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Published at 24th of June 2020 11:05:10 PM
Chapter 1538

The attendant hesitated for a bit before nodding . As she was about to leave, she warned her again, “Please don’t get too close to the door! You might get hurt by her, so be careful . ”

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 With that, the caretaker walked away .

 Song Enya stood by the door and observed the woman inside for a moment before calling her carefully, “Sister Wanrou?”

 As if she had heard her voice, the woman’s back stiffened as she proceeded to sit rigidly on the bed . She looked petrified, but no other reaction came from her .

 She furrowed her brows and was about to open her mouth again when the person turned her head around . A face, which was as pale as a ghost’s, entered her line of sight and brought her fright .


 She could not help retreating as she held her chest, yet she continued to tremble in trepidation .

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 The woman climbed down from the bed without warning and stared at her with empty and lifeless eyes, which were soulless and numb .

 “Who are you?”

 “Eh? Don’t you recognize me?” She tilted her head, clearly skeptical .

 The other was a little timid and seemed to see her as some sort of a terrifying monster . Feeling jittery in fear, she shakily leaned her back against the wall .

 “Don’t come near me—don’t hurt me! Go away; go away…”

 The rich missy was taken aback, her face expressionless for some time . Shortly after, the corners of her lips curved in a cold and arrogant smile full of schadenfreude .

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 “Do you really not recognize me anymore? He he! I am Enya . ” As she spoke, she eyed the woman with a face full of revulsion . Thereafter, an insidious expression appeared on it . “He he! Mu Wanrou, ah, Mu Wanrou! It seems that even you have such a day! I never thought that you’d end up in this pathetic state . So pitiful!”

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 She rejoiced in her misfortune while spitefully looking at the latter .

 “Look at you! Take a good look at yourself right now . You are dirty, sloppy, and disgusting! How does being abandoned feel like?”

 Pausing for a moment, she spat next, “You deserve it!”

 The other’s face changed the moment she heard her words . Looking as if she understood her yet not at the same time, her expression turned a little strange .

 “Mu Wanrou, I’ve long wanted to tell you this…”

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 Song Enya stood before the door and looked at the other pompously . It was as if the latter were no more than a pitiful ant at the bottom of her feet which could easily be stomped to death with just a step .

 “Brother Mu is mine! He belongs to me!”

 “Brother Mu…”

 As the latter repeated it silently, her gaze suddenly changed . Her eyes overflowed with hatred, distorted and terrifying!

 Out of nowhere, she pounced toward the door like a hungry wolf and stuck her arms through the grills as she tried to scratch the one outside furiously!

 The rich missy, who had drifted close to the door without her noticing it, was caught off guard by this sudden lunge and could not avoid it in time . As a corollary, she incurred two bloody marks on her face .

 1She screamed as she covered her face and stumbled backward . She could feel the area that she had been scratched burning in pain . As she touched the spot slightly with her fingertips, acute pain radiated from it .

 “B*tch, what did you do?!”

 She held her face and yelled furiously .

 The woman was starting to grow violent and erratic . Whimpering under her breath, she recklessly made a lunge for her again to scratch her .

 She was not exactly being articulate, so no one could understand exactly what she was saying .

 Song Enya hurriedly took out her hand mirror to have a look . She could see two bloody wounds on her face, which were caused by the woman’s sharp fingernails .

“You lunatic!”