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Published at 3rd of July 2020 09:55:14 AM
Chapter 1569

“If there is, you can leave it for me to handle!” said Min Yu eagerly .

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 The man merely glanced at his subordinate coldly . “You want to attend my son’s parent’s call-up in my stead?”

 “… I wouldn’t dare to,” responded his secretary at once .

 He let out a cold snort . “What are you waiting for, then? Postpone my meeting right now . ”

 The assistant dashed off to do his bidding at once .


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 So it’s little master’s parent’s call-up to school?

 He mistakenly thought that Little Yichen had caused trouble in school again!

 Truth be told, when there were parent call-ups or meet-the-parents’ sessions at the older boy’s school, his father would not attend them normally .

 The latter was always absent from his older son’s meet-the-parents’ sessions .

 Therefore, in some ways, one could say that the younger boy’s meet-the-parents’ session was a first for the man in this life!

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 When the man arrived at school, the doors were shut tightly . It was currently the fourth period .

 He parked the car in the parking lot and entered the school . As he rushed to the admin office, he could hear the clamor inside just by standing near the door .

 Amid the noise, one middle-aged lady’s voice was ear-piercingly sharp .

 “Where is Yun Tianyou’s parent?! Is he still not here? Didn’t he say that he’ll be here soon? This kid’s parent has no sense of responsibility at all! His kid has been bullying his fellow students in school, messing things up, yet as a parent, he still isn’t present to settle the matter . So infuriating!”

 A gentle voice attempting to pacify her could be heard . “Madam Lin, please calm down!”

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 “Mr . Wu, how can you ask me to calm down? How can I be cool about this? If your kid was beaten up like this, would you still be so level-headed? Look at my son’s forehead; it’s all bruised and bleeding! We don’t even know if it will leave a scar! Isn’t this too much? He’s only seven, yet he’s already being a school tyrant . If he is acting like this now, how will he be in the future? Yun Tianyou looks refined and polite, yet he is actually capable of such deeds! When he grows up, I bet he’ll become one of the dregs of society!”

 That teacher’s voice was laced with a slight authority in response . “You’re going overboard with your words! We can’t base the happenings of the entire situation just on Lin Feng’s words alone! We haven’t heard Youyou’s side yet . When his parent arrives, we can listen to his explanation of what occurred then!”

 However, the woman refused to listen to whatever the teacher had to say as she continued speaking unreasonably . “What’s there to explain? Hitting someone is wrong no matter what angle one looks at! I won’t argue with children as they are still young and not sensible enough, but once his parent is here, I want him to give me a proper explanation! If not, I’ll never let this matter rest!”

 Just as she finished her words, a resounding smack on the desk in the office could be heard . It was imposing and filled with anger .

 “Madam Lin, please be quiet . Others are still having lessons . Please don’t affect the kids in other sections! We’ll help you handle this matter fair and square!”

 “Hah! I’m glad that you all are aware of that! A school is a place for education . Please don’t have a bunch of rotten apples creating such a foul atmosphere here! My child came to this school to study—not to be bullied without reason!”

 Mu Yazhe stood outside the door . After listening for a while, he roughly gathered his thoughts .

 It seemed that his son had caused some trouble in school .