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Soon, the two had finished the remaining wine. A red-faced and intoxicated Mo Qingli leaned against Ge Yueming, letting out a loud belch.

She reached a hand out to pat Ge Yueming’s shoulder. “Say, do you think he’s still watching us?”

“Who?” Ge Yueming narrowed his eyes, trying to think. His head felt heavy to the point where it was beginning to become painful.

Annoyed, Mo Qingli slapped his shoulder. The impact knocked the drunken Ge Yueming to the ground. “Other than that bastard Jade Emperor, who can it be? Hic!”

Ge Yueming tried to crawl up from the floor, but gave up after several failed attempts. Instead, he sat on the floor, pointing shakily at Mo Qingli: “Why… why did, why did you… push me? Hic!”

“Look… look how you talk… talk like that.” Mo Qingli crinkled her eyes, sneering at the sitting Ge Yueming. “How are you anything… like a former…  hic!… celestial?”

Ge Yueming rudely replied, “Aren’t you… the same? Hic! You’re supposed to be a tens of thousands of old jiangshi… jiangshi king, and yet you can’t… can’t even beat an ordinary human.”

Ge Yueming’s words had unexpectedly critically hit Mo Qingli’s weak spot. Ever since she had transmigrated into this world, this was the most anguishing part of her new life. The previous her would have been one of the most powerful beings in the mortal world, garnering all the world’s respect and fear. But now… even a puny human would dare to try and humiliate her.

Mo Qingli lunged herself in front of Ge Yueming, grabbing his cheeks. Venomously, she hissed, “If you ever dare and laugh at me  again, I’ll… I’ll have your… hic!… mouth torn apart.”

Ge Yueming was not one to sit and take abuse passively. He sandwiched his legs around Mo Qingli’s waist, reaching up and grabbing her cheeks in return. “If you dare… to tear apart my mouth, I’ll… I’ll also tear you apart!”

“I’ll tear you apart,” Mo Qingli said. She tightened her pinch.

Ge Yueming pinched tighter in return. “I’ll tear you apart first.”

“I want to tear you apart.”

“I’ll tear you apart.”

The two drunk people, spitting out curses of who would tear who apart, miraculously held this position and fell asleep.

“…Sixth Princess, Sixth Princess!”

Mo Qingli woke up to the sound of people calling for her. She tried to open her eyes, but they felt as heavy as lead.

Afterwards, people were calling out, “Consort Ge, Consort Ge, please wake up, please wake up!”

His head hurt, but his face hurt more.

This was Ge Yueming’s first thought after he woke up. Opening his eyes, he found himself surrounded by a circle of servants. He couldn’t help but feel that this was a strange occurrence—what had happened, for so many servants to diligently report to him in his courtyard?

“Ai, Consort Ge, you’ve finally awoken!” one of the manservants said loudly. The other servants curled their lips in dissatisfaction—for a man, being rude and uncouth was lacking etiquette.

Another maid glared at the manservant who had spoken out, and then turned to Ge Yueming. She said in a deferential tone, “Consort Ge, please release the Princess’s face!”

Face? Release?

Ge Yueming looked at the servant doubtfully, his face filled with confusion.

At that moment, he suddenly realized that his face was throbbing painfully. He tried to reach out a hand to feel his face, only to discover that he was already holding onto something. A soft, flexible object.

Ge Yueming pinched the object again. Around him, the servants all sucked in a breath of cold air—this Consort Ge’s courage really wasn’t lacking.

The painful feeling on her face once again agitated Mo Qingli. Forcing her eyes open, she coldly glared at the man who was rather enthusiastically pinching her face.

Ge Yueming felt the temperature around him drop rapidly, then looked down. By the heavens, he was actually pinching Mo Qingli’s face?!

He hurriedly released Mo Qingli, then laughed mockingly. “Hehe… what are you doing here?”

“Hehe?!” The gathered servants rushed to support Mo Qingli. She slowly sat up. “You really are courageous, to kidnap me to a place like this.”

Kidnap? All the surrounding servants became shocked. This Consort Ge really had courage far greater than any ordinary person! Didn’t he know that to kidnap a princess was a punishment meriting death? Death!

Their gazes turned to pity as they looked at Ge Yueming.

Ge Yueming’s memory of the previous night flooded back. “Wasn’t it you who forced me here?”

The servants all turned to look at Mo Qingli. However, seeing Mo Qingli’s frosty glare, they obediently looked at the floor and retreated.

Ge Yueming crawled up from the floor. “Don’t worry. The Jade Emperor doesn’t have that much free time to be keeping an eye on us right now.”

“And how do you know that?” Mo Qingli turned away. Coldly, she said, “If I don’t behave as he wants, he’ll throw lightning at me again. After that, what?”

So Mo Qingli had been faking the temporary memory loss. Ge Yueming gave her a cold look, and then continued: “It’s true. Otherwise, going by his disposition, we would have long been two scorch marks in the dirt.”

“Oh?” Mo Qingli crinkled her eyes, her lips curling in thought. “So you’re familiar with him.”

Ge Yueming awkwardly laughed. “I’ve only met him a few times.”

He changed the subject. “I heard in a few days you’ll be married to that Fengchao Dynasty prince.”

Mo Qingli did not wish to linger anymore on anything regarding the Jade Emperor, and did not object to the sudden change in subject. She looked at Ge Yueming, and then behind him, indifferently saying, “Two days.”

She didn’t even know if she wanted to marry Feng Qingjue. Asing the Empress for his hand had only been a mere moment of impulse. She didn’t know why Feng Qingjue had arrived to the Motian Dynasty, nor did she know if she truly liked Feng Qingjue.

If she married him, Feng Qingjue would only be a victim. She didn’t want him to suffer as the result of someone’s selfish reasons. This was a person’s life at stake. Furthermore, this was a person that Feng Chenling liked very much!

Mo Qingli’s heart suddenly made a decision.

“We’ll continue this talk next time.”

Mo Qingli turned away, leaving Ge Yueming with only the impression of her back.

Inwardly, he had a headache. Next time?

Ge Yueming felt a bad premonition develop inside his heart.

Meanwhile, Mo Qingli hurried back to her residence and called for Yue Yao. She whispered something in Yue Yao’s ear, and then dismissed her.

“Feng Qingjue, I’m sorry. This is all for your sake. Please, do not find it in your heart to blame me,” Mo Qingli quietly muttered.

“Is Consort Feng here?”

A manservant and a maid, each carrying many items in their hands, knocked on the door to Feng Chenling’s residence.”

Feng Chenling was currently teaching Feng Qingjue how to embroider a pillowcase. When Feng Qingjue and Mo Qingli were to marry, it would be used by both of them.

There was still two days until the wedding. Therefore, there was too little time to waste.

Feng Qingjue had never learned how to embroider before. In the Fengchao Dynasty, embroidering was women’s work. However, for the sake of Mo Qingli, Feng Qingjue was willing to learn.

The servants entered the courtyard. Feng Chenling, with a face filled with confusion, asked, “Who are you?”

The servants hurriedly paid their respects to Feng Chenling and Feng Qingjue. “This servant wishes for the good health of the Prince and Consort Feng.”

“Rise, and speak.” Feng Qingjue’s face was filled with impatience. How dare they interrupt his embroidery lesson!

Two two servants quivered, but rose. In a fawning tone, they said, “It was the Princess’s order that we come.”

They showed the items in their hands to Feng Chenling and Feng Qingjue. “These are all items that the Princess ordered to be delivered to the Prince.”

Once Feng Qingjue heard Mo Qingli’s name, the impatience on his face became replaced with a bashful shyness. “What else did the Princess say?”

“The Princess wants the Prince to spend the next two days relaxing in the residence. There’s no need to prepare for the wedding. Everything will be planned by the Princess.”

The servant continued in a flattering manner, “The way the Princess treats the Prince is really too good. All of us servants are envious!”

“Of course,” Feng Chenling agreed. Seeing that Mo Qingli treated Feng Qingjue so well, he himself felt happiness sprout inside him. “This is the first time I’ve seen the Princess take care of a consort so carefully. Qingjue, it looks like the Princess really favors you!”

This word caused Feng Qingjue’s heart to bloom with flowers. Remembering the selfless way Mo Qingli had blocked the assassin’s sword for him, his entire body felt warm.

“Chenling, are you laughing at me again?” Feng Qingjue lowered his eyes, trying to ignore the redness of his face.

Feng Chenling covered his laugh. “Tsk, tsk… are you starting to get bashful now?”

The two continued to joke around.

The servant at the side now spoke again. “This is the tea that the Princess especially prepared for you. Prince, won’t you try it?”

A fragrant, sweet-smelling tea was given to Feng Qingjue.

Feng Qingjue looked at it, and then turned to look at the nearby Feng Chenling. “Who don’t I give it to Chenling instead!”

Hearing this, Feng Chenling felt moved at Feng Qingjue’s kindness. He was grateful that he had the chance to meet such a kind, intimate friend like Feng Qingjue.

“Qingjue, why don’t you drink it. I just drank some water, so I’m not thirsty.” Feng Chenling’s gentle smile was like a soft gust of spring wind, blowing past Feng Qingjue’s heart.

Feng Qingjue drained the cup in one gulp.

Seeing that Feng Qingjue had drunk the tea, the pair of manservant and maid exchanged a secretive smile. Then, they said, “Consort Feng, the Princess has said that there aren’t enough people helping out in the residence. Will Consort Feng be kind enough to lend some of his servants to her?”

There weren’t enough people in the residence? There were so many people in the residence, so how could help be lacking?

However, before Feng Chenling could think anymore, Feng Qingjue suddenly spoke. “Chenling, my head is a little tired. I think I’ll take an afternoon nap. Go and bring the servants there to help in the residence, but make sure they don’t disturb my rest.”

Seeing Feng Qingjue’s tired appearance, Feng Chenling could only agree to bring some of the maids and servants out to help at the residence.

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