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Published at 4th of July 2020 10:45:18 PM
Chapter 1573

His mother had inculcated in him, from a very early age, that one must not tell lies and that one must take responsibility for the things he had done!

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 He had always abided by her teachings and had never once forgotten them .

 His father then asked, “Who started the fight?”

 “Him . ” He pointed a finger to Lin Feng with a pout .

 “Did he hit you first?”


 “Then, you retaliated?”

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 He frankly admitted, “Yes . When he hit me with that pencil box, I retaliated as I got hurt . ”

 “You hurt him as a result . ”

 The man’s eyes deepened . The boy, however, stuck out his tongue and nodded, not forgetting to defend himself . “Daddy, it’s called self-defense . ”

 Mu Yazhe’s head inclined upward, only to see the other parent denying it promptly . “My kid didn’t start the fight! It’s clearly started by your son! Not only did your boy not admit to his wrongdoing, he even dared push the blame on mine!”

 She then caressed her son’s cheek, feeling heartache for him . Blood still seeped through despite the plaster on his forehead . It was quite a terrible sight .

 “My baby has never suffered such a grievance before! I don’t even know if this wound will heal properly or if it will leave a scar! It’s on the face as well!”

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 The form teacher said neutrally, “Madam Lin, his forehead wound isn’t serious and will probably recover in a few days . Since it’s quite shallow, I don’t think it’ll leave any scar behind, too! Let’s not make things too awkward for everyone here and just settle this in a peaceful manner, alright?”

 “Settle peacefully?!” The woman frowned right away . “Talk is cheap, indeed! You want to settle this peacefully? Just because the wound is shallow, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it? Is this matter going to be brushed aside just like that?! Fine! In that case, get his son to come over and let my boy beat him up! Only then will I let this matter be dropped!”

 The teacher’s face stiffened . This mother had gone overboard!

 How could she say such words?!

 The other boy was merely a child, yet she would not even let a child off!

 “Beat my son up?” The man scoffed at what he heard . “I want to see just who dares to touch even a strand of my son’s hair!”

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 His words were neither harsh nor loud, and a dignified smile even hung on his face, yet it was enough to frighten the others in the room .

 “Never mind the child not knowing manners, but does the parent also not know it?” His son voiced his thoughts . “Daddy, don’t stoop to their level!”


 “Everyone else in class bore witness to this matter! What’s there to quibble about when it’s clear who started it? When Lin Feng started hitting me, I didn’t bother with it at first, but he got out of hand, and that’s why I retaliated! Hah! In the end, he lost the fight that he started himself . What a sore loser!”

 His words shocked the teacher immensely . She hastily stopped him from speaking further . “That’s enough!”

 She had always known that Yun Tianyou’s maturity was beyond that of his peers . He had a sense of responsibility and was a humorous child . Although he was not the oldest kid in class, the other children treated him as a big brother .

 Hence, she was truly fond of him .

 It was just that his classmate’s mother was a difficult person to deal with .

 From her understanding of the woman, this extremely mean woman was hard to please and often spoke unkindly .

 She was not easy to get along with because she thought highly of herself . Not only did she come from a wealthy family, her husband was rather affluent, too .