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Published at 25th of May 2020 10:45:09 AM
Chapter 1493: 1493
Chapter 1493 What are you afraid of when I am around?

The person in charge was surprisingly cold to her, too . “It’s only right for them to be clearing the red carpet since the time is up . ”

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What the actress heard nearly made her fly into rage right there and then . Desperately trying hard to rein in her anger, she faked a calm smile on her face . “I have yet to walk it . ”

She spat those words through clenched teeth as she smiled .

The man indifferently retorted, “What has that got to do with me?”

She was stumped by his response .

“Earlier, you refused to walk the red carpet despite my repeated urging . Now that it’s time to clear it up, there’s no more chance for you to do so! Go wait for the next time!”

It was clear from his fleeting remarks that he wanted her to get lost and walk the next red carpet, instead .

The thoroughly embarrassed actress’s face turned into a nasty shade of red as a result of her mixed emotions .

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She lost her cool right there and then and demanded; “No! You can’t do this . Roll out the red carpet again for me to walk . ”

“There’s a limit to that arrogant attitude of yours . Who do you think you are? You’re nothing more than an artist; do you actually expect for everyone to wait on you?!” He rolled his eyes at her . “My apologies, but the banquet has commenced . You lost your chance to walk down the red carpet when you refused me earlier! Based on your status, how dare you dream of making a grand entrance after Mr . Mu? Ha ha!”

With a sneer, he turned around and ordered the staff to clear the red carpet .

Albeit aggrieved, there was nothing the woman could do other than glare at them with red-rimmed eyes as she bit hard on her lower red lip while gripping her fur coat tightly .

She could only watch them clear away the red carpet and erect a barricade shortly after as all the media entered the venue . Now, she could not even enter the banquet hall .

At the thought of being barred from the highly anticipated fashion banquet while she stood alone in the chilly wind, tears began to roll down her face!

She felt extremely aggrieved!

The thought of Yun Shishi taking the center stage on the red carpet while she did not even have the chance to walk on it made her bitterly jealous of the rookie . Her eyes rimmed red instantly . No matter how much she tried to hold back her tears, she could not stop them from leaking .

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Feeling indignant on her behalf, her assistant swore at the side, “What’s with their attitude?! Gosh! How could they clear the red carpet when our Yuyan had yet to walk down it?! They have no respect for us at all!”

The moment she said that, her artist felt even more aggrieved than before, and with nowhere to vent her frustrations, her tears gushed out more fervently .

She could not resist lashing out at her assistant . “Just shut up!”

With that, she stormed back to her car, breaking down in tears the moment she got in it .

Nothing could be more pathetic than being barred entrance to the Fashion Week’s banquet!

She felt thoroughly disgraced at that moment .

Furthermore, it was unknown if that humiliating scene had been captured by the local reporters .

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Imagine all the nasty articles they would come up with should they know that she had suffered a double loss from acting as a diva and even ended up being unable to attend the banquet!

The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt . She ended up bawling with her face buried in her hands .

It was the gathering of celebrities at the banquet hall .

A waiter stepped forward to pour red wine into the glasses Mu Yazhe took while hugging his woman .

He then turned and raised a wine-filled glass to her .

At that, Yun Shishi shyly smiled and muttered, “I’m not good at holding my liquor; I’m scared I’ll get drunk . ”

“What are you afraid of when I’m around?”

The man suddenly leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Plus, I quite like your drunken state . ”