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While Ancient Jade Summit treated it calmly, the smaller sects and aristocratic families treated it as a very important matter.

With Ling Wuxia, they already stood a tiny cloud of dust of a chance, and now, there was a Lu Mingshu popping up out of nowhere. Was fate trying to make them give up directly? But who knew when the Grandmaster would see something in someone again? And the weak stream may not lower again even after ten years.

"Is it here?" In Lone Cloud State, a young guy from the Huo Family asked his guard impatiently.

Before the guard could answer him, someone sped over so quickly that he raised up a pile of dust behind him. "Elder Brother!"

A youngster ran toward the guy swiftly, and he looked very similar to the Huo Family guy.

He pounced toward the guy and supported himself with the door. "Here!"

"Let me see it!"

Almost snatching it, the guy took a scroll and opened it up immediately.

Lu Mingshu, born in Nine Jade Palace, daughter of Fu Shangqing…

He scanned through the paragraph and re-read the content again slowly.

The younger man leaned toward his brother and read it with him. "Another Ling Wuxia! But even fiercer."

Ling Wuxia was born in a wealthy family and was pampered since she was young. She only needed to perform perfectly. However, this new girl got her reputation from being ruthless and cold.

After reading it, the older guy threw the scroll away in anger and walked up and down the living room in a panic. "One Ling Wuxia is enough, and now there's Lu Mingshu. Do the heavens not want us to succeed? We might not get a chance next time!"

"Brother," the younger guy spoke up. "Don't be disheartened! It's not like the Grandmaster chooses the strongest person."

For example, Zhao Yin wasn't the strongest of the bunch, but the Grandmaster saw something in him. Look at where he was now; second on the Hero Ranking, and everyone knew about him. It was a sure thing that he would reach the Assimilation Realm.

The older guy shook his head. "What do you know? Zhao Yin may not have been the strongest, but he only just entered the Harmonization Realm back then and wasn't famous yet. Not to mention, his body constitution was better and he was smarter than everyone else. Otherwise, why would the Grandmaster see something in him?"

"Even so, Elder Brother, you shouldn't give up!"

"Of course not." The older guy looked down, dejected. "Now, I'm afraid I can only depend on luck."

The younger guy rolled his eyes and looked at him. "Elder brother, this Lu Mingshu has only just arrived here in Beiming, and she already has a beef with the Ye Family. With Third Ye's attitude, he will surely be unhappy with her."

"So?" The older guy shook his head. "Third Ye has already been defeated by her, so there's nothing he can say."

"If we can't do it the normal way, we can play some tricks." The younger guy smirked, hiding his contempt for his brother. "There's still the Zhang Family. Forget about Ling Wuxia, but Lu Mingshu isn't from Beiming, so why should we fight alone? If three aristocratic families join together, would we be unable to kick Lu Mingshu out?"


"If Elder Brother's afraid of trouble, then I'll do it. I will contact them as soon as I get back."

Hearing his younger brother, the guy nodded. "If you say so, then I'll heed your advice."

In Gemstone State, there was yet another situation.

"The Ye Family is really good!" The head of the Zhang Family, sitting on the seat of honor, flashed the letter in front of the others and laughed. "They let the Pure White Grace Pavilion go against Lu Mingshu and even agreed to the Huo Family's request. Not only that, they even passed that message to Ancient Jade Summit. Such a pity that Ling Wuxia doesn't care much."

One girl and one guy sat near him. They were about twenty years old, and they looked similar.

The girl smiled at him. "No matter how smart Ye Zhenyan is, he's no match for Father."

The leader shook his head. "Don't underestimate him. He's indeed smart, but he's still too young."

"Father, so should we ignore the Huo Family's invitation?" the guy asked.

"Why not?" The leader shook his head. "It doesn't cost us anything either way."

The guy furrowed his eyebrows, "The Huo Family is rude and impetuous, how could they do it like this? If this leaks, we would be dragged down too!"

But his father smiled thinly at him. "Lin'er, that's why we should let the Huo Family stand at the front!"

The guy stared at him blankly, obviously dumbfounded.

His father didn't bother to say anything more. He called over his personal servant. "Go and reply to the Huo Family that I already know."


"Father." The girl looked at him with worry. "Should we really ignore this? Lu Mingshu's a strong opponent!"

"Who said that we are going to ignore this? I only ask you guys to not leave traces." Their father said. "You must follow the momentum of the situation in order to accomplish the most with the least amount of effort."

"Momentum of the situation?" The pair of children furrowed their eyebrows, deep in thought.

"If we fail, we make an enemy of Lu Mingshu. With Ling Wuxia around, we have a slim chance to start with," the head of the Zhang Family said seriously. "You two are the future of the Zhang Family. You need to keep this in mind!"

Both stood up and bowed. "Yes!"

The room was now filled with golden lights, and wisps of sword-energy collided with each other during the process. Suddenly, the sword-energy scattered and turned into smaller wisps of sword-energy, like needles. They were extremely sharp and fierce.

Lu Mingshu kept her mystic force, and the golden light dimmed immediately, disappearing totally in the blink of an eye

Lu Mingshu stared at her new ring. This is similar to Wei Chunqiu's secret skill. Fusing mystic light into the Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent was Wei Chunqiu's secret skill. She didn't know how he did it, but this ring gave a rough idea. If Wei Chunqiu's skill was at 100% power, hers was only 30%.

However, with this ring, it opened up a new route for her. There was no need for her to imitate him anymore, and it had other advantages too.

Lu Mingshu took some Mystic Dewdrops.

These were extremely precious treasures. When the queen gifted them to her in front of everyone that day, many Spirit Realm elders were green with envy. This string of Mystic Dewdrops had many usages; one could consume them or use them to make a treasure. Lu Mingshu went to read a book about them in the Heavenly Wheel and chose a pathway that other people were unlikely to take - nourishing them directly.

These items were from the deep sea, and they were so shiny that they lit up the whole room. With that, one could go anywhere in water. However, the fight with Ye Zhenyan was hard because she couldn't really get much force from the dewdrops. If we ever meet again, he would surely be blown away.

Finally, the last issue was her sword.

After giving the tool refining master the Fairy Gravel, she had already waited for two months. I wonder if I'll get it before I go to Jasper Sun Mountain.

The sword she was using now was already riddled with gaping holes. That day when she fought Ye Zhenyan, it was barely enough for her to use it, but if the opponent was Ling Wuxia, there was no way she could fight with it at all.

Since she was worried about it, she had a feeling to go into the Heavenly Wheel. When she entered, she saw a leaf trembling non-stop.

Lu Mingshu reached out for it.

"The sword is ready. Come and get it." A straightforward message.

Lu Mingshu was on cloud nine. She immediately contacted the tool refining master. "Miss, I'm here for the sword!"

After a while, a thing wrapped in black cloth was sent over.

Followed by the tool refining master's voice, "This sword is the work that I'm most proud of in my life. Use it with care and don't ruin my reputation!"

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