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Published at 26th of May 2020 10:45:16 AM
Chapter 1495
Chapter 1495 Just give up, Xingze…

As such, he had no qualms about it .

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His woman, however, could feel the countless stabbing glares on her from all around them!

She felt uneasy .

The man reiterated, “Open your mouth . ”

A spoonful of tiramisu was then shoved into her forcibly opened mouth .

“Oh, it’s really sweet . ” A brow of hers arched in surprise .

Seeing that she had taken a fancy to the cake, Mu Yazhe tried a mouthful of it as well .

“Indeed . ”

This particular scene of them made Qin Zhou cover his face in disappointment .

Oh, please…

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What are these two doing now?

Shishi, can’t you learn from Lin Zhi? From the moment she snuck into the VIP area, she’s been spiraling through the crowd to leave her presence behind .

Alas, look at this couple; upon entering the event hall, they’ve only been sampling the spread of delicacies on the buffet table and ignoring everything else!

He could not help feeling furious at her lack of ambitions when he saw her blissfully sampling the cake in her hand .

Many international celebrities, royalties, politicians, famous purchasers, listers, world-renowned directors, and producers were gathered at this fashion banquet tonight . Any pick from the lot would easily bring many accomplishments under their belts; they were all rare resources!

Unfortunately, his artist seemed to have been bewitched . She only had the scrumptious delicacies in her eyes and nothing else at all .

He was so furious that he stomped his feet in anger .

Why is this lassie not even a bit scheming at all?!

On second thought… Let’s just forget it and let her be!

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She might be a little silly, but fortune tended to favor fools .

Even though she did not know how to fight for resources, the man standing beside her was already her biggest resource!

Just one word from him that he wanted to support his woman, and she would definitely be showered with all sorts of resources that listers would have .

With a snort, the manager decided to pay no more attention to her and went to search for his ex-artist, instead .

It seemed that he had not seen the superstar around right from the start of the walk on the red carpet .

Surely… it was not because he was feeling downcast that he did not attend the banquet?

About two hours ago, Gu Xingze arrived at Louis Vuitton’s studio as promised with a bouquet of lilies in his hand . According to their agreement, Yun Shishi was arranged to be his partner for the red carpet .

Prior to this, he specially bought a bouquet of fresh flowers, which he intended to surprise her with .

He remembered that she liked flowers .

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However, once he reached the studio, he only saw his former manager preparing to leave the place .

At his questioning, Qin Zhou stammered about her having already departed .

He found it strange and probed further . “Didn’t we agree that she’ll be my partner for tonight?”

The other hinted that she was taken away by Mu Yazhe and that she would likely be walking the red carpet with that man tonight .

His face instantly darkened and his eyes dimmed once he heard that .

The superstar looked very disappointed .

This made his former manager very worried .

Gu Xingze blandly asked, “When did he arrive?”

“I’m unsure, too . ”

“He took Shishi away, huh?”


At that, the manager could not resist adding, “Xingze, just give up!”

The man looked up at him, baffled . “Give up?”

“I can tell that you’re very fond of her . Isn’t that right?” He carefully probed, lest he hurt the superstar’s feelings .

However, the latter denied it with a wry smile . “No . It’s just that I enjoy her company very much; it’s very calming and peaceful . ”