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Published at 3rd of July 2020 09:55:32 AM
Chapter 1564

He chased after the car for a while before his older twin took his hand and pulled him back home .

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 Their father did not return home straight away after leaving his office as the man was sulking .

 Instead, he went to a café and ordered himself a cup of coffee . He left the place without drinking even a sip when it was served to him, though .

 When he reached home, he turned on the lights, only to be greeted by a silent yet lifeless living room .

 A touch of despondency and gloom flashed across his deep-set eyes as he leaned against the front door . He walked over to take a seat on the sofa, letting his body sink down it .

 She was not home, and the two boys were likely already asleep .

 The family seemed to be incomplete with her absence .

 Time slowly ticked by, but the man sat unmoving on the sofa .

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 He constantly swiped at his phone’s display screen . Be it a text message, a WeChat message, or even a phone call, no notification of such showed up .

 How could that woman just neglect him like this?!

 Was she angry that he hung up on her earlier?

 Hence, because of that, she did not want to be bothered with him? Was that it?

 In that case, why did she not think of the reason for him doing so?

 As soon as she returned to the country, she busied herself with work again, but what about him?

 Was she going to neglect him just like this?

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 His body sank deeper on the sofa . Upon further contemplation, he decided to give her a call .

 Alas, no one picked up even after the phone rang a long time .

 He phoned her again . This time, though, her phone had been switched off .

 Uneasiness set in him right then .

 Why was her phone turned off? Surely, she had not gotten herself in trouble?

 At the thought of that, he shot right up from the sofa, picked up his car key from the coffee table, and was prepared to head straight out .

 Before leaving, he went to the children’s room to check on them . Only after feeling assured that they were in deep sleep did he leave the house .

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 At a hotel in Hengdian World Studios, the production team had booked three whole floors for the main cast and staff’s accommodation .

 Several nanny vans, parked in front of the hotel entrance, greeted Yun Shishi’s sight as soon as she alighted from her car .

 Qin Zhou led his artist to her room with her luggage in his hand . A foul moldy smell from within assaulted his nostrils the moment he pushed open the door and switched on the lights .

 The room had a bedroom, a small study, and a bathroom for the artist to rest and review her script, and that was it .

 It was just that… he recalled making a request to the production team previously for a bigger room with two beds if possible .

 Mu Xi would be moving in the next day . His artist needed someone to take care of her during this long filming, after all .

 However, there was only a 1 . 5-meter bed in this room .

 The manager got furious right then .

 What’s going on?

 He summoned someone over from the production team through a phone call and then started making an irate rant at the doorway . “What’s this? Are they looking down on my artist just because she’s just debuted recently? Is this why they gave her such a tiny room? This place reeks of mold, too . Look at the bed; there’s a layer of dust on it! What the hell are they thinking?”

 She gently tugged at the enraged man’s sleeve .

 He put a firm grip on her shoulder, though . “Don’t stop me, Shishi! If I don’t make things clear now, you’ll surely get bullied by them when I’m too busy to come over in the future! They won’t keep this in mind if I don’t lash out at them now!”

 Hearing that, the actress found no reason to stop him again .

 Right then, a crew member rushed over, only to have the former glare at him and give him a good dressing down .

 “Our budget… is a little tight!” the person squeaked timidly, his face ashen .