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Published at 3rd of July 2020 09:55:25 AM
Chapter 1566

She returned the call after a moment of deliberation .

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 It took a while before the call connected .

 Mu Yazhe’s sullen voice came through from the other end . “Why weren’t you answering the phone?”

 “…My phone’s battery got drained…”

 “Do you know how worried I was when I couldn’t reach you?!”

 He nearly resorted to using the GPS tracker to locate her .

 In the end, her phone had merely run out of battery .

 It was just a false alarm!

 It looked as if he had worried a lot for nothing!

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 He parked his car at the roadside, his heart finally settling as he gripped the phone tightly .

 “I’m sorry for making you worry… I didn’t know that it’s drained!” weakly reasoned the woman . Her caution- and remorse-filled voice sounded just like that of an erring child .

 He kept mum for a moment, unwilling to vent his anger on her and finally said, “It’s alright! I was just worried that you got yourself into some trouble . ”

 “Mm . In that case, I shall go to sleep now since I’m feeling tired!”

 She was truly exhausted and, as such, was in a rush to head to bed .

 Her words silenced him right away .

 “Alright! Go rest, then . ”

 With that, he hung up on her before she could reply .

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 After muttering ‘good night’ into her phone, she put down the phone and, with heavy footsteps, dragged herself to her bed where she collapsed on top of .

 Right after pulling the blanket over herself and as soon as her head hit the pillow, she dozed off .

 On another end, Mu Yazhe sat in his car sulking for a long while before he finally stepped on the accelerator and drove back to Xiangti Walk .

 Yun Shishi was again overwhelmed by work over the next few days .

 Although the life of a celeb was glamorous on the surface, it was all blood, sweat, and tears underneath!

 She got the rare chance to sleep until noon the next day before she got up to prepare her makeup for the day .

 She did not actually have the habit of doing so, but now that she was in the production team, with members of the media occasionally dropping by, her manager ordered her to put on makeup regularly before leaving her room, or else she was not to take a step out .

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 The moment she finished her lunch, she was dragged by Qin Zhou to have her measurements taken for the custom-made clothes .

 As her costumes required more work, even when working at top speed, at least a fortnight was needed to complete them .

 A dance lesson was scheduled after the taking of measurements .

 There were a few dance scenes in the movie .

 While she could dance quite well, her foundation still needed working on; therefore, the production team invited a dance expert to give her and Lin Zhi dance lessons .

 She was too busy to even breath for the next few days .

 Whenever she returned to the hotel, she would just take a shower fast and then dropped into bed to rest for the night .

 The situation was so bad that she only remembered to reply to Youyou’s message when she woke up the next morning .

 That day, Mu Yazhe woke up to find the boy lying beside him in the bed, smiling brightly with fawning eyes .

 “Daddy, you’re awake!”

 He eagerly blinked at him in greeting, those fluttering dark, lashes of his looking especially pretty .

 The boy’s unusual behavior surprised his father .

 “Did you have a good sleep last night?” asked the lad in concern as he continued buttering him up .

 The latter looked him in the eyes and lightly spoke in his clear and husky voice . “One who is unaccountably solicitous is—”

 “What are you saying?! I’m neither a traitor nor a thief, but I do have something I want to talk with you about!”

 As the man returned late from an international conference the night before, the boy did not have a chance to talk to him about this matter . Hence, he got up before dawn and ran to his father’s bedroom to ambush him, lest he leave early for work .