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Chapter 1577

With someone of Lin Feng’s stature, Youyou was at an unfair disadvantage .

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 The kindergarten teacher back then was very familiar with the fact that the former could not be offended while the latter was an easier target for bullying!

 After all, who would have a good impression of a boy without a father?

 Everyone regarded the mother-son pair as inessential small roles .

 Who would be willing to offend someone they could not afford to anger over him?

 If even their neighbors then were already speaking maliciously and insultingly about his mother, what more of the self-interested teachers in the kindergarten?

 All because his classmate was no ordinary kid, the teachers dared not neglect him . As for that matter, they dealt with it as if it were a small issue .

 Youyou felt so wronged, yet he could say nothing to defend himself .

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 After he got hurt, he refused to mention it to his mother . When he reached home, he cleaned and dressed his wounds in secret .

 First, he was worried that his mother would be saddened if she saw that he got hurt .

 Second, he was afraid that she would call the school .

 His class bully’s family background was special . At that time, their family was as normal as it could be . They were no match against them .

 That was when the boy decided he needed to become stronger . He wanted his mommy to live a happy life in this world where the weak were prey to the strong .

 This was what he thought, and that was what he did .

 Now, putting aside his daddy, with his capability, he no longer needed to be wary of his class bully’s family background!

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 His teacher had good intentions and was merely afraid of the other boy’s parents pursuing this matter relentlessly; she tried every possible way to have her way in this matter in hopes of turning this matter into a small issue . She would be able to handle it better this way, yet it seemed that they were caught in a snag with Mu Yazhe .

 She pursed her lips in indignation, her expression rather unpleasant .

 “How did he insult you and your mommy?” His father kept asking him questions .

 He pondered on it for a moment before finally telling everything .

 Apparently, his classmate’s mother had seen his mother back when they were still in kindergarten . The two parents had a conflict in the middle of a meet-the-parents’ session after the bully called him ‘a vile spawn without a father’ in front of Yun Shishi .

 When the bully made such a snide remark, his improper upbringing became apparent .

 What did kids know?

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 The only reason Lin Feng could make such an excessive remark was he was taught that way by his parents .

 The boy’s mother knew that Youyou came from a single-parent household . He had a mommy but no daddy . Therefore, when they were home, whenever he mentioned the boy, his mother would always say, “Don’t fuss over that fatherless b*st*rd . A child from a single-parent family usually has a sick mentality . ”

 He remembered her words by heart, and his impression of his classmate was influenced by it, believing that his peer had no father who cared for him .

 “Hmph! At least, we’re better than that old hag you call your mom!” countered Youyou .

 He said these words in front of Lin Feng’s mother on purpose .

 When the middle-aged woman heard it, she slapped him in front of everyone .

 How could his mommy stand seeing her precious baby be wronged that way? Therefore, she returned the slap to his classmate’s mother at once .

 The two then fought until their necks were red and rough in front of a crowd of parents .

 That was the first time Yun Shishi had lost control of her emotions to the point of shaking all over .

 In the end, the principal rushed over and ceased the chaos . The issue was resolved in that way .

 The reason for this present mess was that his classmate had come looking for trouble with him again during this afternoon’s meet-the-parents’ session .