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Published at 4th of July 2020 10:45:07 PM
Chapter 1575: 1575
Chapter 1575: Bullying Others with Power (2)

While Youyou calmly sat on his father’s knees, the latter merely watched the entire farce with a cold and indifferent expression .

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The teacher moved to sit beside the man and poured a cup of tea before proceeding to conduct her counselling .

“This is your first time visiting the school, right? Why didn’t you and your wife turn up at the start of school?”

“I apologize for the negligence; we were busy then . ”

He squinted as he gave a succinct reply .

Her heart fluttered at his voice .

This man’s voice was simply music to the ears!

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If not for the fact that he was already taken, she would likely be unable to resist falling for him .

The boy could not help twitching his lips when he noticed the adoration and shyness in his teacher’s eyes .


What’s going on?

“Since you’re here now, how about you register your information for the school to keep?”

She picked up the registration form and handed it to him . The school would make a compilation of the contact details of their students’ parents . As this particular boy’s parents did not register their information, the school admin kept urging him to have them come by .

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Li Hanlin, in fact, visited here at the start of the school year, but because the information would not match, he left this registration form blank .

Holding the pen in hand, Mu Yazhe scrawled at the information column and signed his name at the end .

The teacher was taken aback when she took a gander at it .

“Your surname is Mu?”

“Yes . ”

Feeling surprised, she asked, “Oh, so Youyou doesn’t share your surname?”

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“Does it matter?” He raised his eyes and retorted in an indifferent manner, rendering the teacher speechless .

She exclaimed, “Of course not!”

“His mother is busy, so you can just contact me if anything happens in the future . ”


She paused and then hesitantly probed, “How do you intend to settle this matter?”

“I’ll deal with it the way it should be dealt with . ”

The teacher hesitated for a bit before leaning slightly forward and saying softly, “There’s something I must let you know first, Mr . Mu; Lin Feng’s parents are no simple folks! I really like your son, so it’s really regrettable that such a matter happened to him, but since it has already happened, shouldn’t we think of a solution to it? You must be clear that there’s no absolute fairness and justice in this world . Youyou shouldn’t have offended his classmate’s mother at all! She’s the most problematic parent in this class and she spoils her son rotten! Because of her lofty background, we can’t do anything to her even when she’s the one being unreasonable! That’s why I advise that you give in to her for a bit! They’re rich and powerful; her husband, who’s a judge from the Government Affairs Hall, isn’t someone we can offend! Your son is also in the wrong, so let’s just have him eat the humble pie and admit his mistake—apologize to his classmate and pay for his medical bills; this matter will be resolved with that! Why don’t we just do that? For the sake of the child, we don’t wish to blow this out of proportions! Sigh…”

The man, however, pursed his lips in distaste . “Should a teacher be saying this in front of a child?”


“What you’re teaching the child now is that it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong but that whoever has a stronger background needs not apologize even when the person is in the wrong . ”