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Published at 24th of June 2020 11:05:12 PM
Chapter 1537

She estimated by touch that the money inside was at least five figures . That was such an enticing number!

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 She had been working in this hospital for three years . Her monthly wage, including her performance bonus, only amounted to three to four thousand yuan . Receiving such a hefty sum was akin to a meat pie falling from the sky to her hands . She could not bear to let it go .

 Man was always greedy for wealth .

 It was naturally easy to open one’s pathway with money .

 The caretaker was finally tempted . She took the money and led the way without another word .

 The lady left the inpatient department with the hospital staff . They walked past the eighteenth wind-path water bridge toward a remote small building .

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 The small building was an old structure at De An . Ten years ago, when the government allocated funds for the hospital’s renovation, this old inpatient department facility was abandoned .

 However, because the quality of it was still passable, the edifice was not torn down . After some renovation, it had been turned into a dormitory .

 The attendant led her to the third level before her footsteps stopped in front of one of the wards and warned seriously, “The patient’s condition is very unstable, and she is prone to displaying bouts of violent behavior, so please don’t venture further . Please stand there and maintain that distance as you have a look inside to avoid getting hurt!”

 Song Enya nodded . “I understand . ”

 “I will open the door now . Please take a few steps back . ”

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 She obediently retreated a few steps as she looked on nervously .

 The caretaker unlocked the steel bars before pushing open the door within . Thereafter, she locked the grills again .

 The rich missy unconsciously walked forward . Through the metal grills, she finally saw that woman’s back in the ward .

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 She sat with her knees up on the bed with her back facing the door . The woman’s body was shaking slightly as her hands clutched and tugged at her hair harshly .

 On the pure white bedsheet was a pile of hair, which had been pulled off her head, yet she seemed not to feel any pain and just kept pulling on her hair harshly as if ready to turn herself bald .

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 The woman in her memory used to have long, silky, black hair, which had a natural and beautiful luster .

 Now, Mu Wanrou’s beautiful hair, which barely reached her shoulder, was just like a bird’s nest—messy, dirty, and dull . It was as if she had not washed it for a very long time from how oily it was .

 It appeared to find her scalp extremely itchy as she scratched and pulled at it incessantly; some areas on her head were even showing bald patches .

 Song Enya furrowed her eyebrows in hatred . The moment the door was opened, she was hit in the face with the foul odor of someone who had not bathed for a long time . The sour smell was mixed with the scent of feces, and it was simply revolting .

 “When this patient is having her fits, she will soil herself, causing her clothes to be stained with her excrement . That’s why… there’s this foul odor in the room,” explained the caretaker .

 She had a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder, so the moment she smelled this disgusting odor, she could not help taking out a handkerchief to cover her nose and mouth .

 The attendant smiled awkwardly . “We haven’t had the time to clean her for today . She’s presently dirty all over . How about you come at another time?”

 “That’s not necessary!” She curbed in her discomfort forcefully . “Could you step aside for a minute? I’d like to have a private word with her . ”