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The wolf king's eyes, which are fierce and evil, fall on Yue Xincheng immediately. Yue Xincheng feels that the next second the wolf king would rush up and tear a piece of meat off him at a very fast speed.

Subconsciously, he takes a step back and tries to catch a glimpse of Gao Ge. However, worrying about exposing Gao Ge to the wolf king, he resists himself and clenches his teeth and shouts:

"Stupid dog, I'm your dad!"

Gao Ge covers his face.

What is wrong with Yue Xincheng's IQ?

Unexpectedly, Xia Lu shouts at them:

"Run now! These wolves are eccentric! They are at a tricky stage!"

Yue Xincheng is kind of surprised and he laughs. He doesn't feel nervous anymore.

Once again, he throws a stone towards the wolf king.

The wolf king cannot stand any longer.

It leaps like a long bow and swoops down.

However, while the wolf king is leaping in the sky, another figure is even faster. Therefore, the wolf is directly entangled with the man. They then roll with each other twice on the ground.

Later, the wolf which weighs 300 or 400 pounds is on Gao Ge. Its forelimbs are trying to catch him, but Gao Ge lifts them up in his arms.

The wolf king suddenly opens its mouth, and in a moment a bad smell comes upon Gao Ge's face. The mucus dripped from the mouth keeps falling down, which is unbearably disgusting.

At this moment, the knife in Gao Ge's hand suddenly turns a circle in a strange way, and then pokes right into the wolf king's stomach.

The wolf king's howling is so horrifying that it may make all animals shiver with fear.

Gao Ge draws his dagger out and thrusts it down again. The wolf king burns in anger and struggles to hold the pain. It bites down again towards Gao Ge.

After kicking the wolf king away, Gao Ge immediately jumps up.

The seven fire wolves, which are still fighting against Xia Lu, also realize the danger their king faces. So they rush toward the wolf king.

"Get your ass back here!" Xia Lu shouts. Then she grabs a wolf's tail, and throws it up to the sky.

Gao Ge looks back and realizes the difficulty ahead. Once again, he rushes towards the wolf king without hesitation, aiming to slaughter it.

The knife in his hand is as sharp as a pin.

His steps make the wind rise, and he rushes to the wolf king at a great speed. Once again he motivates the wisp of purple gas he just absorbed, and immediately he feels a warm current soaring straight up. Now, a powerful energy concentrated in his arms, is ready to go.

The wolf king is now looking at Gao Song with a humanized terror.

Obviously, instinct of the beast makes it sense dangers.

It stands up and tries to escape. Yet the aching belly makes its body slightly tilt.

This is enough for Gao Ge to take action.

With a knife in his hand, he leaps up high and lunges, and then falls again with a single blow.

Right in the wolf king's back.

It howls in great rage and turns back, trying to bite Gao Ge.

Gao Ge sneers at it: "Bloody monster!" At the same time, he swings his fist and hits the fire wolf on the head.

With a loud sound, his fist falls on its head. Gao Ge's arms are shaking numbly.

After this, the wolf king's body flies out again, and then falls heavily on the ground, followed by repeated convulsions.

Gao Ge worries that it is just pretending, so he jumps on the wolf king in great anger. He then keeps stabbing the dead body and there's blood everywhere.

Until his arms are too heavy to lift, he slowly stops and lies down, wheezing heavily.

Seeing what has happened, fire wolves which are coming close to him stop.

They hesitate for a while and finally, flee towards different directions.

The wolf king is dead. Other wolves dare not to keep fighting without a leader.

"Boss, are you all right?" Actually Yue Xincheng also stops a fire wolf, yet he is defeated by it utterly. Yue Xincheng is not like Gao Ge. Although he also ate Tianling flowers and has soaked in the Linghe River, he cannot master the power which appears inside him.

Gao Ge shakes his head and hands over his knife to Yue Xincheng.

"Go and open the wolf king's belly, you will find a pearl." He says.

"A gall-stone?" Yue Xincheng asks weakly.

"What the hell? Just hurry!" Gao Ge yells.

What the hell is Yue Xincheng thinking?

While Yue Xincheng is digging the core, Xia Lu also walks nearer towards them. She is breathless and her clothes have been cut open several times. There is blood on her, but should not be serious.

"Are you all right?" Xia Lu walks towards Gao Ge and looks around.

Gao Ge shakes his head.

"Why are you here?" Asking out of curiosity, Xia Lu looks at Gao Ge.

"Just travelling." Ge answers without hesitation.

"Fair enough." Xia Lu doesn't ask any more questions. "Can you walk? Do you want me to carry you?"

Glancing at Xia Lu's fantastic body, Gao Ge is going to nod his head in agreement. Yet Yue Xincheng comes over with hands covered with blood and pockets of his pants all stuffed.

"You can't walk now, Boss? Never mind, let me carry you! The girl has little strength." Yue Xincheng says with his mouth wide open.

Gao Ge is speechless with gloom.

Dear god!

Please guide Yue Xincheng to heaven with a thunder!

Actually Gao Ge doesn't get hurt while fighting against the wolf king, he just feels kind of weak. And now his energy has gradually back.

"Go and get some fruits." Gao Ge demands.

Without hesitation, Yue Xincheng rushes to pick several fruits and returns to Gao Ge.

Gao Ge can still smell the fragrant odor after eating them up. His mouth is filled with pleasing coolness since juice inside the fruits is splashed all over.

He feels a lot better after turning the aura around his body.

Xia Lu sits nearby. She has been watching them at the beginning.

After a while, she suddenly asks:

"You guys got the core of the wolf king, didn't you?"

Hearing her words, Gao Ge stares at Xia Lu with deep alertness.

He thought she didn't notice Yue Xincheng before.

Now he realizes he has underestimated her, the goddess of war in Huaxia!

"Relax. You guys just saved me and I'm not that shameless. Well, the core of the wolf king is supposed to be yours. However, if you are not practitioners and have no clue about how to use it, just don't eat it, or else things will go wrong. When you leave here, you may sell it to me, and I assure you that the price will be quite satisfactory." says Xia Lu, smiling.

At this moment, Gao Ge thinks her smile is so appealing that may urge icebergs melt and flowers bloom.

Suddenly, someone yells in the distance.

"Xia Lu! Xia Lu!"

A boy in dark coat is running towards them in a hurry.

"Duh." Xia Lu hums after seeing the boy. It seems that she is kind of a sick of him.

Gao Ge and Yue Xincheng look at each other in wonder.

Because in fact, they have just met the guy running towards them at the bottom of the mountain.

Destiny is too wonderful for words!

However, Gao Ge doesn't realize that destiny is just joking until the boy approaches them and peers at they two in hostile.

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