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Published at 5th of July 2020 10:25:10 PM
Chapter 1576

Mu Yazhe was calm when he spoke and lifted his cool gaze, thereafter . “Was this what you meant?”

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 As he asked that, Ms . Yuan’s face flushed . She felt ashamed and was suddenly in a spot .

 “Youyou’s dad, you should know that I don’t have bad intentions, but… Isn’t this for your sake? If we’ve reached a point where Lin Feng’s mom called over her husband, things may no longer be within our control . ”

 His son looked at the teacher with a face devoid of emotions .

 He thought that this teacher was an upright person .

 It seemed that he had misjudged her .

 He would never apologize .

 Even if he must apologize and admit his mistake, his classmate should apologize to him first as he was also in the wrong!

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 This was a standard guiding principle!

 The man did not believe even for a minute that this teacher was truly this thoughtful about his son’s wellbeing .

 Her morals were not right!

 Did she think that, by saying such things, she was giving the children the best form of education?

 Indeed, people should admit it if they did something wrong, but it should not be done for the sake bowing to anyone’s wealth or for fear of offending a powerful figure!

 There was no logic in that!

 Therefore, he narrowed his eyes and spat coldly, “Kids are young . They attend school to study . I hope that the education he is receiving is centered on how to be an upright and principled member of society . What you have just said is truly disappointing . ”

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 “Sir, please don’t misunderstand! I truly adore your son and am thinking about his welfare . That’s the only reason I said that—”

 “Your consideration isn’t necessary!” The man cut her off mid-speech .


 A dim and dejected expression was seen on the woman’s face .

 “Teacher, I didn’t do anything wrong . Why should I apologize? That classmate of mine started it . I merely defended myself . The wound on his forehead wasn’t caused by me, so why should I bow down in apology?” asked the boy as well .

 “Youyou!” She was getting a little exasperated . “Why would your classmate hit you for no reason? I heard from the others in your class that you had said something provocative, which caused him to lose his cool and hit you! You shouldn’t have incited him!”

 “I did no such thing,” denied the lad with a straight face, his expression pure and benevolent .

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 All he did was jeer at his classmate, and the latter made the first move out of sheer humiliation .

 His father, meanwhile, focused on the main point . “Why did you two get into a conflict?”

 He pursed his lips and refused to say another word .

 “You two couldn’t have fought for no reason . ” The man patiently held his shoulders questioningly . “Tell daddy, alright? Exactly what was the reason?”

 “Alright! I’ll tell you!” His son let out a helpless sigh . “It’s because he insulted me and mommy . ”

 It turned out that this boy had spoken out of spite because his classmate had spoken rudely about him and his mother first .

 Both had always been in the same class since kindergarten .

 Even before, the two boys had never seen eye to eye .

 The other children in class loved to stick to Youyou, playing and talking to him the whole day .

 No one was willing to play with Lin Feng, though .

 The latter was used to being showered with love at home, so he had an arrogant streak a mile wide . He was also brawny; thus, many children kept a respectful distance to him .

 This was not the first time both boys had gotten into a fight . In the past, when they were in kindergarten, the two were involved in an incident as well . Just that, at that time, one was no match against the other lad, so he was pressed down by him and made into a punching bag .