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Published at 13th of June 2020 10:30:09 PM
Chapter 1505

The agent could not accept that, though .

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 He could not understand why this man was so infatuated with Yun Shishi .

 “What feeling is that?” he persisted .

 Gu Xingze crinkled his eyes as he smiled . “She gives me… a warm feeling . ”


 “Yes… Being with her feels like home . ” The man paused for a moment before continuing . “What I want, only she can give it to me; no one else . ”

 “Stop letting your thoughts run wild . You’ll definitely meet someone more suitable . ”

 The ex-manager stood up and held his shoulder and advised softly, “Actually, you deserve someone more suitable . All this time, you’ve been too closed up . You’re unwilling to get in touch with the outside world, drowning in work to numb yourself . Actually… you can have someone who’s more suitable for you . ”

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 The superstar furrowed his brows but remained quiet .

 He let out a sigh .

 He had been managing this actor ever since he entered the industry .

 Gu Xingze had been in showbiz for over a decade .

 He had been in the industry for eleven years .

 In these ten years, he still could not tell if it was him who brought success to the man or vice versa .

 Having managed him for over a decade, he felt a strong heartache for the man .

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 The first time he met him was at a high-level meeting in the company .

 The reason this guy entered the entertainment industry was that he was spotted on the streets in America by a talent scout and invited to the company . After much coaxing, he signed the contract with them .

 Strictly speaking, he was the superstar’s second manager .

 At that time, he had just turned twenty . He was newly promoted from an assistant to a manager; thus, he was considered a greenhorn .

 When he met him for the first time, his initial impression of the man was an arrogant youth . He sat at a table with a few higher-ups, who had faces full of smiles as if they were looking at a money tree .

 As for him, he did not say a word . He sat there with a cold expression, his eyes lacking any emotions .

 At that time, the local entertainment scene was not at its peak . Instead, idols from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea were more popular .

 Gu Xingze was like a top-notch piece of jade . Even though he had not undergone any carving, he resembled nature itself at its highest quality . He was one of those people that could attract someone with his dashing looks at first glance .

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 He had endless potential .

 However, after understanding him on a deeper level, they realized that this youth’s cold exterior was deep down to his bones .

 He was an illegitimate child from the Gu family in the capital . He had blood ties with that family but was not acknowledged by name . Therefore, he was exiled overseas to live by himself at a very young age .

 The reason it was called an exile was that the man did not have anything else when he was overseas apart from plenty of living expenses .

 He did not have any lover, family, or friends .

 His mother left him a long time ago .

 Therefore, it could be said that he had always been alone in this world .

 During their first meeting, Qin Zhou could see the loneliness and depression in his eyes . He was estranged from everyone and was hard to get close to .

 He did not talk much normally . Only when he was on stage did he put on a forced smile as if he were wearing a mask .

 He was blessed by the heavens with good looks and was sought after by many fans . His first album rose like a whirlwind and he gained fame overnight .

After working in the industry for so many years, the man was a treasured, excellent idol with close to zero scandals .

 The entertainment industry was just a giant mixing pot . Anyone who entered it would be tainted in some way .

 The relationships between the male and female celebrities in the circle were complicated .

 Often, there were many chaotic gatherings .

 However, his personal life remained clean . He was cold and distant, with not one woman by his side .