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Published at 13th of June 2020 10:30:06 PM
Chapter 1506: 1506

The company and his home were like two dots on the same line . Apart from that, he was updating notices about himself and flying all over the world .

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 Yun Shishi was probably the only woman he had ever placed in his heart .

 Was it because… she was able to make him feel as if he were home?

 Qin Zhou understood it at once .

 The woman had the charm to make one feel warm inside .

 She did not speak much, yet between her smiles, she could give people an endless amount of energy .

 Being with her made the superstar feel at ease, grounded, and at peace .

 Indeed, it was a familial warmth .

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 This was the only woman that he could not touch no matter what, though .

 “Xingze, be rational about this . ” He spoke with sincerity . “While I love that lassie as well, you must remember that you shouldn’t be touching her!

 “Remember that she’s not someone you can touch!”

 The man closed his eyes pensively .

 He spoke to him bewitchingly . “Cut off these forbidden feelings! Listen to my advice: Mu Yazhe isn’t someone you can afford to provoke!”

 “What if…” The other raised his voice, interrupting him out of nowhere . He opened his attractive eyes, which were filled with ambition and desire no one had ever seen before . “What if I become the head of the Gu family?”

 He was stumped, unable to comprehend what he meant .

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 “Is it Mu Yazhe’s brilliant status or the influence his family that I am unable to contend against with my celebrity status?”

 Gu Xingze’s tone suddenly became agitated as he leaned forward and grabbed the collar of his ex-manager’s shirt . “If I replace my brother and become the Gu family’s head, will I be able to contend against him with such a status?”

 Qin Zhou covered his mouth harshly . “Don’t say such dangerous things!”

 He paused for a moment before lowering his voice abruptly . “Don’t forget that the Gu family has people monitoring you twenty-four seven! What if there’s a tapping device installed in this room? If your words come to Gu Jinglian’s ears…”

 He stopped himself at that, unable to continue .

 The man had his mouth covered, but his face remained calm with no hint of fear . He glared at him coldly .

 His heart leaped in fear and trepidation .

 The superstar’s bold and daring words continued to ring beside his ears .

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 ‘…If I become the Gu family’s head, will I be able to contend against him with such a status?’

 Has he gone mad?!

 Just to take a woman away from Mu Yazhe’s grasp, he was willing to risk everything and vie for master status with Gu Jinglian!

 Had he gone mad?!

 “How much do you love her?” he asked suddenly .

 “How much do you love that woman? Don’t you care about it at all? She has two kids with Mu Yazhe!”

 The other kept silent .

 He Qin Zhou continued, “Seven years ago, the Mu family hired a girl with a pure family background to be a surrogate for them, and she gave birth to two kids . I’ve checked from the start and found out that the girl is Shishi! Do you really not mind?”

 “Why should I mind?” questioned back the man all of a sudden .

 He was stunned by the other’s response .

 “I like her . I don’t care about all that’s happened in the past . ”

 Qin Zhou: “Yes, you don’t care, but if you are with her, what about the two children?”

 The superstar was silent for a moment before he said seriously, “I’ll become their legal father . ”

 “Are you mad?” he asked in disbelief .

 “Yes, I am mad!” The man brushed away his hand . “I am now a lunatic . For her, I am willing to risk everything and go against the world! Why does one Mu Yazhe mean anything?!”