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Published at 28th of May 2020 10:45:08 AM
Chapter 1502: 1502
Chapter 1502 The two lively lads!

On the other end .

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Mu Yichen put down the phone with his face full of pride and told his brother, “Mommy’s coming home tomorrow!”

Youyou, who was standing at one side, glared at him with gleaming eyes .

He retracted his shoulders involuntarily at the other’s angry look . With his lips trembling slightly, he fearfully asked, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

“What do you think?” With his arms folded across his chest, the younger boy stared coldly at his brother . “Mu Yichen, how dare you say such a thing?”

“…” The older twin blinked his eyes innocently as the other expressionlessly started counting his grievances with his fingers . “I wash clothes and cook . Every night, I tell bedtime stories to you and am even responsible for waking you up in the morning . When you are hungry at night, I cook supper for you… Tell me, then; who’s the one taking care of the other person?!”

The more the younger one recounted, the angrier he became .

Without their parents around, he was the one fulfilling the role of mommy and daddy by taking care of every household need . Looking after his older brother was a tiresome job, and now, this sibling of his had the cheek to promise their mother that he would take care of him!

Who’s the one taking care of whom now?!

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His older brother was overcome with guilt momentarily . Looking shameful, he apologized timidly, “Brother here knows that he’s in the wrong . Don’t be angry anymore, alright?”

“Hmph . ”

The younger boy gave a loud snort, tossed aside the clean laundry, and flopped angrily on the sofa . Folding his arms across his chest, he looked livid .

His brother approached to try and pacify him . Alas, the younger twin slapped away his outstretched hand the moment he reached out and continued ignoring him .

“Hmph! Get lost . ”

Isn’t it too late for flattery!

“Don’t be mad! You won’t look good when you’re angry! Look at your face now; it’s wrinkled like a little old man . Youyou still looks the best when he’s not angry!” cajoled the older twin .

His words were like salt to the wound indubitably .

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“‘Like a little old man’?!” The younger twin flashed his beautiful, glaring eyes at his brother petulantly . “You’re the little old man here!”

“Don’t be angry anymore; your brother here is a fool with his words . ”

Youyou: “…”

He was utterly floored by his stupid brother .



You may as well die in your stupidity!

Still folding his arms across his chest, he twisted his head aside in apparent fuming .

For the past few days, he was like a full-time nanny to his stupid brother who was a handful to manage .

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He was fussy with his getup, could not sit still at mealtime, and naughty beyond words . Putting aside the fact that he had broken a few flower vases at home, he now shamelessly tried to win over their mother with good deeds which had never happened .

He was infuriated when he thought about that .

Little Yichen carefully studied his brother and probed along . “Stop being angry, yeah?”

Peeping at him coldly from his peripheral view, the little lad sat on the sofa with his legs crossed elegantly . He looked proud and haughty as he sat with his arms crossed in front of his chest like an untouchable royal empress .

The older one sat cautiously beside him, reached out, and tenderly massaged his shoulders for him .

“Youyou, be nice and good; Don’t be angry anymore, yeah?”

The younger twin could only roll his eyes inwardly .

Now, his stupid brother was treating him like a three-year-old kid .

Still, the flattery seemed to work its magic finally .

He suddenly commanded, “Go easy on here . ”

“Okay . ”

The older one obeyed without further ado . He went lighter on his wrist power as he carefully kneaded his brother’s shoulders . As he did that, he continued to blandish him with praises . “Youyou has worked so hard! Your brother here will give you a massage for your hard work . ”

The younger one gave another loud snort with his nose and shut his eyes, seemingly enjoying his brother’s service .