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Published at 27th of June 2020 02:30:19 PM
Chapter 1546

She deliberately kept quiet as she crept behind them, silently watching their every move .

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 The boys were completely unaware of the person closing in on them from the back as they continued to tear open the parcels’ packaging .

 Previously, there was a ‘Singles’ Day’ sale1 on several shopping sites . Most merchandise was on sale and practically cost next to nothing .

 Before Youyou knew it, he had bought a whole cart of goods, worth tens of thousands .

 As their mother was now a popular figure, she rarely had the chance to bring them out for a walk .

 Hence, the two lads took advantage of the crazy sale online this whole afternoon to conduct a shopping spree .

 They, of course, paid for their purchases using their daddy’s credit card .

 Their father was naturally unaware of this matter .

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 In retrospect, that sum was mere peanuts to him .

 Due to the heaps of shipping orders from these sales, their parcels took a week longer than the usual shipping time to be delivered to the younger boy .

 He bought so much stuff that, since this morning, he and his brother had taken turns signing over eighty delivery receipts combined .

 There were a total of over eighty parcels!

 He did not realize that he had bought a lot .

 Having experienced a period of financial instability before, the young boy knew how to live a frugal life and only ordered worthwhile items .

 Just signing the delivery advice note alone was enough to tire the twins out .

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 That night, they sat in the living room and proceeded to open the parcels one after another .

 Several packages the younger boy opened contained clothes he had bought for himself and his brother . Except for the sizes, the outfits were of identical designs colors . They fit Yichen well when he tried his on .

 With this being his first shopping online, the kid was as chirpy as a little bird .

 In his notion, whatever he wanted, he could easily get from the Mu Group’s shopping malls . All he needed to do was pick up whatever item caught his fancy, and it would automatically be credited to the company .

 His younger sibling’s online shopping was, thus, an eye-opener to him .

 How interesting!

 Seeing his younger twin haggling over the prices with the shop owners had opened the door to a whole new world for him; everything was novelty and interesting to him!

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 Besides getting ridiculously good prices for his purchases, his brother could even get the shop owners to throw in a few freebies .

 He pitied the shop owners thusly . “You slashed too much of their goods’ prices! It isn’t easy for them to run a business . ”

 His twin rolled his eyes . “…”

 Their mother was amused by their antics as she watched them from behind .

 In the next second, however, her face stiffened and twitched for a bit .

 Her youngest boy virtuously lifted a bra and raised it up high . “Is this piece nice, bro?”

 Yun Shishi: “…”

 The older boy gaped at him . “The bra?”

 The younger one arched a brow . “Yes! I chose it for mommy! What do you think of its design?”

 1“It looks pretty good!”

 “Mommy hasn’t gone shopping for a while now . It’s time for her to get some new undergarments to replace her present ones, so I’ve chosen a few pieces for her!”

 As he spoke, she saw him picking another one up . “This piece looks good with its design, too! Mommy will definitely feel comfortably wearing this . ”

 “I don’t know much about this, though . ” The older lad was frank as he pouted in admission .

 “Hmph! Just what do you know?!”

 He picked up another bra, and this time, it was one with laces . “I’m afraid mommy may not like certain designs, so I bought plenty of undergarments, and all of them have different designs . This way, she can take her pick on what she wants to wear!”