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Published at 25th of June 2020 10:30:09 PM
Chapter 1542: 1542

Halfway through the conference, a reporter raised his hand and posed an extremely tricky question .

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 “A source said that Director Gu had initially chosen you for the female lead, but you wound up in the supporting role . Why is that so?”

 Yun Shishi went blank for a moment .

 Other than Hua Jin, everyone else, including Lin Zhi, was stumped .

 On the idol’s face, which was even more exquisite and gorgeous than a woman’s, was a look of a keen observer . As he propped his face on the back of his hand, he gazed meaningfully in her direction, secretly awaiting her response .

 The female lead stared expectantly in her direction, too, wondering how she would answer the question .

 It was an extremely tricky question .

 If it was not answered well, the newbie artist would offend both sides .

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 The artist mulled on the question for a while before smiling . “I was set to play the supporting role after a discussion with the director . As an actress, I definitely hope to play a challenging role! I’m really looking forward to conquering the given role, which I feel is very complex . Actually, that rumor about me originally being selected for the female lead is likely spread by people with ulterior motives!”

 Sitting next to her, the director and producer smiled satisfactorily at her answer . Lin Zhi, for her part, secretly snorted .

 At least, she didn’t let me down with that answer!

 It seems that she still has some propriety!

 The idol, however, shut his eyes in disappointment, his lips pressing into a grim line at the boring answer .

 He thought that there would be a show here, but the newbie actress was surprisingly well-behaved . How boring!

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 At the end of the press conference, the production team created a WeChat group and added all the cast in it .

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 The idol sent ten red packets as soon as he joined the group .

 [Wishing the filming a smooth start!]

 A series of [Thank you, Flower God!] appeared below his message .

 [Thanks, boss!]

 Flower God was his fans’ nickname for him .

 Given that this primetime king’s stage name was Hua1 Jin, his fans had taken to calling him the ‘Flower God’ . This moniker happened to coincide with his first period drama .

 At the end of the session, the newbie actress made a trip to the bathroom first and then bumped into the idol, who was standing at the doorway, on her way out of the conference room .

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 The man had the slim body and ethereal aura of a classical male beauty despite his height being at 1 . 82 meters .

 With her 1 . 65-meter height barely reaching his neck, she accidentally hit his collarbone .


 Startled, she retreated a step . Her face then stiffened when she saw who it was .

 The idol, meanwhile, smilingly sized her up .

 His glistening eyes, which were especially deep, were moving when he displayed his charming smile and could practically turn people mushy on the inside .

 Even though she was prepared to face him close-up, his beauty still left her breathless .

 How beautiful…

 The four ancient male beauties probably looked like him, too!

 He had neither Mu Yazhe’s extraordinary and kingly presence nor Gu Xingze’s aloof demeanor . Rather, what he had was the elegance and gentility of an ancient male beauty .

 On him was an androgynous aura .

 His face was akin to the mid-autumn moon, his hair cut by a knife, his brows drawn by ink, his eyes luminous, and his lips like the cherry blossom petals—soft and beautiful .

 His exquisite features were impeccable .