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Published at 29th of September 2019 11:57:50 AM
Chapter 65

Chapter 8 – Mother’s homecoming (5)

Translator – Vodka

Continuation of the original storyline

Phew, I can finally get back on track . I had not been able to post chapters on Sunday for quite a while now . Anyways, let’s hope that I can keep this up .



“I love Minato-chan more than the two of you!”

The room was enveloped in silence .

Shizuku and Kirasaka stared at mom, their mouths agape . They couldn’t close their mouths .

In Shizuku’s case, it would be more appropriate to say that she was sighing at these turn events, like me .

On the other hand, I had thought that Kaede too, would be displaying a similar kind of expression . However, contrary to my expectations, she was clapping her chest with her hand with small movements .

As my sister, did she sympathize with mom over certain points?

I should say that such strong familial love is a wonderful thing……


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“Are you stupid……?”

It was great that I was blessed with such strong familial love and all, but her remark itself was so childish, that I had unconsciously put my honest feelings into words .

Kirasaka, who was sat next to me, asked me this in a small voice .

“……Perhaps, Shinrkun’s Okasan is……”

“You understand even if I don’t say it out loud, right?……”


I couldn’t think of an excuse . In the first place, I wasn’t in the mood to give one .

Shinra Kotone was a doting parent……to put it simply, an ‘over-fond parent’ .

[TN – Changed ‘idiot parent’ to ‘over-fond parent’ . Sounds more Shinrish too]

It was a term which was used to signify parents who were overly fond of their children, to the point that it seemed bizarre .

It was the most appropriate expression to describe my mom .

No matter where it was, she would express her motherly love for her child without holding back; she didn’t pay any attention to the presence of others either .

Her affection was at such a level that it would make one doubt that it was only a mother’s affection towards her child and not a lover’s affection towards her lover .


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Such actions were the most embarrassing when you have become a high school student, or when you have hit puberty .

Right now, I must have been showing a cool expression in front of Shizuku and Kirasaka . It was because I was in their presence that, I had enveloped myself in an air of indifference towards this whole situation .

However, my innards were boiling with embarrassment . I felt feverish .

My body temperature had long exceeded the temperature one had at the time of a high fever, for sure……I think .

“Minato-kun, your face is as red as a tomato, you know?”

“You’re right . Are you perhaps, blushing?”

I lied .

I wasn’t putting on a cool expression at all .

Even though I had put on an indifferent front, the girls were able to see through my facade . I had a feeling that something like this had happened before too .

The two girls looked at me, grinningly . I pushed them away by their shoulders and retreated deeper into my chair .

I could easily imagine the sullen face I was making at that time .


Mom was looking at our exchanges very happily .

She was almost going to be forty . Even then, she still had a youthful appearance .

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Back during the high school days, she was a beauty who was admired by all the boys at school .

Kaede had very noticeably, inherited her genes, but why was it that I didn’t receive even a shred of it?

If my dad was a handsome man, then we could have been born a pair of handsome siblings . However, unfortunately, my dad resembled me . He was a man without any distinguishing features .

No, wait . Since I was the son, I guess it was me who resembled him, huh .

However, different from me, he was good at associating with people . He would proudly talk about how, because of his merits, he had climbed his way up the social ladder to reach the position he was in now .

Well, since I wasn’t really interested in his ‘position’ in his office, I didn’t know……


Shizuku was already used to this kind of spectacle, but it was a first for Kirasaka .

Kirasaka still had her mouth wide open . She issued a few words, “You guys have a good relationship……” . As you could see, her thoughts were leaking .

“After me is, of course, Kaede-chan”

I looked at mom with a sullen face . At this point, I had already given up and let nature take its own course . Then, as if to follow up on mom’s remark, Kaede said this .

“That goes without saying!”

Why are you competing with mom?……

It would seem that it was something that couldn’t be surrendered to even mom .

I was this loved by my sister……I would boast about it to Hino-kun next time .

There wasn’t any doubt that he would cry and feel bitter about it .

His reactions were predictable . The upside to talking with him was that I never got tired of it .


“I too won’t lose”

If we only looked at the number of years that Shizuku had known me for, she wasn’t inferior to Kaede, and she didn’t lose out .

Was it because she had own pride, but she made it sound like a warning? I would guess that her target was Kirasaka .

Usually, at this point, Kirasaka would, in her own way, stage a comeback with her skilful way with words . However, this time, it would seem that she had some thinking to do .


It was quite a rare sight to behold, for her to remain wordless that is .

She looked down on the desk, not saying anything . It wasn’t only me, but mom, Shizuku, and Kaede were all looking at this strange situation before us in surprise .

“……You guys have such good relationship between family members . I am jealous”

Those were the words that had exited her mouth .

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