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Published at 8th of July 2020 02:30:27 PM
Chapter 1584

“How do you even teach your child? Not only does he pick up the behavior of those hooligans—fighting and causing trouble, he is also extremely rude to his elders . He has no manners at all! It’s the parents’ fault when a child isn’t taught well . I really don’t understand how you teach him at all!”

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 Her crude words caused Ms . Yuan to furrow her brows, but she maintained her silence and did not interrupt her ranting to avoid getting herself into trouble .

 Suddenly, Youyou let out a cold snort and asked, “Auntie, have you studied before?”

 “What do you mean?”

 In an extremely icy tone, he pressed on . “I just wanna ask if you know the meaning of the phrase ‘living under a well’?”

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 Lin Feng’s mother flew into a rage .

 “Seeing your expression, it seems that you don’t know what it means? Ah, you are truly uncultured!” The boy smiled .

 “You…” She turned to face his father . “Why aren’t you disciplining him?!”

 The man pretended not to hear what she had said as he pinched his son’s cheek gently .

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 “Son, be good; don’t spout the truth . ”


 The lad was thoroughly amused . He said with a look of disdain, “Daddy, our teacher taught us that good children shouldn’t lie!”

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 He paused for a moment before continuing . “Auntie, it’s your precious son who hit me first! As the saying goes, ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want them to do unto you . ’ You criticized for being violent and for fighting, but did you consider that it’s your precious son who started it first? Even if you said that it’s school violence, it wasn’t caused by me still! What I did is legitimate self-defense in the eyes of the law! Do you understand? I heard that my classmate’s father is a judge . You can’t be unfamiliar with the law, I presume? You’re not present then, yet how can your words decide what’s right and wrong? You don’t have a say on whether I am disciplined or not . Perhaps you should be more aware of your position before speaking so that you can avoid making a fool of yourself!”

 “This is… utterly disgraceful!” The woman’s temper was ready to hit the roof .

 The father and son were really trying to make things difficult for them!

 “I’ve already given my advice earlier! Please don’t make things any more difficult! An arrogant son with an equally arrogant father—are you not afraid to suffer when you walk out into society?”

 She kept criticizing the man as she prattled on like a fishwife shouting abuse on the street . “I’m giving you an ultimatum! Are you going to apologize or not? Either way, it’s useless . I want you to bring your kid along and compensate us at our door personally . If not, I will never let this matter rest!”


 The man let out a sneer, his lips curving into an icy, impatient arc . “Are you threatening me with your words?”

 The woman smirked coldly . She was someone who could not read others’ expressions; thus, she could not fish out the terrifying red flags hidden behind his gaze . Thinking that the man was cowed by her threat, she pretended to be gracious as she raised her head in nonchalance . “If your attitude was polite to begin with, everything would be easy to discuss! I can tell that you are young, though—about 25, perhaps? Looking at how you are dressed, in your suit and all, I believe you won’t be as insensible as your child . ”