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Published at 3rd of July 2020 10:30:09 PM
Chapter 1572: 1572

Children were naïve and immature to the lad . As such, he would always behave maturely around them and be magnanimous to them .

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 That did not mean that he would fail to ask about it, though .

 Therefore, the man asked, “What happened, son? Tell me about it . ”

 Before the boy could open his mouth, the woman started ranting . “What else could it be? You’re his father, aren’t you? Your son hurt my boy! How will you give me an explanation for this?!”

 Feeling displeased, Mu Yazhe cocked a brow and shot a bone-chilling look at her . “It’s rude to interrupt when someone is speaking, is it not?”

 The disgruntled woman retorted, “Aren’t you asking what exactly happened? Here I am telling it to you!”

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 “It’s my son that I’m asking, not you . ” He then gave her a bland look . His eyes, though, were as cold and sharp as icy blades . “So don’t interrupt us . ”

 “You!” Her eyes widened in fury and disbelief as she looked back at him . She then growled at the form teacher . “Look! Take a good look at him! This person is so impolite!”

 The teacher thought, Just who is the impolite one here?! From the time the boy’s father stepped into the lounge, he’s been nothing but composed and elegant . You, on the other hand, are truly rude .

 With so many people around, these words, of course, could only be kept inside her .

 She could only swallow down her anger as she mediated between the two parties . “Lin Feng’s mom, please calm down for a bit! We haven’t heard anything from Youyou at all! Why don’t we give him a chance to explain his side? Everyone is here; we should at least give the boy some respect! He has the right to speak, too!”

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 The woman pursed her red lips in disdain, muttering, “Why should he deserve any respect when he’s in the wrong?”

 Her muttering, unfortunately, reached the man’s ears .

 He turned around sharply and fixed his cold and piercing gaze on her at once . As she shuddered at the prickling chill, she took a glance at the man, only to be cowed by his icy look, not daring to create havoc for a brief moment .

 The form teacher patiently asked, “Youyou, please tell us what happened . ”

 “Nothing much! We had a fight, and because he’s stupid, he couldn’t win against me . ”

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 “My son would never hit anyone!”

 The mother jumped to her son’s defense at once and viciously pointed her finger to the other boy in accusation . “Ms . Yuan, my son has always been well-behaved, and he gets along well with the other children in his class! Just look at that boy; he’s starting to tell lies at such a young age!”

 As if on cue, the kid in her arms wailed and broke down into tears right then . Their acting skills were such perfection .

 The other kid arched a brow at that but did not bother to explain himself . A wicked smirk merely outlined his lips . That evil arch of his mouth bore much resemblance to that of his father’s!

 “Never hit anyone?” sarcastically retorted the boy after a brief pause . “If he didn’t hit me, then it must be a dog that bit me; where would my wounds come from otherwise?”


 His teacher immediately stopped him . “Boy, stop your nonsense . ”

 “Oh . ” With a shrug, he obediently kept mum .

 It was not his intention to stoop to the same level as that childish boy in the first place .

 He already admitted his wrongdoing, anyway .

 Whether his classmate admitted his mistake or not was his business . It was none of his concern .