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Chapter 325 - Uninvited Guests

"Of course!"

Hearing Shen Guan's last words, Tang Huan was even more shocked, but after that he nodded his head heavily, without any hesitation.

He'd thought that it would be amazing enough that the time in the "sky spirit realm" was not in sync with the outside world.

What was even more miraculous was that not only was the small world connected to the Human Clan s, it was also connected to the Holy Spirit Continent s and Tranquil Continent s. Furthermore, from what Shen Guan had said, it should be located outside of a few continents or continents.

What kind of world was it?

With regards to the powerful ferocious beasts in that small world, Tang Huan's heart skipped a beat. If he could gather even stronger souls, he would definitely be able to forge Heaven-ranked, or even Saint-ranked Spirit Adhesion weapons in the future.

As for whether or not he would encounter the young experts of the Tian Clan s and Demon Clan s in the small world, Tang Huan did not care.

If he wanted to raise his strength, how could there be no risks?

"Very good!"

Seeing that, Shen Guan laughed: "Since little brother has made up his mind, then this old man will first wish little brother success. Five days later, in the morning, little brother is invited to come to Divine Weapon Pavilion again. "The Heavenly Spirit Realm will open once every half month. At that time, Pang Bo will send little brother there."

The so called Pang Bo was the yellow clothed man in charge of handling the matters regarding the new high level Weapon Refiner s.

"Alright, First Elder, I will come back in five days."


When Tang Huan left the Divine Weapon Pavilion and returned to the inn, the sky had already completely darkened.

Within the courtyard room, the lights had already been turned on, but it was so quiet that Tang Huan was not used to it. There was no longer the crisp sounds of Xiao Budian "yiyaya" or "yiyaya" or the tender cries of the little girl … However, when Tang Huan walked into the room, he already understood what was going on.

On the bed, the little girl was currently closing her eyes, coiled up her legs, and was holding that dark blue ball as she absorbed the power of the Spiritual Fire. To the side, Xiao Budian was curled up into a ball, and was snoring in deep sleep.

A thousand gems, they were all gone!

Evidently, Xiao Budian had fallen into a deep sleep again after eating enough gems. It was unknown how long it would take for him to wake up from his slumber this time around. However, when he woke up, he assumed that it would possess three pairs of wings.

As for Lu Chen, Tang Huan did not see him in the courtyard.

However, when Tang Huan channeled his "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" and spirit pellet, pushing his sensing power to its limits, he sensed a long and light breath, as well as a familiar but weak wave of breath. The source of breath and fluctuation was in the courtyard next door.

That person was none other than Lu Chen.

… ….


In the morning of the next day, within the courtyard, Tang Huan heaved a sigh of relief. After cultivating for an entire night, he felt refreshed.

After his flesh body had been refined by the power contained in the "Burning Spirit Jade", Tang Huan could clearly feel that his skin, muscles, bones, and even internal organs had become even more tenacious than before.

The feeling that he had when he was cultivating was completely different from before. In the instant that he was channeling the "Great Art of the Heavens and the Earth", Tang Huan felt as if he was drinking some nectar as all thirty-six thousand pores opened up and strands of spirit energy passed through them to gather at the Spiritual Meridian, and then followed the flow of the Genuine Qi to enter the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace". Finally, it was refined little by little.

The speed at which spiritual energy was being absorbed had actually increased greatly.


A tender and delicate voice of surprise suddenly sounded out, it was the little girl who ran out from her room. Seeing Tang Huan in the courtyard, her bright black eyes widened, and her already huge eyes became even larger, making her look extremely adorable.

"What's wrong?" Seeing the little girl looking at him as if he were a monster, Tang Huan was a little surprised.

"Why do I feel like you've changed so much?" The little girl came back to her senses and cried out with her childish voice. Her eyes were filled with surprise.

"Is there?"

Tang Huan couldn't help but laugh.

Last night, when he was bathing, Tang Huan did not look in the mirror, and naturally did not know that after he had gone in and out of the Tools Method Hall, his appearance had indeed changed quite a bit. Looking from afar, there seemed to be a layer of luster that was slowly flowing under his skin, he was as handsome as jade. Furthermore, Tang Huan's appearance had already become even more mature, as if she had suddenly become many years older.

"Of course." The little girl nodded again and again.

"I …"

Tang Huan's lips moved slightly, before she could finish, she seemed to have discovered something, and looked out of the courtyard in a blink of an eye, and laughed loudly, "So it turns out that Miss Xing Yan is here today. While they were talking, Tang Huan had already walked quickly towards the big door.

When Tang Huan opened the distant door, three figures had almost stopped at the entrance.

At the front was a woman with a face veil, her figure was tall and slim, under a gorgeous purple dress, her soft breasts were towering, her round buttocks were raised, and her curvy body was faintly discernible, which was exceptionally attractive. Behind her were two tall and sturdy bald men.

These three uninvited guests were precisely Xing Yan and her two followers.

"Brother Tang Huan, I hope that you can forgive my presumptuous visit."

Xing Yan revealed a faint smile between his brows, and when his eyes landed on the little girl behind Tang Huan, a look of surprise surfaced in his eyes, "Brother Tang Huan, this is?"

"This is my sister."

Tang Huan laughed. He knew, Xing Yan had definitely sent people to investigate his background thoroughly, so it was impossible for them not to know about the little girl's existence. However, regarding the little girl's background, no matter how Star Ocean Commerce investigated, he would not be able to find out.

Let alone the Star Ocean Commerce, in this world, other than the little girl and himself, no one else knew that she was actually a "Flamewing Phoenix King." Who would have thought that one of the eight great Demon King s of the Demon Clan would actually become such a little girl? Actually, Tang Huan didn't know what kind of unforeseen event the "Flamewing Phoenix King" had encountered after rushing out of the "Phoenix Nest" and disappearing at the top of Bloody Flame Mountain. If she didn't tell him, Tang Huan wouldn't even bother to ask.

"As expected, she is clever and obedient."

Hearing Tang Huan's answer, Xing Yan's face revealed an additional trace of disappointment, this was obviously not the answer she wanted to hear. However, the bit of disappointment between her brows was quickly replaced by a smile. "Brother Tang Huan, there's already news about the 'Green Jade Rock' that you asked me to look for last time."

"Oh?" Tang Huan was pleasantly surprised.

"That Jadeite Rock is currently in the Spirit Feather Merchant Guild."

Xing Yan's eyes were brimming with laughter, he said, "After finding out that Brother Tang Huan left the 'Tools Method Hall' yesterday, I immediately sent people to contact the Spirit Feather Merchant Guild, and went to discuss the deal this morning, so I came over now, Brother Tang Huan wouldn't blame me for taking the initiative, right?"

"No, no, I can't thank Miss Xing Yan in time." Tang Huan laughed happily.

"Originally, after I received the news, I wanted to buy the gems from the Spirit Feather Merchant Guild, but unfortunately, the Spirit Feather Merchant Guild was not willing to sell them. It wasn't until I said that it was Brother Tang Huan who wanted the gems did the Spirit Feather Merchant Guild give in, and instead offered to trade with you personally." Xing Yan was a little helpless.

"Since that's the case, we'll head there immediately."


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