke with me. I have no desire to start another battle."

After answering, he stepped back. Indicating that he really had no desire to fight against Ling Xian.

"Very good." Ling Xian nodded in satisfaction. He then looked back at the young woman. "What about you? Do you plan to challenge me for the fermented wine?"

"The treasure is yours." The beautiful woman shook her head. Like the scholarly youth, she too stepped backward. It became apparent that the two Heaven's Favorites have surrendered in the face of Ling Xian's victory. Neither had plans to provoke him.

"Well then, I will leave with the wine. If someone is unsatisfied with this, don't hesitate to try and attack me," Ling Xian said softly. He then marched toward the second platform, extending his arm to snatch the aromatic wine.

The Drunken Immortal's Brew was not like the Immortal Flute. It was not sealed by powerful arrays. Therefore, he grabbed the wine in his hand easily.

"The aroma of this wine is truly fragrant. No wonder it is the legendary Drunken Immortal Brew," Ling Xian sniffed the wine as he indulged himself in the wonderful smell. He moved the wine into his storage pouch and walked over to the third platform.

However, he lost interest after one look.

It was a long blue sword that was vibrating with coldness. By appearance, it should be very rare and sharp. However, just like the Immortal Flute, it was sealed by a powerful array, one that could not be broken by a meditation levelled cultivator.

Everyone else noticed this too, which was why they wanted to battle Ling Xian for the Drunken Immortal Brew instead of going for the treasure on the third platform. They knew their effort would be futile because the seal was unbreakable and that there was no way they could even touch the object.

"I wonder if you are able to break the seal on the third treasure?" The scholarly youth suddenly inquired. His face was full of anticipation. It seemed like he very much desired that sword.

Ling Xian shook his head with a bitter smile. "As you all know, there are only two ways to break an array. One is to become familiar with the prohibition and create a counter-array, and the second way is to break the seal with brute force. Based on my estimations, only someone in the completion level can break this array. Even if all of us worked together, it wouldn't be enough."

Upon hearing this, the scholarly youth appeared a little disappointed. Originally, he was excited to see what kind of surprises this youth could bring him. However, the result disappointed him.

"I guess this sword and I are not fated to be together." The youth sighed softly.

Gawking at the disappointed and sad face on the scholarly youth, the beautiful young lady smiled mysteriously and teased, "The blade of this sword is ice blue, that person's favorite color. Its appearance is dainty and delicate, yet complex and detailed. It belongs to the ice element, perfect for that person. Hehe, if I am not wrong, Mo Qing Fu, you are planning to impress your Mistress with this sword, aren't you?"

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