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Published at 2nd of November 2020 11:45:13 PM

Chapter 2027

“Yuqi, who is she?”

“Yun Shishi . She’s in the same production team as Hua Jin,” answered the agent immediately .

“Oh, an actress . ”

Lin Xueya laughed . For some reason, the words she had spoken earlier seemed to be filled with disdain, as if acting was a despicable career .

Unhappiness bloomed in the actress’s heart .

Everything said by this woman was thorny, with a sense of superiority seeping through her bones .

Just as she was about to flare up, Hua Jin immediately said, “Xiaoya, don’t be like this . ”

“What am I being like?”

The lady knitted her elegant brows as her tone was filled with anger . “Were you with this woman these past few days when I wasn’t in the country?”

“There’s an accident during the awards ceremony . She’s the one who’s been taking care of me since then,” explained the idol .

The lady glanced at the actress again, but her eyes were filled with judgment . Suddenly, she lifted her hand and mercilessly flipped the bowl the other was carrying onto the floor .

The bowl broke into pieces, spilling the porridge everywhere on the floor .

Yun Shishi stood up in shock .

Some of the porridge from the bowl had spilled on her body .

This nourishing porridge had only just been cooked by her . She had borrowed the hospital’s kitchen and cooked it for over an hour . It was a little hot; thus, she hurriedly smacked the porridge off her body . She could hear Lin Xueya saying languidly from the side, “I’ll get someone to cook a new bowl for you later . ”

The man was furious . Unable to control his anger, he looked at the lady sharply . “What are you doing?!”

“I don’t like you eating porridge cooked by some other woman . It’s disgusting!”

The lady paused for a moment as unhappiness emerged on her face . “Also, what’s the meaning behind your tone? Are you blaming me for this?”

He had never spoken to her in this way before .

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He used to speak to her with a gentle tone; now, he was glaring at her angrily because of another woman .

She was terribly upset .

The actress stood up and glanced at Lin Xueya . She had tolerated her time and again . “This young lady, did no one teach you any manners when you were young? You’re being very rude!”

The latter was taken aback for a second before she looked at the former with shock and anger .



Ji Yuqi walked over hurriedly to try and salvage the situation . “Aren’t you in a rush to return to the capital? I’ll help you book flight tickets right away . Hua Jin has Miss Xueya to care for him now, so you don’t have to worry . ”

With that, she pulled her toward the exit to this room .

Before she could react in time, Yun Shishi was dragged to the door .

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“Stop right there!”

The rich lady called out to her from behind .

The actress was not one to be trampled on . Therefore, she turned around and looked at her without a hint of fear .


“What did you say earlier? I didn’t catch that . ”


The man on the sickbed tugged on her sleeve .

She waved his hand away expressionlessly .

Witnessing this, the actress felt indignant but remained elegant as she spoke coldly . “If you didn’t hear it clearly, then your ears probably have some issue, but I don’t mind repeating myself again . I said: You have a really bad upbringing!”

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His agent’s heart jumped at her words .

No one had ever dared speak to Miss Xueya this way .

This Yun Shishi . . .

She tried to get her out of trouble, yet why could she not hop onto her good intentions?

Hearing this, the woman burst into laughter from her anger . “What’s your name?”

“Xiaoya!” called out the idol .


She turned around, her eyes fierce . “Who is she to you? Why are you speaking up for her?”

“Stop causing trouble . ”

“Do you like her?” she interrogated haughtily . “You are so protective of her! Do you like her?”

He became unexpectedly quiet upon hearing her questions .