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Published at 10th of September 2020 11:50:21 PM
Chapter 1868

The actress’s lips, however, curled into a light arch as she breezily responded, “Yes, I’m engaged . ”

Her reply left the idol stunned for several seconds .

“C-Come again?”

His expression had frozen and his eyes had gone blank .

Turning her head over, she stared right into his eyes and solemnly repeated herself . “Yes, I’m engaged . ”

He went into a momentary daze before a wide beam spread across his face . “You’re pulling my legs, aren’t you?”

“Do you think I’ll crack such a joke like you? Need I lie to you?”

With that, she turned to look at the mirror and continued applying makeup on her face .

A deafening silence ensued right after .

It went on for such a long period that even the woman felt somewhat uncomfortable . She turned her head quizzically to look at her co-actor, only to find him silently staring at her . He never spoke a word throughout .

“What’s wrong with you?”

The man creased his brows upon hearing the question but was unable to articulate a response . Somehow, he appeared to be somewhat forlorn .

“You’re looking off . Are you feeling alright?”

“Shishi, are you really engaged?” he asked again, still feeling somewhat in disbelief . His eyes, though, were brimming with prudence .

Feeling a little defeated by him, she answered helplessly, “Hua Jin, I’m not lying to you when I said I’m engaged . It’s true . ”


His eyes bulged with incredulity as his lips quivered slightly . He tried speaking several times, but all that came out was just silence .

Just then, a phone rang .

The actress immediately went to the side to answer the call .

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Mu Yazhe’s deep, baritone voice rang from the other end . “Are you still on set?”

A gentle smile graced her face as she patiently explained, “Yep! There’s a scene that we need to reshoot today . As I’m recently crammed with many other works, we’re a little behind schedule . ”

“I’m back already, and I’m missing you a little . What time will you be home?”

His magnetic voice resonated crystal clear in the quiet room that Hua Jin, who had no intentions of eavesdropping on their conversation, could vividly make out the tender words coming from the phone .

…She’s really engaged?!

It should be her fiancé speaking with her now, shouldn’t it?

How’s it possible?

I thought…

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With the phone in hand, the woman gently coaxed her man, “Wait for me there, alright? I’ll head straight home once I’m done here . ”

“Okay! I’ll wait for your return no matter how late you come home . ”

“Alright!” Her lips hooked up into a sweet smile as she proceeded to end the call . When she moved to return to her seat before the dressing mirror, she found her co-actor in a strangely quiet mood .

He had his head bowed, so his eyes were buried in the shadows of his fringe, making it unclear what exactly he was feeling . His shoulder blades seemed to be strangely stiff, though .

She was stumped for a second before she asked out of concern, “What’s wrong?”

He’s in such a perky mood earlier, so why is he being so listless now?

What a freak!

The actress uttered her rebuke inwardly, but the moment she settled down before the dressing mirror, the man shot right to his feet and left the dressing room without a word .

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As she stared blankly at his departing figure, she muttered under her breath, “Weirdo!”

It was ten o’clock in the evening when the production team carried out the night shoot . Night had already fallen, and the weather was at its coldest during this period .

The north’s sub-zero degree temperature at night was a little too harsh for Yun Shishi to endure .

Wrapped up in an oversized military jacket, the exhausted woman dozed off several times while waiting for her turn on set . Her head even drooped down once .

Her co-actor was seated beside her, though he remained bizarrely quiet .

Throughout, Mu Xi was working nonstop . The busy assistant would be pouring hot tea for her charge one moment and then asking the log-keeper when it would be the actress’ turn to shoot next .

How frustrating!

Why isn’t the shoot starting?

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