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Published at 16th of June 2020 10:25:10 PM
Chapter 1513

The reason for her early departure from the banquet was that she could spend her time planning and preparing for tonight back at her hotel room .

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 She was swept away by the man when she saw him earlier in the day at Louis Vuitton’s studio!

 Mu Yazhe, as the big boss with the largest shares in Huanyu, could be said to be the king of that entertainment empire .

 As the heir to the Mu Group, though, he had always kept a low profile and rarely exposed his appearance and whereabouts to the media .

 This was why everyone thought him to be a man with average looks!

 Not until she saw this mysterious commercial magnate with her eyes did she know that he was absolutely stunning!


 What a handsome and cool man he is!

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 He’s totally not what I imagined him to be!

 With his tall figure, overwhelming presence, exquisitely handsome features, and that graceful demeanor, the man could easily best those male idols by a large margin!

 He’s a total hunk!

 Should he be in showbiz, he’d definitely garner countless fans!

 However, the man was the lofty commercial magnate and elite of Disheng . With the large Mu empire in his hands, his status was ever so noble .

 All women would surely flock to such a man!

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 Is he Yun Shishi’s backer?

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 She could not help but be skeptical about it .

 However, upon further thoughts, she was certain of it .

 He must be her backer; otherwise, how could she get so many resources on her debut?!

 Even though her manager was Qin Zhou, those were still excellent resources!

 Many could only dream of getting them!

 Initially, she was somewhat indignant that her rival could find such a handsome, rich, and influential backer like Mu Yazhe .

 Recalling how she had slept with a senior investor on her debut, she instantly felt indignant!

 She, therefore, decided right then that she would snatch that bigshot away from the newbie’s hands!

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 She then hurriedly left the banquet to return to her hotel .

 The one she was staying at was different from the man’s .

 With much effort, she finally found the hotel he was staying at . She then packed her luggage and rushed over there .

 She booked a luxurious suite, which was a floor below his presidential suite .

 She deliberately re-did her makeup to a light and delicate one just like the newbie’s .

 The latter looked like a young and naïve student; he must have been captivated by that forbidden allure of hers!

 These days, many big bosses in the industry actually preferred such girls .

 It was why she mimicked Yun Shishi’s makeup . She undressed herself, slipped into a silk nightie, then stood before the mirror, and admired her reflection .

 The silk gown was so sheer that, under the light, one could easily see her body outline through the fabric, making that visibility a little ambiguous .

 The artist was feeling very proud of herself .

 With her dressed in a sexy and scanty outfit, she refused to believe that that guy would not be hooked when she appeared at his door!

 How ambitious was the actress!

 In her fantasies, once she finally hooked up with the man and took him for herself, the newbie actress would definitely be kicked away!

 By then, would she still need to slog so hard in the entertainment industry?