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Published at 10th of December 2020 02:15:10 PM

Chapter 2142: 2142

She was extra careful with any stranger because of that .

Meanwhile, the man’s heart sank when he heard her gentle voice which was full of anticipation .

She did not realize that he was here today to break up with her!

He hummed an acknowledgment . “It’s me; open the door . ”

The door was quickly opened for him, and once he was inside, the woman could not wait to jump into his arms . As she hooked her arms behind his nape, she kissed him on the lips .

Her kiss was so eager and passionate that the man was moved . He hugged her and returned her kiss .

After their kiss, she continued to stay put in his arms and choked, “Yancheng, I miss you so, so much!”

The helplessness and dependency in her voice struck him hard . His resolve was shaken and he kept mum for some time .

Perhaps he was not as ready as he thought to make a clean break!

He had it all planned out when he held the phone in his hand earlier . He would step in, and upon seeing her, he would tell her upfront, ‘Let’s break up!’ then he would give her some money, which would be more than sufficient for her . Thereafter, they would go their separate ways .

While on the way to meet her, he had rehearsed the lines several times in his head . His mind was made up and he would not back down . At that moment, though, the words were stuck in his throat, somehow .

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It might be due to their skin contact . Speaking to her face to face and holding her in his arms were different from merely clutching a lifeless phone . Her soft and sizzling hot body pressed down on his and reminded him of their many intimate moments . His heart was stirred once more . Some words were just hard to say at such proximity!

He realized that he still wanted her .

Somehow, only this woman could make him stay faithful . He did not know how she did that, but many times, after they copulated, he actually had the urge to keep her by his side regardless of his marital status!

Even if he could not marry her, she could still be his kept woman, constantly staying by his side, but that would not be prudent, or at least, he had to break up with her until after his marriage .

Still, his body cried out for her and his biological needs were slowly winning over his mind . He kissed her passionately and started to remove her clothes .

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This time around, the lady pushed him away, crying out petulantly in embarrassment, “Yancheng, don’t… I have something to tell you…”

“What is it? Why can’t we discuss in bed?” His salacious words made her heart pound faster .

She seemed to be about to cave in, but then she grabbed hold of his hand without warning . Greenish veins could be seen popping up on the back of her hand due to her forceful exertion .

He was taken aback by her abrupt refusal and stopped his advances, asking with a frown, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want it?”

He was hoping to have one last tryst with her before they broke up for good .

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It won’t be too late to break up with her after one last fling, will it?

However, the woman did not seem willing this time, which was unlike her .

In the past, she could not wait to throw herself at him, but she did not seem enthusiastic at all this time .

Staring hard at the woman, he verbalized, “You seem to be very resistant today . ”

“It’s not that… I have something to tell you!” Her face was blushing hard by then .

He was impatient but tried hard to rein in his temper and questioned her dully, “What is it? You can tell me straight up . ”