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Published at 21st of November 2020 02:25:09 PM

Chapter 2085: 2085

The woman regained her smile . Taking the twins’ hands in each of hers, she turned toward her husband cheerfully . “Let’s head inside . ”

Mu Yazhe walked over and lightly picked up Youyou’s free hand while Yun Yecheng was responsible for pushing his brother’s wheelchair . The family of six, thus, entered the mall in a grand fashion .

Even though Yun Shishi did not have many relatives to visit her over the Lunar New Year, she still needed to decorate her place a little and stock up on the necessary items to match the festive season .

Besides buying the standard new year goodies, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, and pistachios, she had to prepare some gifts for her visiting relatives, too; thus, the woman bought several big gift hampers for them .

By then, she was all caught up in the festive mood, which was a first for her .

She used to be very distressed whenever the end of each lunar year came around, for this celebration was quite an expensive affair and would leave her cash-strapped by the time it was over . On top of purchasing the aforementioned items, she also needed to buy new clothes—from down jackets and pants to shoes—for everyone in the family, which were quite a hefty expense .

Even though Youyou, her mini God of Wealth, would receive plenty of red packets—some of her affluent relatives would each give him a red packet worth several thousand—during this period, she had never touched that money . Instead, she specially opened a bank account for him and saved it all up . By now, there was quite a tidy sum in that account .

Since her income had greatly increased at present, she no longer needed to compare prices before she purchased anything . She could just add whatever she liked into her shopping cart .

Once she was done purchasing the new year goodies and merchandise, she led her family over to the branded fashion boutiques to buy new clothes .

That was when she recalled that her husband was quite particular about his clothes . Every article of clothing in his wardrobe was tailor-made by big brands, each costing tens of thousands .

There might be plenty of luxurious goods retailing at the boutique stores here, but none could be compared to the ones he was currently wearing .

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Feeling slightly panicky, she dragged the man to the glass window of a men’s clothing store and carefully probed, “Do you like the clothes in there?”

She thought that he would not show the slightest interest in them and would just give her a flat refusal in disdain . However, much to her pleasant surprise, he scanned the interior of the shop carefully and with much interest . “Let’s go in and have a look . ”


A bright smile formed on her face as she took his hand in hers and entered the shop with him .

This particular store, which sold mostly overcoats, had great designs . The coats were slim-fitting and complemented one’s figure very well . For someone as tall and slender as Mu Yazhe, his aura and presence could easily squash those supermodels when he wore such outfits .

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After selecting several designs, the woman got her husband to try them on . He, too, very patiently tried them all .

Buying clothes that were mostly only worth several thousands each was a first for her, though this was not the first time that she was getting him clothes .

Even though she could afford to buy him clothes from high-end brands, she, somehow, felt like buying outfits from slightly inferior brands to those expensive labels he was used to as seeing him wear these pieces made her feel that they were finally standing on the same ground .

It gave her the feeling that he had integrated into her world, and that sense of intimacy was indescribable .

While the man was trying on the coats, Yun Yecheng pushed his wheelchair-bound brother to a nearby store to look for silk blankets . The twins, on the other hand, sat waiting on the sofa .

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As for Yun Shishi, she continued browsing through the racks, hoping to select a few pieces that would better complement her husband’s disposition .

Today, the actress had gone out with a completely bare face, along with a fleece cap and a pair of glasses to somewhat disguise herself . Without that usual, dazzling and glamorous aura surrounding her, she appeared more reserved and gentle as opposed to her onscreen persona .

In fact, she looked just like an ordinary yet young, beautiful wife .