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Chapter 427

The old granny looked at the sun in the sky and said, "I don't know if Sun soul is still here but it was indeed here!"

Qin Yun looked at the sky as well. If the Sun Soul was truly here, he would definitely be able to obtain a very powerful strength.

"Grandmother, why are there ten suns here?"

The old granny landed in front of a mountain, walked towards the cave and said, "There is a sun that is hidden; it cannot be seen in the Nine Desolate land! That sun is the real sun!"

Qin Yun was completely confused and did not continue asking.

"Grandma, did those people not find the Sun soul and then leave?" He was extremely pleased with the matter of the Sun soul.

The old granny nodded her head, "They searched here for over ten years and only left after confirming that the Sun soul was not here! But I feel that the Sun soul is still here!"

Qin Yun followed the old granny into the cave.

There was a very large transmission array here and most of the transmission arrays used were moon runes.

The transmission array was still in good condition. It was just that the runes had been damaged.

"This is the teleportation formation for the Martial Desolation! When you get back, you must give the Black Moon martial spirit to Young Palace Master!" The old granny said. Clearly, she trusted Qin Yun very much.

"I need to repair the transmission array before I can go back!" Qin Yun said, "This might take some time!"

He couldn't repair the damaged Moon runes but Mo Mo could.

The old granny said, "You're only at the Martial Dao Realm. Are you able to repair such a powerful transmission array?"

"I don't know, I'll try!" Qin Yun let out Mo Mo.

Mo Mo flew in the air above the teleportation array. After flying for a while, she said, "I can repair the runes inside but it will take me a long time to do so. I also need to use up a lot of magical beast crystal eggs!"

"How long would it take?" Qin Yun asked.

"Half a year!" Mo Mo thought for a moment. "It might cost more than a hundred magical beast crystal eggs! And it will only barely be repaired, so it can only be used once!"

This was a very complicated transmission array. It was already pretty good for Mo Mo to repair it.

The old granny looked at Mo Mo and frowned, "Isn't this fairy High Priest?"

"Un, a very cute fairy!" Qin Yun smiled and asked, "Grandmother, are there a lot of medicinal ingredients in the Guanghan palace?"

"That's right! This is a cultivation ground for immortal medicine but it's all destroyed now!" The old granny sighed in heartache.

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. There were actually legendary immortal medicines here!

He suddenly felt that this moon should belong to a very powerful sect. There must have been some immortal king here before. Furthermore, that powerful witch also frequently came here.

But now it was destroyed!

"What medicinal herbs do you need?" the grandmother asked.

"I want the Exquisite Profound Fruit!" Qin Yun said somewhat dejectedly, "I have a friend who is poisoned. I need the Exquisite Profound Fruit in order to dispel the poison!"

The old granny said, "To mortals, the Exquisite Profound Fruit is a very precious fruit but to us, it is merely a normal fruit!"

The corner of Qin Yun's mouth twitched. It was an extremely precious mystical medicine in martial desolate, yet she had eaten that as an ordinary fruit!

"Is there anything else?" he asked quickly.

If Feng Honglan's poison was not resolved, her appearance would not recover. Moreover, it would be life-threatening for her if it were to take too long.

The old granny laughed, "No! However, it is not necessary for the poison to be detoxified. There is a Jade Rabbit here, as long as you find that little thing and bring it back!"

"Jade Rabbit?" Qin Yun asked with some doubt, "Is it really of any use?"

"Jade Rabbit can absorb all kinds of poison! You need to know that Jade Rabbit is a small living Xuan beast fed with many antidotes and Xuan fruits!" The old granny said.

"Where's the Jade Rabbit? I'll go look for it now!" Qin Yun said.

"I don't know either! There was a war here that year and I am the only one who survived!" The old granny let out a long sigh. "The others were not dead. They were taken away. But that Jade Rabbit should still be alive because it's sleeping deep underground!"

Qin Yun said in a somewhat dejected manner, "How can I find the Jade Rabbit?"

The old granny shook her head, "In the Guanghan palace, you can look everywhere!"

With how big the Guanghan palace was and Jade Rabbit was hiding underground, finding them would be extremely difficult.

"Grandma, how big is the Jade Rabbit? What are the characteristics?" Qin Yun asked.

"How big can it be? It's a small dot, just like an ordinary rabbit but it can emit a pale white light!" The old granny said, "That's a little rabbit that Young Palace Master really liked when she was young!"

Qin Yun had thought that Jade Rabbit was very big. After all, it was a Xuan Beast.

"Got it!" He quickly took out a book with moon and star runes on it.

He remembered that there was a kind of moon rune that could attract beasts.

"Beast Flower Moon rune!"

Qin Yun quickly found the Moon Rune. Although it looked complicated, with his perception, he could understand it with a little time.

He immediately took out the tools needed to make the talismans and prepared to make a talisman.

"I wonder if I can create a spirit rune using the beast flower moon rune?" Qin Yun placed the hide into the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron and released flames to burn it.

The Beast Flower Talisman could condense a special kind of energy, called Beast Flower Moon Dew. It was a type of energy that all beasts liked to absorb.

The granny looked at Qin Yun's things and said, "You even said that you do not have the memories from your past life. In your past life, you were extremely proficient in the Dao of inscriptions!"

"Is there such a thing?" Qin Yun said in surprise.

The old granny said, "You were an Immortal King in your previous life but you were very mysterious! I don't even know your name from your previous life, all I know is that your Dao of inscription is extraordinary!"

"It seems like after Young Hall Master died, you went to find those fellows to seek revenge. But you didn't succeed, so you died!"

Qin Yun said with a frown, "Does becoming an immortal king mean that one has lived for a very long time?"

"That's right! What a pity, you actually died!" The old granny said with a pained heart.

"I'm still alive!" Qin Yun found it odd because the old granny looked at him as though she was looking at a dead man.

"Young Hall Master also lived for a very long time but she still died!" As the old granny spoke, tears streamed down her face.

Qin Yun immediately comforted her, "Grandma, don't cry! Didn't the young palace master reincarnate? She is still alive! And we are friends too!"

When the old granny heard this, she also nodded her head, "She will definitely rebuild the Guanghan palace in the future. I will wait here for her return!"

Qin Yun asked, "Grandma, aren't you going to go to the Desolate land with me?"

The old granny shook her head: "I am too strong. I have been restricted from entering the Desolate land! That's a place where mortals live, we can't just casually enter!"

"Grandmother, what else do you know about my past life?" Qin Yun

He wasn't sure if he had a past life or not.

The old granny thought for a moment, then said, "Young Hall Master rarely divulges anything about you! They only said that you like to explore the ancient gardens!"

"This was originally an ancient garden! You only got in here by chance to meet Young Hall Master!"

"There seem to be nine ancient gardens, nine in the Great Desolate land!"

Qin Yun was hammering the beast skin when he suddenly stopped. He said with some surprise, "There are a total of nine ancient gardens?"

The old granny said, "Yes! The group of people that destroyed this place forcefully attacked it, completely destroying the beautiful ancient garden! I heard that the Sun Soul of the Nine Suns will fall into nine ancient gardens!"

"I think it was tens of thousands of years ago. Some Sun Soul fell into the Martial Desolate, Beast Desolate, Demonic Desolate, Spirit Desolate and Magical Desolate but I wonder if anyone obtained it!"

Qin Yun suddenly thought of the ancient garden on the path of the Thorny Devil. There might be a Sun Soul inside too!

"I wonder how Little Lu and the rest are doing! That ancient garden was only opened once every thousand years for people to enter. Furthermore, those who entered couldn't reveal what was inside. Could it be related to Sun Soul?"

He couldn't help but let his imagination run wild.

The old granny suddenly patted Qin Yun's head and said, "Be more serious. You are about to succeed!"

Qin Yun came back to his senses and began seriously hammering the beast skin.

Not long after, he refined the beast skin into the size of a talisman paper and took out his Mental Resonance Xuan Pen.

He did not immediately draw on the talisman paper. Instead, he took out a large pile of paper and began to practice with it.

What surprised him was that when he was inscribing the beast flower moon rune, the inscription spirit inside the Xuan Pen suddenly moved. It released a special kind of power that fused with his soul and allowed him to draw the rune very smoothly.

"I never thought that the beast king inscription spirit would be so effective with a beast related royal grade moon rune. This is great!"

Qin Yun was overjoyed. He planned to spend more time and effort on inscribing beast related runes in the future.

He silently blamed himself for not making good use of the miraculous inscription spirit. He had to put his heart into it in the future.

In order to ensure his success, Qin Yun practiced a few more times before he successfully inscribed it.

"If I collect more inscription spirit, won't I be able to inscribe faster in the future?"

He was only thinking about it because it wasn't easy to obtain an inscription spirit.

Next, he began to inscribe the beast skin talisman, the beast flower moon rune.

"There seems to be an inscription spirit in your tool!" The old granny suddenly said.

"Grandma, you know that too!" Qin Yun was slightly alarmed as he said with a smile, "Then, do you know the greatest use of the inscription spirit?"

"The biggest use of this technique is to engrave the corresponding runes into one's Martial Spirit or body!" The old granny laughed.

Qin Yun was alarmed. His inscription spirit was that of a beast king. Previously, he had smoothly carved the Heavenly Lion totem onto the puppet's surface!

In other words, he could carve a beast's totem into someone else's Martial Spirit or body.

He also planned to give it a try when he had the chance in the future.

On both sides of the talisman paper, Qin Yun had carved a set of beast flower moon runes. It was unknown what rank of talisman it was.

"Let's give it a try!"

After the beast flower talisman was activated, it took in a faint silver glow from the ground and condensed a drop of beast spirit moon dew.

Qin Yun hurriedly picked it up with a small plate.

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