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Published at 3rd of July 2020 10:30:15 PM
Chapter 1571

This man, with his overwhelming presence, made her even more nervous than when the provincial ministry of education’s head conducted a surprise inspection on their school .

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 He was obviously a strapping, young man, yet his aura was already kingly .

 Even the yapping mother could not help toning down her arrogance a little with pursed lips .

 The man’s presence was just overwhelming that everyone else subconsciously bowed down to his presence . No one dared to make a peep before him .

 The man carefully examined the boy in his arms . Seeing no visible wound on his face and body, he tugged on his collar . There, he found a slight bruise, neither serious nor light, on the boy’s collarbone .

 It seemed to have been hit by something .

 That was, of course, not caused by a fist but, rather, something hard .

 Such a wound would only appear slightly reddish and not obvious at first .

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 After some time, however, a bruise would form and appear on the skin .

 There were no obvious wounds besides that .

 The other child appeared to have sustained injuries more serious than his child, in fact . The boy, in his mother’s arms, glared at his son with eyes full of grievances and hatred . He could easily tell that the two lads had engaged in an unfriendly bout, in which his boy obviously emerged victorious!

 In the past, due to his frail body, his son would often be on the losing end when he fought with his peers, but with him following his older brother lately, he picked up some self-defense skills . What his sibling taught him was just the basics, but to other kids his age, those were enough to terrify them .

 The boy could not help entering a trance under his father’s careful examination .

 An unfamiliar warmth surged from the depths of his heart .

 He did not expect his father to show up in his school .

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 When the discipline master took his parents’ contact number from him to have the man come over and settle this matter, his first action was to give Li Hanlin’s .

 Alas, the agent’s cover was blown as soon as the call connected .

 Furious, the discipline master then demanded for the right number from him .

 He did not give his mother’s after much deliberation .

 She was probably busy filming now . Besides, with her being a public figure, she could not appear just anywhere .

 How about daddy?

 He’s probably very busy, isn’t he?

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 Would he show up?

 Would daddy rush over to resolve this matter knowing that I got myself into trouble?

 Actually, this matter could be entirely settled by his agent, but somehow, he ended up giving his father’s number to his teacher .

 The man, surprisingly, turned up half an hour later .

 He must have headed straight here upon receiving the call .

 Touched by this act, the boy could not help snuggling in his father’s embrace .

 This was the first time in his life he had felt such strong dependency toward someone!

 He thought to himself, It feels unexpectedly good to have someone to lean on and rely on!

 The man finally calmed down after he finished checking his son for any injuries . Knowing that his boy was unharmed was good enough for him .

 He was not exactly concerned about how the matter started!

 All he knew was that he should trust his son!

 From his understanding of the boy’s character, it was impossible for the latter to get into a conflict with those his age .

 Children were naïve and immature to the lad . As such, he would always behave maturely around them and be magnanimous to them .