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Chapter 1570: 1570

Based on what that woman had said, the kid likely got into a fight with a classmate . Therefore, during the call earlier, the teacher had him head down to school ahead of time to settle this matter .

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 Why would his boy get into trouble for no reason?

 The boy was an introvert and never liked to get into conflict with others . Why would he suddenly hurt his peer out of the blue?

 As he thought about this, the man knocked on the door .

 “Please come in!”

 The man pushed open the door and walked in, only to see the admin department filled to the brim with people .

 Among the group was a middle-aged woman hugging a boy, who had a plaster on his forehead . The kid’s eyes were swollen and red as if he had just cried . He was nestled in the woman’s embrace with a face full of indignance .

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 His son was sitting next to a teacher in a white blouse with a name tag on her neck . Compared to the hard-pressed look of the teacher, the lad seemed calm and composed—indifferent even in the face of this situation .

 From the start, he had remained quiet and acted as if nothing was wrong . Amid this farce, he refused to speak a word . No matter how the middle-aged woman swore as she talked in front of all the teachers in the office, he was completely unconcerned, or perhaps he felt that communicating with someone as unrefined as the woman would be pointless .

 If he opened his mouth, this woman might just explode in anger .

 He sat there idly despite the difficult situation he was placed in .

 On his well-ironed school uniform was a few dark shoe prints, messy traces of someone who had been in a fight .

 Just as his father stepped into the room, the crowd’s curious glances fell onto him .

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 When he walked in and stood by the door, his intimidating height of 1 . 88 meters made this big office suddenly seem so small .

 His extraordinary aura extended to almost every corner of the room .

 Men or women, they were all distracted for a moment by the sight of him .

 Before the man entered the room, Lin Feng’s mom bore many different imaginations on how Youyou’s parent would look like, but she had never thought that he would be so young and shockingly gorgeous!

 So young!

 So handsome!

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 If not for his face, which was almost an eighty-percent match of his son’s, she would be unable to believe that this twenty-something man could be the boy’s father .

 “Are you… Yun Tianyou’s dad?”

 She sized him up casually .

 The man did not even spare her a glance . It was as if he had not heard her speak at all . He walked over to his son’s side and stooped in front of him to meet his eyes .

 The boy looked back at him . There was finally a change in his initially indifferent expression; now, there was a helpless and guilty look on it .

 “Daddy, you came?”

 His father made a noise of acknowledgment before examining him . “Are you hurt?”

 His mellow and rich voice was like vintage wine, which had been stored for many years . Just listening to him speak was enough to make one swoon .

 The boy shook his head as his lips curved into a smile . “Nope!”

 “Hmph! Of course, he isn’t! The one who got hurt is my son!”

 Madam Lin interrupted them with a snide remark .

 Alas, the man continued to ignore her as he brought his son in his embrace and sat down beside the teacher .

 At a loss on what to do, the form teacher stood up .

 “Are you Youyou’s father? Nice to meet you!”