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A+ A- Chapter 381: Something Too Embarrassing to Mention


The black sword swung down toward Wang Lu's head with a terrifying roar of wind, as if there was a mountain pressing down in front of him.

However, just as Wang Lu was surprised that this immortal dream land had unexpectedly ignored the foreplay and just went straight to the climax, he also found out that this frontal attack didn't seem to be formidable at all.

Although the sword momentum was amazing, it didn't contain any magical power. The striking speed was also slower than his reaction time, which meant that it was completely on the level of ordinary mortal.

Toward the sword strike from a mortal, Wang Lu didn't even need to use his Non-Phase Method to resist it. He just stayed put, letting the sword strike fell on his head. With a loud bang, the sword broke, not even leaving behind any sign.

The physical body of a Peak Xudan Stage Cultivator was already powerful, which was very difficult to injure by any mortal tool, let alone a Peak Xudan Stage Wang Lu?

And after this blow, Wang Lu also realized that he wasn't being ambushed, because it was impossible to ambush a Xudan Stage cultivator by a sword of mortal—at the very least, a heavy catapult or a vat of gunpowder. Now, it was the immortal dreamland who threw a bad joke at him by directly putting him in a killing field.

The so called killing field was by no means an illusion but a literal description.

The moment the sword fell on his head, Wang Lu has swept the area to pinpoint his location.

He should be in a small mountain village near the city. The scale of the village was not large, but it was quite rich. The village buildings were exquisite and beautiful, and the village road was also paved with clean slate.

However, this affluent small mountain village was now bathed in fire and blood. The village glittered with the tragic sight of dead villagers. Each with open stomach and internal organs stirred into bits and pieces. A team of heavily armed soldiers was scattered throughout the village, methodically carrying out the slaughter.

In the moment when the sword fell, Wang Lu saw two soldiers pierce a young girl to the ground with a spear and then used a dagger to cut open the chest.

And in front of him stood a figure that was apparently the captain. He wore a leather armor that was more upscale than the average soldier, and his weapon was

also a close combat weapon, which was a sword. When the captain's sword struck Wang Lu's head, not only his weapon broke, the joints on his two arms also shook. And his expression also revealed a trace of pain and perseverance.

All of the soldiers in the village were just ordinary people. With Wang Lu's current strength, he could instantly sweep them away. However, out of professional caution, he hasn't done anything.

Because, what the eyes have seen might not necessarily be true. This seemed like a scene of a brutal massacre, but who knew the cause and effect of this? Perhaps behind the village's richness, there was a dark secret. For example, the villagers' privately manufactured illicit drugs, or they secretly organized a cult, or became the transit point of human trafficking...

The immortal dream land didn't give himself a buffer and just directly put him into the killing field, perhaps this was to induce him to make a wrong judgment. Wang Lu has heard similar situations during this one year of group of immortal tombs exploration.

The trial for the cultivators in the group of immortal tombs was all-around. And the setting of difficulty often varied from person to person. For example, cultivators who were good at fighting but not good at thinking would encounter a plot that was filled with complex problem, which would cause an unceasing headache. And sometimes, it was the other way around. If a cultivator was confident with their combat ability, the immortal dream land would arrange a formidable enemy, which was exactly what that cultivator wished for. Also, there were a lot of cultivators who were good at thinking being deliberately targeted by the Immortal Dream Land, by setting up some confusing scenes, so that they made the wrong judgment, thus, a clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity.

For example, in this scene, perhaps the massacring soldier was on the side of justice, but if he just rashly wiped them out, he would be on the side of the evil villagers. However, if he did nothing, perhaps he would miss the opportunity to save people. The survival of the villagers might be the key to trigger the plot, and once they were killed, the plot could not continue. Therefore, making his move was inevitable, but he had to delicately balance his position.

Fortunately, now there was a reason to make his move. By having a sword strike his head as soon as he entered the immortal

immortal dream land, it seemed like this was a welcome gift from the immortal dream land.

"Everybody stop at once."

Wang Lu lightly said and then pumped out his own Non-Phase Sword Qi, which enveloped everything within the radius of three hundred meters. All of the soldiers that were committing the attack felt as if their body was as heavy as a mountain, and they fell down to the ground one by one.

However, Wang Lu's Non-Phase Sword Qi could only cover such an area. Most of the village wasn't covered by his sword qi, thus it was difficult to prevent the slaughter from the soldiers.

However, many things needed not to be done by hand. In a short amount of time, the soldiers looked at their captain's eyes, seeking for affirmation. Wang Lu guessed that the captain should have a considerable authority, so he decided to start with the captain in front of him.

"Tell them to stop, or I'll kill you."

That captain's face changed. "Sire is…"

Before he could continue, Wang Lu has already kicked his knee, breaking it.

"You are not qualified to ask me questions. A sword strike against me is a sin that could not be redeemed even with ten thousand deaths. Not killing you straight away is already a rare generosity from me. Don't let me lose my patience."

That captain sneered, unexpectedly, he seemed to be dismissive about it. However, when Wang Lu glared at him with an icy cold look, casting out a mind-break spell, the captain's determination suddenly collapsed.

"Stop, everyone stop!"

As soon as the captain issued his order, the soldiers in the village stopped their action, quietly waiting for the next step while the remnant of the villagers continued to groan painfully.

Wang Lu coldly asked, "Why do you want to kill people?"

That captain was stunned, thinking that the massacre here of course has its reason, but to say it out loud would be too inconvenient. However, because of the effect of the mind break spell, the captain had no direct ability to resist. Thus, when he wanted to come up with excuses, his other knee was kicked, while even more powerful spell further disintegrated his will, making him who was already accustomed to pain roll on the ground in pain.

Then, without waiting for Wang Lu to urge him, the captain spilled everything out.

"We are the subordinates of the King Yunyang [1]. King Yunyang sent us here to collect the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood."

Ten Thousand Spirit Blood?

Wang Lu was surprised to see this

see this term spoken here. The Ten Thousand Spirit Blood referred to the blood from ten thousand creatures. However, in this village, there was only a handful of other animals besides human, how could they collect the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood? Moreover, the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood was usually the catalyst to refine demonic soldiers, so what would King Yunyang do with this Ten Thousand Spirit Blood?

However, before that, there were a few more important questions to ask.

"With his selfish interest, King Yunyang slaughters innocent people. According to your custom, is this improper?"

In Nine Regions continent, there were a lot of countries where the ruler had the absolute authority over the common people. Let alone slaughtering a village, even slaughtering a city on a whim was commonplace. However, with the establishment of the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals, which popularized the righteous path, this behavior has disappeared.

But, Wang Lu was currently in the immortal dream land, so who knew what were the customs here? If the village slaughtering was indeed a local custom, Wang Lu needed not make a fuss about it.

However, when asked by Wang Lu, the captain was obviously tongue-tied. "This… this…"

Wang Lu smiled. "It seems like there's no justification for this. Then that King Yunyan is most probably a tyrant."

"His Highness is not a tyrant!"

Even with two broken knees and a will that was destroyed by a spell, the captain actually has the courage to confront Wang Lu. "His Highness is benevolent, wise, and brilliant, definitely not a tyrant! Y-You can kill me and torture me, but I will never allow you to insult His highness' reputation!"

Wang Lu smiled. "I insult his reputation? What a joke. Could it be that it is me who ordered you guys to massacre the innocent people, committing an unforgivable crime? Isn't your own King Yunyang who tarnish his own reputation for his own selfish interest? What does that have to do with me?"

"Nonsense, it's all nonsense!"

Wang Lu said, "In any case, now that I have witnessed it, I can't just ignore it. Where is your King Yunyang? Is it over there?"

Wang Lu said and pointed at a prosperous place at a distance.

The scope of this immortal dream land could not be infinite—the area was surely limited. Thus, the so-called King Yunyang must reign over a not too big of a territory. And looking by the aura of the place, the only one that was suitable to be the capital was only that one.

The captain even one.

The captain even bit his tongue, determining not to answer. However, when Wang Lu pointed at a distant place, his eyes changed a bit. And by observing this change, Wang Lu knew that his guess was correct.

"Looks like it's true. Humph, a tyrant king that goes against the heaven, this is too convenient for me to deal, and I can also accumulate several merit points from this."

With that, Wang Lu pulled out his Sword of Mount Kun and prepared to ride the flying sword to find trouble for King Yunyang.

Although the captain was an ordinary mortal, he had some visions. He knew that if he really let Wang Lu go, King Yunyang would likely to encounter great danger. Thus, he clenched his teeth and said, "His highness… his highness has something that is too embarrassing to mention. He does not deliberately do evil."

"Something too embarrassing to mention?" Wang Lu asked, "In order to boost his sexual drive, he slaughters innocent people, yet you say this is not a deliberate evil? Is your country a cult of reproduction?"

With that, he no longer paid attention to the startled captain. He mounted his flying sword and then flew straight non stop toward Yunyang City.

One hour later, Wang Lu arrived in the bustling city of Yunyang.

As a mortal's country, the scale of Yunyang City was enormous. The city was bustling, clogged with traffics, and the city's atmosphere was harmonious and orderly. The common people enjoyed a good and prosperous life. It was actually a scene of great governance.

"Tsk, just look at this scene. If King Yunyang is said to be an oppressive monarch, it's really unbelievable. Especially this filled-with vitality place, which shows that the king of this place is absolutely a wise monarch. But how can a wise monarch let his men kill innocents? Something too embarrassing to mention… Could a sexual disharmony affect a person so much?"

With a trace of curiosity, Wang Lu went toward the city's largest site, which was the residence of King Yunyang.

A Xudan Stage cultivator went into the residence of the king of a mortal world's kingdom in a breeze. However, when he was just inside, he heard a sound of arguments.

"Father, you don't need to persuade me. I will never agree to the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood. I would rather die than consume that evil life-saving elixir… Don't let me hate you."

"I would rather let you hate me forever than helplessly watch my daughter's death!"

literally cloud sunCan also mean an embarrassing illness
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