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Published at 15th of June 2020 10:30:06 PM
Chapter 1512: 1512

Their lovemaking session lasted for a whole hour . Shortly after reaching their peak, the man buried his head in the crook of her neck, gasping for breaths and feeling incredibly relaxed now that he had vented out everything .

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 Her eyes were closed and her chest undulated tumultuously .

 She was feeling so feeble that even lifting her eyelids was a chore to her . As the man’s heavy and sexy gasps constantly echoed in her ears, she locked her fingers around his shoulders .

 He lifted his head to look at the sweaty and sticky woman in his arms . Their earlier session had left her completely drained of energy!

 Her exorbitant gown, having been torn apart by the man, was mercilessly discarded aside .

 The woman lay tiredly in his arms, entirely spent of her energy .

 “Go take a bath!” he ordered .

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 That statement was an incomplete one, though .

 The missing half was: ‘We’ll continue again once you’re done!’

 She nodded dazedly in reply . Seeing that the man was no longer as aggressive as earlier, she heaved a sigh of relief inwardly .

 The thought of her taking a relaxing bath before comfortably resting on the big and warm bed overjoyed her . Alas, just like the fairy tale’s character, ‘little red riding hood’, the woman was unaware that a certain big, hungry wolf was merely hiding its tail behind and away from sight!

 No man, after all, would be able to contain himself after such a long period of suppressing his desires .

 He carried her into the bathroom .

 The room he had booked was a presidential suite . Just the bathroom alone was over twenty square feet in size, and its bathtub was large enough for the two of them to engage in wild activities within .

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 He turned on the shower . As he let the bath run, he gently rubbed the thighs of the woman in his embrace .

 Her face blushed furiously .

 This man… how did he know that her thighs were currently swollen?

 One must truly laud the man’s attention to details .

 He noticed that, usually after their lovemaking, her thighs would somewhat be in discomfort, causing her gait to be a little unnatural .

 Knowing this, he then seriously searched on the topic .

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 She could not help feeling relaxed by his massage . Just like that, she dozed off in his embrace while the man continued kneading her thighs .

 Just when the water was almost filling the bathtub, the doorbell rang .

 He cocked a suspicious brow at the sound . He wanted to pay no attention to it, but the doorbell rang incessantly when no one responded to it .

 The woman woke up, alarmed by the sound . Her groggy eyes widened in confusion .

 “Who’s pressing the doorbell?”

 “I’ll go take a look . ”

 His brows knitted in displeasure . He then got up to put on a bathrobe, tied its knots, and walked toward the door .

 What he saw outside the door stumped him .

 It was Lin Zhi at the doorway . She could not help blushing shyly when the man opened the door .

 With a frown, he sized up the woman before him . Dressed in an almost transparent silk nightie, she shyly stood outside the door with her head bowed, fiddling with her dress hem .

 He suddenly noticed something strange and when he looked down at her chest; he realized that her nightgown was so sheer that it revealed her ample bosom through the material…

 He swiftly averted his gaze as he pressed his lips together in disgust . The woman’s intentions were instantly clear!