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"Lady, with the state you are in now, do you still want to fight?"

A crisp voice pierced the air. Facing the alluring girl, Ling Xian showed a hint of a smile.

Shui Lian Yi's face whitened. The grinning youth before her made her feel disgusted. She very much wanted to lunge forward and hit that handsome face until it looked like a pig's head. However, she suppressed her desires because she knew very well that if she acted irrationally, it would be her face that gets damaged by Ling Xian.

She lost.

In a battle that purely involved spiritual energy, she was defeated.

Shui Lian Yi felt very humiliated. Though this battle does not draw the conclusion that she was weaker than Ling Xian in every way, being the most promising Heaven's Favorites in the Shui Clan and being constantly told that her talent was beyond her generation, she was not mentally prepared for this humiliation.

"I don't accept this. Let's battle again!"

Shui Lian Yi ordered coldly as her eyes twitched. As the Heaven's Favorites in the undefeatable realm, she has yet to lose a battle, and she does not plan to leave this dark mark in her record today. Her plan was to fight Ling Xian again and pretend the loss never happened.


Ling Xian frowned and hissed, "What an unreasonable woman. First, you start attacking me without explanations. I even kindly restrained myself by not hitting you full force, yet you cannot identify the right from the wrong and want to fight again? Whatever. If you truly want to fight, I will accompany you. This time though, be prepared to die. "

"Stop spewing worthless things. Fight me again!"

Shui Lian Yi screeched out. Clasping her hands together, she formed a hand seal. Instantly, a dizzying blue light rippled across the sky. Suddenly, day light disappeared, and dark clouds covered the world, brewing thunders.

"I admit that my spiritual energy is a fraction weaker than yours. However, real battles do not only count on how much mana you have. Rather, people compete on supernatural powers and techniques. If we fight like that then you may not necessarily win." Shui Lian Yi's face was still frigid. Seeing the fearless Ling Xian, she shouted, "Try to defend this, Thunderbolts of Destruction!"

Boom boom boom!

Incomparably thick thunderbolts dropped down, filling the air with a devastatingly horrifying atmosphere!

"The thunder element…" Ling Xian squinted his eyes, and murky gas gushed out of them, forming a pair of white wings that concealed his body tightly.

The Winged Blitz!

One of the nine transformed form of the Eyes of Execution!


Countless thunderbolts solidified above the clouds and poured down onto the pair of white wings. After almost a minute, the clouds finally dissipated and exposed the Sun.

"If all your techniques are like this then I welcome you to try again and lose again."

Ling Xian was not at all harmed. He fluttered his wings, and several feathers fell. Each of them straightened up, sharp like swords, they headed straight towards Shui Lian Yi.

"This is…"

Shui Lian Yi's pupils dilated. Staring at the giant pair of wings behind Ling Xian's back, she remembered hearing about the legendary Inner Eyes. However, she had no time to think much about them. The sharp feathers have already sliced through space and were right before her. Her heart shook.

"Water Curtain!"

After a yell, Shui Lian Yi gathered her spiritual energy and summoned a thin layer of blue light that wrapped around her body, protecting her from the sharp feathers.

Ding ding ding ding…

Bursts of the sound of metals hitting each other rose. The sword-like sharp feathers hitting the metal-like shield created sparks of dazzling lights!

After a few stalling moments, the thin blue curtain finally showed a tiny crack. A white feather pierced through and stabbed Shui Lian Yi in her shoulders. Blood dyed her robe.

"Such a stinging feather. It really is the Winged Blitz from the legends."

Shui Lian Yi groaned. She no longer cared about the physical pain she was in. Rather, she was in awe. "After 120,000 years, the Eyes of Execution finally returned…?"

"Do you want to continue the fight?" Ling Xian remained composed.

"Why wouldn't I? Just because you have the fourth ranked Eyes of Execution, you want me to give up?" Shui Lian Yi dragged herself back to reality. Her eyes flushed with heat and she spoke confidently, "I am the Heaven's Favorites in the Shui Clan. I have defeated many geniuses and talents. No matter how strong the opponent is, I have yet to lose a battle. I have my pride, and I will not run away from the Eyes of Execution."

"Not bad, I admire your resolution," Ling Xian complimented.

"I don't need your admiration. Yes, the Eyes of Execution is strong, unreasonably strong. However, being the Heaven's Favorite, my strongest technique does not lack compared to yours," Shui Lian Yi's beauty was blinding, even at this moment. Though she knew she was not in a position to defeat Ling Xian, she refused to give up.

This was her pride, this was her determination!

Even if the ending has already been written, she wanted to fight until her last breath!

"If that's the case, then you can make the first move." Ling Xian backed away and extended out a palm. His white robe blew in the wind, displaying him as if he was the master and she was the apprentice.

"Alright, watch out then," Shui Lian Yi's gaze turned cold again. She was prepared to demonstrate her strongest technique. Suddenly, a gold door appeared behind her and emitted a blinding ray of golden light. Then, she grasped her hands onto each other and again formed a hand seal.

Instantly, the entire earth and heaven shook. The endless gold light transformed into sea water that gushed out in mid-air. The tides were so high up in the sky that they could not be seen!

Flood of the Holy Water!

This was one of the many techniques from the Shui Clan. Even though it is not considered to be the strongest, it was still ranked to be in the top six. It is usually mastered by those in the completion level. To have been summoned by Shui Lian Yi, who was only in the meditation level, proved that her title as the Heaven's Favorite was not without basis.

However, compared to Ling Xian, this was not good enough.

The completed state of this technique was that the holy water turns to gold and an actual towering mountain forms. Only when that happens can the technique be considered to be truly strong. With the level of training Shui Lian Yi has now, summoning the holy water was already a stretch. She will only achieve the perfect state of the technique once she was in the completion stage. Then, she will be able to suppress all opponents with this technique!

"Flood of the Holy Water…" Surprise flashed across Ling Xian's eyes. However, he immediately shook it off. As a Heaven's Favorite in the meditation level, it was normal for her to know this technique. If she wasn't capable, they wouldn't have had such a great battle just now.

After all, Ling Xian's battle abilities and experience were that of foundational level. A regular meditation level opponent does not threaten him.

"If the ancient books are correct. Then I assume you can already freely use the Sword of Extinction." Shui Lian Yi was emotionless. Watching the strongest youth she has ever met, she said, "Make your move. I want to see the destruction the Sword of Extinction can cause."

"If I use the sword, then there will be blood," Ling Xian shook his head. "If you want to fight, I think the Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique is enough to send you home."

As soon as he finished talking, an undefeatable energy poured out of his body. The sky darkened, and stars rose to the sky, lighting up their surroundings.

A palm appeared in the sky three miles away. It looked like it could carry the earth, explore the heavens, and travel to the world of the dead. With its own unique divinity, it pushed toward Shui Lian Yi!

"One of the six guiding laws, the Heaven Shadowing Technique. What a rare breed this guy is. This kind of natural talent really is unheard of." Shui Lian Yi's heart shook with shock. Her eyes widened as she stared at the terrifying giant palm. She bitterly smiled.

There was no way she could back away now. Her strong personality did not allow her to run away. Though the Heaven Shadowing Palm Technique was impressive and was a level higher than her Flood of the Holy Water, she wasn't afraid. The worst that could happen was that she dies!

"Come on, let me see how strong this palm really is!"

Shui Lian Yi yelled out, and with all her strength, she gathered her spiritual energy. The ferocious holy water twirled in the sky and counterattacked the palm with their strong tides!


The palm tore apart all trees and diminished every object in sight. With its overpowering demeanor, it destroyed the holy water until there was not a single drop left!

The terrifying palm did not stop there. After exterminating the holy water, it continued to move into Shui Lian Yi's direction.

"Dammit," Ling Xian frowned. He has already summoned the technique, and it was difficult to retract it. Even though he had the heart to spare her life, he couldn't do much.

"Could it be… that I am losing my life here today?" Shui Lian Yi watched the palm getting closer and closer, and her face whitened. She has exhausted all her spiritual energy and could no longer defend. The only thing she could do was to watch the giant palm coming her way to consume her.

Just as the beautiful girl was about to die. An icy blue hammer pounded down from the sky and smashed the palm into pieces!

At the same time, an immature voice that carried both anger and dominance suddenly appeared.

"Who dares to attack my sister? I will kill that person with my hammer!"

In the next moment, a 13 or 14-year-old young girl walked in front of Shui Lian Yi. Her skin was white, her face was beautiful, and her black and stone-like eyes were clear and bright. She was like a porcelain doll, whose cuteness was overwhelming.

The girl was wearing all red, and she carried a heavy blue hammer in each of her hands. She had pigtails that made her look very young and cute. Despite all that, her expression was frigid and her red cheeks revealed how angry she was.

However, she was just too naturally cute. Even though it was easy to see her anger, it was hard to not snicker at it. Because she looked nothing more than how a kid looks when he or she was mad at his or her parent.

"You made it in time. Thank god." Shui Lian Yi grinned. Happiness filled her eyes as she realized her life has been saved.

"Sister Lian Yi, which bastard is trying to hurt you? I will repeatedly smash his lower body with my hammer until he is paralyzed!" the girl's facial features were delicate just like a doll.

Hearing this, Shui Lian Yi subconsciously looked towards Ling Xian.

"This is the bastard who wants to kill you? Just wait Sister Lian Yi. I will beat him up to avenge you!" The girl clenched her teeth and stared at Ling Xian. She looked mad.

"You are…"

Watching the pretty young girl, Ling Xian's brows locked as he searched his memories. After a short while, he fell into disbelief.

"You…You are Thirteen?"

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