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Chapter 1583

The door was pushed open amid the father and son’s conversation .

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 However, this time, the principal was leading Lin Feng and his mother into the room, with Ms . Yuan trailing behind them . He and his father raised their heads, only to see his classmate’s mother glaring at them like a tiger watching its prey . It was obvious that she would not be friendly with them!

 It seemed that she and the principal had reached an agreement and were now on the same side!

 As the woman walked in, her attitude now was more ostentatious than before . The provocation was evident in her eyes!

 Just as she sat down, she showed off her strength by announcing arrogantly, “I called my husband . He’ll be here shortly!”

 Her demeanor was as if they would do something to them once her husband arrived .

 The hidden implication was that she wanted them to wait .

 Mu Yazhe did not make a sound, while his son had a look of revulsion .

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 This was a classic method of one attempting to use their privilege to pressure others!

 The principal exchanged conventional greetings and consoled her before speaking to the man, “Mr . Mu, is it convenient for me to speak with you for a brief moment?”

 From his talk to this madam earlier, the principal gleaned that she would not let this matter rest until she got a proper explanation .

 He agreed to have Youyou’s parent provide an explanation about the issue and offer a compensation as an apology .

 Therefore, as an open gambit to save her face, he spoke on the woman’s behalf .

 The man’s reply was cool, though . “Not convenient . ”

 The principal was stumped .

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 “What do you mean?”

 “Didn’t you ask if it’s convenient to speak with me? My answer is that it’s not,” responded the man icily .

 His arrogant response left the school head utterly speechless .

 Naturally, he did not know who this man was .

 He was just an appointed principal of this school . With his status, he would not a chance to meet Mu Yazhe, let alone be in close contact with him .

 Seeing that this father was young, he thought of using his seniority to pressure him a little .

 What he did not expect was that he would be stomped right from the start .

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 “Sir, you sound rather unreasonable,” he remarked .

 “Reason is just a bunch of words . ” The man sneered .

 The principal and Lin Feng’s mother were left feeling extremely uncomfortable .

 On the other hand, Youyou could not repress his smile . He finally understood whom he had inherited his poisonous tongue!

 It looked as if he had inherited it from his dear daddy!

 He never knew that his old pop’s vicious tongue could be so terrifying .

 The opposing woman said unceremoniously, “I will advise you to speak with a clean mouth, or this mess will only get uglier once my husband arrives, which can put you in a bad spot!”

 Her pompous words, coupled with her aloof demeanor, were full of threat .

 The boy laughed .

 He raised his head and sniggered . “Daddy, this old auntie said that you will be put in a bad spot . Amazing!”

 Even though it was a snigger, the ridicule on his face was unconcealable . As his volume had not been soft, the people around them could catch the derision in it distinctly .

 The woman was utterly furious from this humiliation!

 She had lived for so long, yet she was mocked by a seven-year-old boy . She hooted at the man in irk . “Yo, look at your son . Can you teach him some manners? How could he say something so shameful at such a tender age?”

 She righteously reprimanded him, as if she harbored the best ethics!