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Published at 26th of May 2020 10:45:10 AM
Chapter 1496: 1496
Chapter 1496 Commoner, get out of the way!

“Is there a need to hide your feelings from me? It’s clear that you like her very much; isn’t it true?”

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Qin Zhou’s tone got harsher .

The superstar, however, growled in irk, “I already said that I don’t like her!”

“If you truly didn’t, would you agree to participate in ‘The Love Diary’ with her?!” The manager raised his voice .

Gu Xingze froze .

“Subconsciously, you wanted to stay by Shishi’s side as her boyfriend through that reality show despite it being just imaginary?!”

His aggressive tone was met with silence, though .

“Stop lying to yourself already, alright? What’s wrong with admitting your feelings for her?! As your friend, though, I must advise you to give up! It’s impossible between you and her! I can tell that Mu Yazhe cares for her a lot, and she holds an important place in his heart . You stand no chance at all!”

The other man remained mum still, which infuriated his ex-manager a lot .

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In fact, the latter had long seen through his feelings for the artist .

In the past, the superstar would never deign to appear in a reality show like ‘The Love Diary’ or even let a female celeb make use of his popularity to get ahead .

Although this was originally the manager’s plan, the superstar was a principled man .

He had seen that episode .

This man’s eyes were filled with love when he looked at Yun Shishi .

He could even deeply sense his deep feelings for her through the screen .

Even if it was just a show and an act, those wishes he could not fulfill in reality—dating, hugging, and holding hands with his beloved one as a couple—could be fulfilled in that show .

It was probably why he had accepted that show!

“Think about what I’ve just said!”

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With that, he left him alone .

Still, even now, he had yet to see him .

Did that lad not come at all?

He was starting to feel a little chagrined . It seemed that he had been a little too harsh with his words earlier . He was worried that his friend would get hurt by them .

Still, if he did not make things clear to him, the latter might be unable to recognize how absurd he had been behaving .

The woman did not belong to him .

Love could not be forced, so why must he be so stubborn?

At the thought of that, he left the banquet in search of the superstar at the hotel he was staying .

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Standing before the buffet table, Yun Shishi found the delicacies before her highly appetizing and a feast for the eyes .

Everything looked yummy to her .

The spread of selection made her salivate .

As she had yet to have her dinner, she was absolutely starving now .

“Greedy little kitten!”

Mu Yazhe could not help breaking into a smile at the sight of her gluttonous look .

He reached out a hand to her cream-stained lips .

“Miss Yun, please pay attention to your table manners,” he teased .

The woman snorted in response . “What’s there to be afraid of?”

As soon as she spoke, she saw from her periphery a slim figure walking toward her .

An elegant woman in a glamorous gown, with a wine glass in her hand, was looking at her from the side . Ambition showed on her exquisitely makeup face .

She looked at the gorgeous lady with a start and belatedly realized that the latter had already stopped right in front of her .

“You…” Her brows knitted in puzzlement .

Charlotte shot her a cool glance before arrogantly demanding, “Commoner, get out of the way!”