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Published at 3rd of July 2020 09:55:18 AM
Chapter 1568

From the info provided by the production team to Min Yu, the woman was having dance lessons, and most of her days were spent in the training room .

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 How busy she was, indeed!

 He sighed inwardly as a wry laughter escaped his mouth . His mood plummeted a little .

 He indignantly felt the need to neglect that woman who had no sense of priority so that she could have a taste of how it felt to be neglected!

 The meet-the-parents’ session was set to start at 2 PM .

 Calculating the time he had before then, he arranged all his works for the day to be settled before noon .

 For meetings, those that could be brought forward would be pushed to an earlier slot, whereas those that could not would be moved to the following day .

 With his son’s words in mind, he summoned his assistant to find him a car which was less flashy .

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 His subordinate furrowed his brows in bafflement . “Boss, I don’t get what you mean . What do you intend to do?”

 He shot him a look . “I’m asking you to get me something lowkey . ”


 “Something like the Volkswagen Phaeton . ”

 Volkswagen Phaeton…

 Such an understated car?!

 The assistant probed him . “Boss, why are you changing car?”

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 He answered, “I want to keep a low profile . ”

 Min Yu’s jaw went slack in astonishment at his reply, though he went ahead and acted according to his boss’ order without further ado .

 At the end of a morning meeting, the man returned to his office and realized that he had received two missed calls . He picked up the phone from his desk, swiped the screen, and realized that both calls belonged to the same unfamiliar number .

 He returned the call as he sat before his desk .

 A gentle and polite voice belonging to a woman came through when the call connected . “May I ask if you are Youyou’s father?”

 He tensed for a bit and questioned back at once, “And you are?”

 The woman politely replied, “My surname is Yuan, and I’m the boy’s form teacher . I’m sorry to disturb you, but may I ask if it’s convenient for you to make a trip to the school now?”

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 He took a gander at his watch with a frown .

 It was only past 10 AM at the moment .

 He could not help but be skeptical . “Isn’t the meet-the-parents’ session scheduled at 2 PM?”

 “This has nothing to do with the session! Erm… Is it convenient for you to come over now? Something happened to your son, so I need you to come over to settle it!”

 The teacher was being very polite .

 She could feel the man’s oppressive aura through the phone so she did not dare speak out, lest she incur the man’s anger .

 He looked at the time again . Since his son’s teacher called regarding an urgent matter for him to settle, he naturally could not put it aside .

 Even though he still had an upcoming video conference right after this, it had to be postponed!

 He answered in the affirmative . “Alright . I’ll make my way there now . ”

 “That’s great! I’ll be waiting for you at the teacher’s lounge, then . ”

 He ended the call, then stood up to pick up his coat from the clothes stand, and put it on . He bumped right into his assistant when he opened the door . The latter was holding several documents and proposals, which had been sorted out for the meeting that would be starting in a while .

 He was surprised to see his superior all dressed up . “Boss, aren’t you feeling hot in such thick clothes? The heater has been switched on in the conference room . ”

 The man swiftly said, “I’m leaving . Postpone the meeting; we’ll proceed with it once I get back!”

 “This… The directors are already waiting for you in the conference room! Do you have an emergency?”